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Naruto Photoshop Brushes

Hey, guys! Just another brushes submission - I've converted all my colorless GIMP brushes to abr, but only the uncolored ones for a while. I need some time to figure out how to get my colored ones in without just having them turn to gray-scale; once I do I'll update this. It's so much simpler making colored brushes in the GIMP! >/_\<

The brushes included that are shown are:
-the cursed seals on Kidoumaru, Sakon/Ukon, and Tayuya
-Sasuke and Anko's "Heaven" seal
-Kimimaro's "Gaia" seal
-"Abura" (oil) from Jiraiya's headband
-two versions of Gaara's "Ai" (love) kanji
-all of the village logos (except waterfall, I haven't gotten around to making that one)
-the Jashin symbol
-Akatsuki's cloud
-Hinata's jacket symbol
-Tsunade's "Kake" (gamble) symbol
-the medic/Konoha Hospital's "I" (doctor) symbol
-the ANBU shoulder tattoo
-both versions of the Hyuuga's Caged Bird Seal
-the spiral on the back of Naruto's jacket.

Included brushes not shown in the preview are:
-two spirals, one to the left, one to the right
-the "Shoku" (eat) symbol worn by the Akimichi
-another version of the spiral on the back of Naruto's jacket
-The Nara clan symbol (worn on both of Shikamaru's sleeves)
-A 3-tomoe Sharingan eye

Again, none of these have included color, you'll have to pick it yourself. They're all of a good size, so be prepared to change the size before using. If you decide to use these in GIMP (and honestly, why would you when I have the originals in their full glory here, here, and here?
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the symbol with the triangle inside a circle also represents the Element Fire, I have a charm of it hanging from my dreadlock!
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awesome :) can i use these for other stuff i mean not photoshop llike art?
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Use them for whatever you want! Just credit me if you do ^^
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Hope they help.
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I do gotta suggest this to a Daily Deviantation .
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Come on, this isn't worthy in the slightest.
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o v o , Well.... I think dis is very epic and helpful~ lol. x3
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That's sweet of you. :meow:
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Wow this looks cool :)
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Really cool! I used it here! [link]
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Wow, great work! 8D
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