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[MMD] Anime DVD Pack DL

Bullet Cd Random anime for your models to watch. Favourite TV Show 
I may make some more later. And sorry for the lazy preview..
Bullet; Blue DVDs are .PMX
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Cases are .PMD
Bullet; Purple List of anime in pack:
Attack On Titan, Big O II, Black Lagoon, Card Captor Sakura, Creamy Mami
Hellsing, Kaitou Saint Tail, Negima, One Piece, Princess Tutu,
Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon R, Vampire Knight
Bullet; Green Feel free to edit and make your own
Bullet; Orange Have fun~

If you're looking for some video games, Metalmiku2 made some lovely PS2 ones.
[MMD] PS2 Game Pack Download by Metalmiku2

And here is even more DVDs if you're a fan of Detective Conan/Case Closed:
[MMD] CaseClosed DVDs DL by OniMau619 [MMD] Detective Conan DVDs DL by OniMau619

Case - TechArts3D
DVD - jojo
images - freecovers
© 2016 - 2021 OniMau619
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can you make them manga
Kokkur's avatar
GAMERBLOoReN's avatar
Bless you for making such useful item!
Kokoro-Hane's avatar
Are we allowed to distribute our edits, with proper credit to you of course?
OniMau619's avatar
Go for it! I love seeing what other people make. :)
Kokoro-Hane's avatar
AyaHakane's avatar
Death Note? Where is Death Note? WHY IS NOT HERE?! Ok no
OniMau619's avatar
Gosh darn it I can't believe I forgot Death Note!!
AyaHakane's avatar
But no problem, just create it the next time 7w7 please
Sailor-Crystal-Moon's avatar
Whoa, DVDs for MMD! What a great idea!
Kyoliamii's avatar
Awesome! Downloaded!
OniMau619's avatar
Thank you. ^_^
babydolliie's avatar
Vampire Knight <3333
princessap7's avatar
Cool! I've heard of all the anime but Creamy Mami and Kaitou Saint Tail.
OniMau619's avatar
I hadn't heard of Saint Tail either until I was making these.
Looks like it would be cute to watch tho.
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is it editable?
OniMau619's avatar
Yes you may edit them.
Metalmiku2's avatar
i'm going to turn them to Video Game CD Cases. 
OniMau619's avatar
Cool! Will you be putting them up for download? If so, let me know when it's up and I'll add a link to your game cases in the description. ^_^
That is if you don't mind me doing so.
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