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I Remember
I remember the first time I met you through a friend and immediately found you quirky.
I remember when I started to enjoy your company.
I remember my first recognition that you were artistic.
I remember growing fond of you.
I also remember trying to convince myself not to fall in love again.
I remember trying to find a flaw so I could keep my heart hidden.
I remember the feeling of my heart begging to be seen.
I remember the way my head buzzed when I started to shyly flirt with you to test the water.
I remember how my heart jumped when I learned you were sincerely flirting back.
I remember how I waited excitedly to have you pop up.
I remember asking the questions about how you are.
I remember losing the desire to look for a flaw.
I remember the day I handed over my heart.
I remember the first time we shared the company of only one another and the bliss that came with.
I remember the first time I saw your adorable blush at my sincere serenade with words, as well as the hundreds of blush
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The Dark
It's dark and I'm alone.
I feel crippled and lost.
Trying to run from the fear,
To any and all cost.
Turning around to face the monster,
I can't see, can't look.
I can't open my eyes, no no.
I can't open the book.
Is it that I can't or that I won't?
It'll hurt, tear me apart.
This darkness, monster that lurks,
Deep in my heart.
But look in the mirror,
What, child do you see?
When I look in the mirror...
All I see is me.
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The armor was heavy on his shoulders as he covered the last few steps up his watch post. The grass underfoot as he came to a stop at the top of the cliff that overlooked this valley.  As a heavy sigh drew his lips he, reached forth and set his shield driven deep into the earth of the ledge, careful still to avoid the edge. Only then did he remove the heavy steel helmet, grasping it by the eyeholes and let his arm drop to his side.
Now that Clockwork's hair was no longer held still by the form of the helmet, the neck length silver locks of short wavy hair bristled gently at the breeze from the height. The lights of the city bustling in the night shone against his armor as he watched over it, his orange hues gazing into the concrete jungle laden with sadness. Sirens of decay blared in the distance, only reaching the cliffside that Clockwork watched from rung in his ears as he winced in reply. Once more this modern city stood apart from him. A man from another age, lost in the e
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The Whisper's Tale - Chap 10 RD
This would mark the only other time Art had ever been knocked unconscious by someone else in his entire life. Strange enough that he would begin to relive an old memory, of course it had to be about the only other time he was knocked unconscious. It was with his had when he was being taught a simple concussive force spell. His father was so sincere and patient. Art should have known better though, his dad was a major prankster.
"Alright Art," began his father, "because of the spells low accuracy based on being a spread shot spell. You need to catch the opponent quickly, or even better off guard."
Art had already spent the better half of a month learning the body movements down to heart, and since it was low level, he didn't need to say the words, he need only think them. Though words or thoughts could not properly express how disappointed he was to be practicing the spell on nothing more than a hastily assembled scarecrow. Sucking it up, he took his stance that made him look like he wa
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Life in a small world.
I haven't told you yet, in my very special way.
How cold it is here have I?
The life of a man quick beating and exciting,
So what a wonder it is when we are tripped and forced to slow.
A new world opens to us a slow and beautiful one at that.
For mere moments we lie in appreciation before the body needs to stand once more.
Whisking us off again to pass the world by.
I've been tripped. What's better is I've been tethered.
Trapped and held in this slow pace.
What a scandalous beauty has capture me this time.
How secure is her net over me that I may never want to escape or speed up again.
Such a glorious fall, what a glittering cage.
:icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 0 1
Children at PLAY
I have long since wondered why the children hide as they play,
Quickly do they paint their masks and wear them so proud,
no matter how much the face within rots behind that colorful mask,
none attention is it paid!
The masks they cry while giggling is heard and dancing but stuck in stone so still,
never has a canvas been so used butchered and loved as the mask the mirror of the now,
that I find myself wondering, what is my mask. Beyond my scowl.
:icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 0 1
Calamity Averse
What a calamity I've seen!
On this soft stone, what such scars have been made.
Weeping is this marred canvas, the paint still comes but fading alas.
The paint fills these scars and gone they will be,
Oh what a calamity I have seen!
:icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 0 3
The man he was true, always true would be.
His deceit was also covered, always covered oh yes.
He lied with his truths, but how sparkling it was!
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Punk Wolf Chibi by OnikisuWasuremono Punk Wolf Chibi :icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 4 0
The Trinity Complex
As he fell he was laughing.
As I was shot I was laughing,
As she burned she was laughing,
As we shared we were dying.
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Mature content
The Whisper's Tale-Chap 9 RD :icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 0 0
The Whisper's Tale-Chap 8 RD
While the topic of Aitherin's dental hygiene was a topic that Sera quickly wanted to address, she was more concerned with getting to a safe area. So trying her best not to think about what Aitherin had in his teeth, she picked her way around the dead Iyu scattered and bleeding. The task was immediately more difficult than it would have normally been thanks to her damaged armor. The twisted steel was bent into places it shouldn't be and would constantly scrape against another piece or stab into her soft flesh. Despite this she made it back to the beaten path without any further damage. Well that was until she went to sit down and a small edge of jagged metal dug into her shin and scraped down 2" leaving a shallow gash. Aitherin of course reacted quickly as she cried out in pain and caught her by the shoulder before she fell to the dirt which would have made the gash longer. Still, it didn't held much as Aitherin's talons dug into the spaulders causing more damage, but at least it was th
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Daisuke Yuki by OnikisuWasuremono Daisuke Yuki :icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 0 2
You and I
I was held in open arms but never fell through,
I hated closed doors so I always flew through,
I opened many windows but looked away to close,
A way already open and I passed right in,
To find a cliff behind me trapping me from flight,
So I ran right off that cliff to make sure I was right,
I don't remember how long I fell until I hit the ground,
All I know is I'm sorry for the lonely cliff below.
You look up to a tired throne perched so high,
Scoffing at its might as you follow with the flow,
Branches hand down to reach you in the waters,
you grab hold of the branches to pull yourself free,
You want to get to that high up throne,
You look back at the river and how it is from you,
You hold to the lonely throne you sit in,
Watching carefully in awe and glory as another drowns,
Those savior wood branches shoving others down,
You are so involved watching that would that your throne rots around you.
I find myself watching you saved from the sea,
And that lonely branch stained in blood and
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Arrengan by OnikisuWasuremono Arrengan :icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 0 23 Osamu Banin Stat Chart by OnikisuWasuremono Osamu Banin Stat Chart :icononikisuwasuremono:OnikisuWasuremono 1 0


