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Fabulous hair, boots, and butt.
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by ARVEN92

Taking into consideration how difficult it is to tackle traditional media, the methods used in this page are astonishing and precise. T...


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The "Deviant Since" tab is inaccurate.
Deviant since March 25, 2010.

I'm the lead writer, and official creator of Shadow's Tale.
Along with my co-designer, RottenRibcage
and my comic artist, Ipku

You can find us, and our comic at:

A few of my other stories include "Celestial Dusk", "Welcome to Calamity", and "3.14 Inc".


Hugh Jackman is my new favorite person.
I feel like I've just won a million bucks.
:love: I just got home from work, and it's routine for me to pet and love my furbabies when I get home.
Anyway, I went to give my kitties some love, and lo and behold!
DelRossa started giving me the most affection out of all the kitties! He went the whole nine yards and sprawled himself on my lap, purring like an engine while I pet him.
I am beyond happy.
Such a good kitty :heart:
As a part time librarian assistant with an appreciation for writing and literature, one cannot imagine the intensity of my heart attack upon hearing a teenager say "my art's more gooder than yours."
That moment where you're an artist in a family of athletes, and they start a deep conversation about NBA and NHL, and you're just sitting there like:…
Please help Europe and save their internet:


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You still alive?
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You have some neat artwork.  They are pretty good!
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