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Invoice Guide for PayPal

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Hello! Since I have received some questions about how to go about using invoices on paypal, I labelled some things from a screen cap of the pages to hopefully guide artists on how to create and send an invoice to their customers/commissioners.

I have a business account on paypal, so I apologize if some of the screenshots look different from what it looks like for a personal account. ^-^

You can hide your address under "My business information": click edit, and under Address, select "Don't show on invoice".

*note* the paypal fee is actually about 4% but I rounded it up to 5% in this guide, because sometimes the fee is a little higher if the customer is outside of your own country so rounding up helps account for those situations. Basically, the take home message is -- increase your advertised prices instead of asking your customer to pay EXTRA on top of what was advertised. It's against the PayPal TOS to make buyers top up and pay the fees as a surcharge on top of a product's price.

reference>> From Section 8 of PayPal User Agreement
"For Purchase Payments, the recipient of the payment will always pay the Fee."

- The artist is the recipient of money from the customer, who is paying for the artist's services.

Also, you can choose to increase your commission prices to even numbers so they look neater and less random. (like $20 instead of $19.73)

Here's a guide to Buying Art with PayPal (paying for a service)
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Hi, thank you for explaining. I'd like to know, if i send an invoice to a client, after that they have to pay the amount i show up? Or how does it work? Or they send it manually?

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This looks like a way better alternative. I am new and only had Americans buy my art so far, it was a massive bummer when something I made is worth 12 euros but they send me 12 American dollars which is only 10 euros when I transferred the money to bank :/

meropotato's avatar

Thank you so much this help me a lot!!

MoscoArts's avatar

Thanks! This kind of thing is extremely helpful for artists who are new to the commission scene and I really appreciate it <3

LewdxCube's avatar

Thank you very much for putting this together. Clean and simple, very useful.

LewdxCube's avatar

Thank you very much for putting this together. Clean and simple, very useful.

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Question for artists (especially small scale) which is better personal or business type account in paypal?

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personal is simplest to use~ ^_^ With business account the main difference is that you have a business name displayed to your clients instead of your legal name

1BlackRabbit1's avatar

AH I forgot to add--- "Order Processed" on the last part does that mean, for example you had sent the (adoptable) digital file to the customer, or the seller fulfilled the commission?

onisuu's avatar

Yes exactly it! ^_^ after I have sent the art file to the client, I'll go and choose "order processed" on the invoice :D

1BlackRabbit1's avatar

Thank you so so much for my questions again~! <3

Your guide is very very helpful!! : D

1BlackRabbit1's avatar

Oh! So there's no increase on paypal fee when you send an invoice to the buyer. ; v ;

Thank you for answering my question!

lemonuit's avatar

hello! I got my first commission and I only started using PayPal recently. (I do digital art commissions to earn extra cash.) Since my services don't need shipping, how do I "remove" that shipping fee when a customer pays me?

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Hello! The PayPal screen keeps changing lol! But when you make an invoice, there is usually an option to declare that the order doesn't involve shipping. Even if there was shipping, PayPal does not add a shipping fee since you would need to manually charge that to your customer.

So looking out for either a radio button that mentions shipping or a drop down menu ...just click around on the extra options to find it.

XDaniXx's avatar

I decided to do a bussines account becuse i dont want people to see my real name but if its safe if you dont have any own business? Im just a bit scared right know that they can ban me or something >3<

Nintendomain's avatar
As far as I've researched, you don't need to have an official business for a Paypal business account
XDaniXx's avatar

Thank you ♥️

Flowery-Draws's avatar
hello! i have a question. should i choose Shipping on process or shipped? i already send the art to the custumer, so should i choose shipped?
onisuu's avatar
Hi! When you already sent the art to the customer just online, choose "order processed' unless you actually mailed it to the customer, in which case you would choose "shipped" 
Flowery-Draws's avatar
oh ok. thank you so much ^w^
ShynmeiArt's avatar

Hello! I found this only right now.. and i need to say to you a big thanks! I just need to understand one thing: After the costumer has paid my commission, and i send to him the tracking infos (with ''no shipping required''), what happens? I mean.. he need to confirm that he received my commission or not?

Shiise's avatar
Hello. I have a business account and I followed your steps in sending an invoice. It worked when I got commissioned first time. A few months passed by when I got commissioned again. But this time, my commissioners cannot send me their payment. There must be something wrong with my account. Since I'm not used to online transactions and etc, I can't fix it on my own. Will you help me?

Paypal Error by Shiise

They also tried sending me the money directly without the invoice, but it still said error.  
RielZero's avatar
I think this has to do with their account being limited, or yours. You may have to look into it since it mentions government regulations.
Does the commisioner use blocked words in their note? that could also be the issue.

hope this helps in the future (seeing that ur comment is old ;w;)
Shiise's avatar

Thank you so much for replying my question/s. Yes, I just found out recently that my account has been limited due to the choice of country. I haven't noticed that when I set up my account, I forgot to choose my country correctly. It automatically chose the first country on the list. It is my fault.

What I want to do now is to close my current account in order to open a new one. However, I need to withdraw the remaining balance to close the account but can't because I need to link a bank. The problem is, I don't have any inter/national bank account associated with the country depicted on my paypal acct. that can be linked. Is there any way I can contact directly the paypal for help to resolve this case?

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