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Always have I been astounded by the mind it takes to see a dot art. As a critic I try to take an unbiased opinion of all art, but I sti...


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Hey, sorry for coming back only to fall off a cliff. I started out good, but I guess the best description was my heart got broken.

Now, I'm not one to vent my feelings to everyone, but it isn't like I'm popular xD

Well, for the whole story, you have to understand that this woman...was nothing like I'd ever expected. Every single time I talked to her, I found new reasons to love her. I've had a picture in my head, and idea of my perfect woman. Not only did she fit the idea, but then she went and improved it. Every time I thought about her, I could only smile. My body would warm and colors became sharper. This sounds like me blowing things out of proportion, but I'd never felt love like this before. I've had girlfriends before, the exact number? Three. Kaitlin, Sarah, and then Maria. I didn't love the first two, but there was a love for Maria. This love with Charisma though? The love with Maria was but a pale flame.

I can think of few things I wouldn't give up for seems my love wasn't enough. We are apart now, because, to better her life....she is working alot. The way we broke up, is that she was too busy to give me her attention. I'm hurt, and my love for her is so strong that I can't stop it.

 I'm crying and I hurt of course, but I have to be okay. So I'm okay. The worst part, is that when you need someone to hold close, the reason is because you no longer have that person.

So last bit of information, I'm here...but I'm hurting. Hello again DeviantArt, I love you too <3


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