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Navask - semi open species



:star: please respect the creator with asking permission first and read the rules :star:

Hello and welcome Navask into the community ;3; they are a creature with intelligent and have similar trait to a snake and others
from poll and supporters from friends i will make this species a semi open so anyone could enjoy the beauty of this beast! but please respect the species and rules on making your own~

First thing first about them the Navask
Sort term Vahsk 


Navask is an intelligent race lived under the great land of Nagindra-Era which is rich with flora and fauna. They are ecological species and live by hunting, gathering , fighting for dominants and etc. They can also strive in habitable place on other universe. The race main consideration is strength power and behavior of each individuals.


Navask consider aggressive anthropomorphic reptiles with beautiful fur coat on their body. The fur runs down from head to back spine until tail. Mostly front body will be cover with scales but with heavy coat fur will cover it. The Vahsk coat can be in ant natural color designs up to fantasy based( un-natural ). Their body are fit and agile to out stand any obstacle, main skill are combat and stealth. They have a steady agility and strengths to run with the speed of 80km/h. The feet is strong and obtain a dew claw to tackle prey with a strike blow while in air(jumping). The navask have good sense of smell and heat sensory (like snakes) have venom. Their teeth and bones can have a different color striking to the coat , these shown they are very venomous creature. The upper fangs usually are like snake can inject venom to prey for easy digestion. They contain a back teeth that can chew when consuming tough meat or food and makes them omnivorous. Main consumption is meat. 


Anywhere with resources to survive withing the environment. Navask will take shelter under close space either in cave, buildings, hut, tent and etc upon what the environment provide. They make a nest to buried the eggs and leave to continue everyday live while monitoring the nest. Taking advantage of the surroundings to protect the nest and for material to craft items.  


Navask can be social interact with language of snakes or dragon. Other communication can be through writings , music and art crafts. They can learn other languages but will take time because of stubbornness. The species doesn't believe in magic or witch craft , most of them consider as nothing and will not take into interest.  

This species is a herm and can be mate with others by condition of individuals, mostly with close relationship . The mother will lay eggs and buried into the grown or materials to keep warm and protected in the nest. The reproduction will be sexually and lay 6 eggs max twice a year.  

They can live in a big group called tribe with consist of relative or other individuals.  A tribe is lead by the dominance Vahsk called chief who will protect the tribe and fight to its glory being top.  Usually the new chief will challenge the older one to claim its place ( competitions or fight battle). 

Jobs can take seriously with the vahsk , they will distributed to the tribe for balance into the economy and also keep busy. They do not like to slack off or wonder pointless. The vahsk will assign any tribe members into a job when they are capable enough. Some of them can be an outcast but always be on a move and keep self busy with an activity.


They can live up to 170 years only can be the cause of old  , fight death , un-successful breeding , incident tragedy , sickness , poachers 

Egg: 5 months buried hard shell egg 

hatchling:  About 1 - 3 years for this is seen as the weakling stage with no proper fur,  teeth and nails as they learn about food and shelter guide by the motherly vahsk 

Teen: 4 - 9 years this stage that they became to grow and try  learn from their parents in order to survive.

Young Adult: 10-34 years these years have fully grow in physical appearance and are the training years where the adults and elderly train the teens into proper  Navask.

Adult: 35-99 years these are mainly job, reproduction, and training the young adult years also know as the prime of their lives. The only real harshness in this stage is getting into an argument with a leader and fighting for it’s place or getting near the elderly who may seem frail but strong.

Elderly:  100- 170 this stage is known as the passing stage where Elders are excused from the stuff they do for they can tend to get blind or have problems with producing young. These are also the wisest ones in their tribes.

Make your own Permission rules and guidelines

Please read and  follow provided, if not will be listed  in ban

This will be connected to my simple T.O.S General ( please read before designing your own )
- one per person for the free myo
- credit the species
- cannot co-own 
- do not sell higher then the original price of vahsk * only for this species 
- may sell/trade/gift with my permission ( by note )

This is a semi open species you may follow the design rule for myo Navask
- use only common traits listed Navask Trait list / nagindra-era.weebly.com/
- only natural color in the animal kingdom ( can be mix )
- design pattern must be natural like in mammals,reptile,birds only
- teeth & bones can be any color 
- any clothing wear will be a minimal 
- get approval by submitting into   THIS FOLDER

Selective people only can be guest artist for making adopts 
- can apply at @nigindra-era ( coming soon )

Any question can be ask through this comment comments.deviantart.com/1/6698…

all design above is owned do not repeatedly make same design 

semi open species by onigiryStuff 

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Is there a discord server for them?