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March 3, 2008
little bumblebee: tutorial by ~onifrogbox is one of the most impressive AC tutorials I have seen in a while, it goes through each step with great guidelines and pictures and should be easy for all to follow.
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little bumblebee: tutorial

The "little bumblebee" tutorial is FINALLY finished!!! Again, credit goes to :iconchocolate-stars: for the design of the bumblebee.

I really apologize for how long it took to put this together, but personally I blame school >< And homework!

+ You can download the pattern here: [link]

Megaupload Mirror: [link]
{Please let me know if these stop working!}

It looks really big, but when you print it out, it should be just right.

Notes about the tutorial:

+ The bee I photographed for the tutorial is smaller than the one that you'll be making if you use the pattern (full size). It's about half the size, but the steps are exactly the same! (I was just lazy with the sewing).

+ If you're wondering why for the ribbon-installation part, the back stripe has already been sewn on...I forgot about the ribbon and had to go back and do it XD

+ The main stitches I used were the overcast stitch ([link]) and the blanket stitch ([link]). If I didn't say which to use, it's most likely the overcast.

+ There are many ways you can do the mouth, it'd probably be more secure if you embroidered it, or used little stitches, but I wanted a more rounded shape, so I "cheated" a little XD

+ I kind of rushed the steps for the eyes and the mouth, so if you have any questions, please let me know!!

+ Sorry for the inconsistent colours and the different backgrounds - I was working all over the house.

Good luck and please show me if you make a little bumblebee of your very own!


I just want to extend a huge, heartfelt THANKS to `feetpeet and `bleedsopretty for the DD!! I'm totally shocked and overwhelmed - and thanks to everybody who faved and left comments for me since yesterday, it's going to take me ages to go through everything!! :hug: :hug: :heart: :heart:
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DarkSmilyDemonDragon's avatar

I can't find the pattern

AxelDemKakashi's avatar
Love this, the only bumblebee that is stupidly cute!

I'm hoping to use the template to make the First Mate from Guardians of the Galaxy for my little brother. Sadly the template link has stopped working. Please could you upload, thanks :)
Tytofi's avatar
curse you robot bee. curse youuMY SPINE! 
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
alin48's avatar
link pattern please.
plushfreak's avatar
I am not sure why but you link has stopped working.
nemjersatyr's avatar
Links stopped working!
Nyght-Driscol's avatar
Aaah Aaaah! I am freaking out with how awesome these are. 
Rexluna's avatar
Neither of the links work anymore! :( This is so cute, I wanna make him!
PinchofGinger's avatar
The pattern is no longer available.
I should have checked that the links worked before buying the fabric for this.. Bummer
Dredgewood's avatar
I was looking for it too - found it here for all those pattern deprived crafters! :3…

Blueyedgirl27's avatar
The link for the pattern doesnt work ;A;
Number1FMAfangirl's avatar
The links don't work >.<
rainbowcookies17's avatar
Really cute pattern, I'd like to make this tomorrow but the links aren't working. Could you fix them?
CloverFlowers's avatar
Awesome tutorial you have here!
This bee is so cute. I only wish I could download the pattern. The links do not work. 
unnalockets's avatar
cant download the pattern.. :(
wylf's avatar
Oh, boy! Gotta make one now!!! :3
Wow, amazingly adorable !!!!!!
starsinmyteacup's avatar
Thank you for this. :D
draneas's avatar
Used the style here: [link] :3
draneas's avatar
Gotta love those!
bopip's avatar
Oh, thanks a lot!! I need one for my sister and this is perfect! *__*
FairyBubblePuppy's avatar
I am almost completely useless with artisan crafts, but I continue to try stubbornly! You've explained this so well that I think I might give it a go :)
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