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Lovecraft tribute 2014

By Onikaizer
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A tribute piece to be published on a local Fanzine. Upvote anything Lovecraft.
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© 2014 - 2021 Onikaizer
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Very nice and clear style to present the plutonian horrors :)

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Missing a character, H I S C A T

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Hello sir, I was wondering if I could get permission to use this drawing in one of my blogs, I shall give you due credit and say that this piece was made by you, of course. What do you say?

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Hi there, sure, go ahead!

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Six years late, but this is still an astoundingly good rendition of some of Lovecraft's creations. Fantastic work! I think I recognize all of them, but the one on the far right I'm not totally sure; is it a Star Spawn (of Cthulhu)? If not, my guess would be Dark Young...

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Yeah, A star spawn is right, glad you like it!

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is it me or are all of these creatures not gods but Lovecraft's civilized aliens?

(with "civilized", i don't mean necessarily good. i just mean that they are able to build civilizations)
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This is WONDERFUL!!!!
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
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the best thing is laying eyes on this for the first time, it makes my eyes love deeply
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love deeply, or love for the depths? thank you!
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at last! there are some cool Lovecraft tributes around the net, but very few of this skill and quality :)
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thank you, too kind
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I love his work just not so much Lovecraft himself, wasn't too fond of Mexicans... still great work!
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Really awesome work 8D
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Glad you like it , Adam!
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Damn! This is such an awesome illustraion! really love how Lovecraft is taking notes from the elder races
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Holy shi--*Insta-Watch & Fave*
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glad you like it!
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Nice work dude !!!
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