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By Oniika
Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo



EDIT: 7/10/09

Today is Hanako's birthday. Happy birthday, my toasted moeshmello. ;_;
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she needs an hug
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This is fantastic work and she looks as lovely as ever, and I'm lad you didn't hold back on the scars.
It's kinda annoying seeing so many depictions of Hanako with reduced and/or concealed scaring; it's part of who she is and who she is is beautiful.
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She is very beautiful.
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*giggles* I'm pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate you calling her 'toasted' ^^

But lovely art. :squee: And my favourite charakter, followed closely by Misha, that poor misunderstood Yuri...
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Probably not haha ;_;
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... yeah nevermind.
I went over to the 'official' KS forums...

The amount of bacon jokes was too damn high.
(For poor Hanako. I found most of them hilarious ^^)
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Poor Hanako ;_;
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 Yeah... U guess she DID mention that she was bullied a lot in her past... XD
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all the feels ;_;
all of the feels. ALL OF THEMMMMMM.
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This is absolutely amazing, great work, loved Hanako's story line.
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I loved her character so much, to think that people can be beautiful in so many different ways!
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Just finished Hanako's good ending, cant say i wanna bring myself to read the rest of the games story arcs, im quite satisfied with this story! Good art by the way! ^_^
XcaliburMyght's avatar
She was the only reason I played that. ^_^
Oniika's avatar
She is really appealing ;_;
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GREAT artwork! I love my Hanako-chan! She = Mein Waifu
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LOVE the way you did her scarring.
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This is one of the most perfect Hanako fanarts i can find
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:iconiloveitplz: Just found the game today, already going HHHHNNNGGGGG over the release THIS YEAR.
A1phaDrag0n's avatar
Cannot help but be drawn towards her...
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She is pretty damn HNNNNNNNNNNNNNG
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