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Avengers SHIELD OS Skin - Modified v1.4

Modified SHIELD Avengers OS skin. Original by Daelnz: [link]

- Personal icon image changes and LLT/SLT text name changes
- Minor color changes
- Integration with some parts of Enigma skin: [link]
- Shield Tag tweaked, original image and text by Daelnz changed
- Different wallpaper used
- Clicking SHIELD button on top left toggles every skin except for the button itself: [link]

For instructions on how to set your own icon images and text for the launchers, see the original page by Daelnz linked above.

Also, please let me know if there are any issues with this, its my first time making a .rmskin package.

EDIT: I realized "Border 1366x769.ini" is the only config file that I edited to make it disappear when clicking the SHIELD button. To fix this, simply add the line:


Under the section that says [Rainmeter].

For example, "Border 1600x900.ini" should look something like this:

Author=Media Maggot | Daelnz

Information=Border Image in 1600 x 900
License=Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0

Imagename=border 1600x900.png

EDIT2: To fix any music player problems, simply change the line:


to this:

@include=#SKINSPATH#\Avengers - Tweaked\

in the Music.ini config file.
In fact, do that with any config file that has the @include statement. Will update the download later today to include these fixes. Sorry about that.

UPDATED: Updated file available for download, should fix most bugs. Next update will include the icons I'm using, in case anyone else wants them.

UPDATED with Icons.
© 2012 - 2021 Oni3298
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plz tell how can we decrease the size of skin ??

the engima skins dont work

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I love it! Thanks for making this one! =) :D

I hope you can give the wallpaper image file so I can edit a bit.. for the SHIELD logo size

Hi there. It seems that the enigma are not usable with this skin

Hi, I'm new here. May I know how to customize the launchers?

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Amazing Bro....Very Good.

Cant find file??
every skin when i load is on (0,0) plz resolve this issue, it will bevery troublesome to do it manually!
How do I change the weather?
Never Mind... I actually figured it
Any fix for enigma? The Bar that says enigma appears when I load options but it reads nothing else and no other options will load. I tried loading the full enigma file from author and still no luck. Everything else works great and I am having fun changing everything to fit my needs but cant get enigma to work....such an enigma.
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Link to wallpaper Please?
I have been using this one Displaying 13 Images For - Marvel Shield Wallpaper by beardedwerebear  
MrMisterPanda's avatar
I found it shortly after I put that comment, thanks for helping though!
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I'm New to Rainmeter
Wow this story was a roller coaster
Where do I get SHIELD OS?
Is there any way to rotate that shield tag in the upper left corner, because in the real avengers, it was rotating. It'd look cooler, you know. :)
Very good, running very smooth
how to edit the buttons to launch games, browsers etc?? some tutorial?
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