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SAI -- My brushes (condensed)


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Hi! Here are the main brushes that I use! I added a bit of a demonstration of how I use each brush XD

more guides/resources from my gallery ^^

my SAI brushes by onisuu
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i'm sorry are all your brushes named after kitchen utensils??????

sleepysproutart's avatar
I've looked at this image several times but only just now did I notice that this is indeed correct except a single one. You may wanna look again lol
PetalPotion's avatar

lmao yes I know, there's one called gorilla

onisuu's avatar
they were at the time ^^
Petra1999's avatar
i love these, thank you so much!
i still don't understand ?!! where is the advance setting ?! someone helppppp
onisuu's avatar
It should say advanced settings and you can checkmark it to show the bottom portion. If it's not there, maybe your version of SAI is different from mine ^^
140qr's avatar
I love how you put cooking tools name's
kairosclerosjs's avatar
where did you get the other brushes from?
onisuu's avatar
I made them by right clicking in the brush toolbox and choosing new brush (a menu of brush options pops up) :3
Sketchistic's avatar
i love how there's a bunch of cooking utensils for the names and then there's just "Gorilla"
onisuu's avatar
ROFL its presence in my toolbox inspired me in times of artblock~~! XD
zackosletacos's avatar
i tried to experiment a bit with your brushes and that's what i did ! :D thanks for the brushes thought they're great!!!

Lapin by zaAaAaAAAacK
onisuu's avatar
ohhHH very cute! thanks for sharing! <3
zackosletacos's avatar
you're welcome!!!! c: and thank you !
sushicatpie's avatar
the names im dying
limedevils's avatar
im crying at these names
Wayfir's avatar
i really want to know how you remember what brush does what lmao
onisuu's avatar
Hehe, I made keyboard shortcuts for each brush ^__^
nixydoodle's avatar
theyre not showing up for me owo am i doing something wrong?  i put the exact settings and it looks like a regular brush
onisuu's avatar
Hmm, do you have pressure sensitivity on for your tablet pen?
nixydoodle's avatar
yes, i think so.  if i dont, how do i turn it on?  i use a wacom intuos i think
onisuu's avatar
I think you go into your wacom tablet properties from the start menu (go to your tablet program) and you can check the settings there. You'll know if your tablet's pressure is on if you can use the airbrush or marker pens in SAI and there is varying levels of saturation when you make a stroke ^_^ (gets dark to light as you lift your pen)
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