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SHIELD Desktop (Inactive)

Final desktop using Rainmeter and Daelnz's awesome Avengers SHIELD Skin: [link] which i modified myself. Also uses parts of Enigma skin. This shows the desktop in its inactive state. Pressing the button on the top left activates it.

Active state here: [link]
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Your a legend bro! been looking for this for so long! Kudos!

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thats really cool how you have it set up!

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do you have a version without the tag on the top left, it conflicts with the the layout i'm trying to use.
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and my screen resolution
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I reccomend the second one, Because I just found out the first one is blurry.
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ah, been a while, but thanks!
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btw your skin doesn't work on the latest rainmeter version. not sure why, but the discord group says it does happen.
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This is just awesome. :spyed:
How do you make the button do that
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Nice work! How do you change the image in the S.H.I.E.L.D OS ? I would like to place my pic in the like [link] did.
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Sorry, but there isn't an easy way. I had to use Photoshop... Luckily if you know even a little bit of any image editing software, it shouldn't be THAT hard to replace the image I have with whatever you want.
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