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Hey by OniksasMenininkas Hey by OniksasMenininkas
So this is my first post. 

I have a few things to say to warn watchers of my content:

I don't finish a lot of the work I start. This is because I'm pretty scatterbrained when it comes to creating new ideas like alternate universes, original characters, etc. However, if I feel like sharing something not-so-shitty, then I will. Posts will be random and at random points in time. I don't take commissions, for the time being, as I am no professional and I guarantee you will find a much more prepared artist out there to give you what you are really looking for. 

I typically use 'Fire Alpaca' for my digital art, and just about whatever I can write with for my traditional art. My art style is still developing, so my different posts will probably look a little all-over-the-place. With that being said, I could post something that looks fairly decent, then the next day post something that looks like absolute trash.

Okay, so that's about it when it comes to this account, information about me personally is not exactly important, as I'm nothing to write home about. I can say that I'm young, somewhat mature for my age I guess, and way too into making crack AUs (seriously this is a problem). I am not a fetish artist, nor am I someone who ships myself (or my own characters) with official characters, so most of my work should not contain mature content of sexual nature except for maybe an occasional 'iffy' sort of piece. When drawing characters that do not belong to me, I only use their original forms as bases then do whatever comes to mind with them, of course still making them recognizable, but my ideas can get a little out-there. (ex1: someone very serious becoming a little less serious and more of another trait like caring; ex2: a normal human character being given cat ears, etc) If you are someone who comes looking for a specific character acting only as they were portrayed in whatever original medium they came from, you will most likely be unnerved as I use your beloved perfected character that must be perfect always as puppets for my own ideas.

That is all for now, but if what above seems good enough for you, then that's good enough for me.
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November 17, 2017
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