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LoZ -- Link (+time lapse)

By onisuu
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time lapse video

I hope we hear about the upcoming loz game soon! *-* ))))
I had fun drawing Link again! I feel like I haven't really drawn much of him (other than some pen drawings xD)
( Here comes cupid, aiming straight for your heart ;D )

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i like the way you positioned zeldas hand
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he looks so done with everyones shit. lmao
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he's just standing there menacingly! (but really this is great he looks so serious... I do not want to mess with him)
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hahah thank you! ^^
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Infected with OwOdis make my heart go owo 
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I love the serious look on his fave so much. He looks like someone I don't want to mess with for sure.
Very well done :D
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thank youuuu!! ^_^
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You are very welcome :D
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thank you! Cx
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You're very welcome~ ;D
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he look cool! <33
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Oh wow, your version of BotW Link is just so dn spectacular omg lol.
That long hair is epic :)

Great work, this is just a beautiful piece, all the from the design, to the shading with everything else in between.
Marvelous :)
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he's like "you wat m8"
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Wind of the wild is going to be epic!
Love the picture!
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thank you!!
yeahh! so much to look forward to! ^__^
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You're welcome!
So am I! Ugh! I can't wait any longer for it!
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Soo good!! im soo exited for the game!
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Best thing ever <33
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Awesome job on the pose O.O The vibrant colors and grainy texture look soooo cool...
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