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Tutorial: How to draw Wood

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Nice. Very impressive.

Saber Tooth
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Hey, if you aren't a bot, respond to this! I might click the link if you do.

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...why would a human type something like that? Definitely a bot.

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Lol I know, I was just proving it to the idiots who click the link.

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gorgeous use of color and very skillfully done! although it is just a tutorial idk it still looks really good

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Useful, thanks, i appreciate this.

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To DRAW???,Or to SPRITE???
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when people say your hair looks like shit Thanks for the tutorial, I kinda saw wood as this polished slab and kinda saw it as a brick wall lmao
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This will be excellent help for me as I sprite Planet Cybertron. Not for the wood texture but because you show a great method to shade textures on a sphere.
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my only nitpick is that the first sphere doesnt look wood-ish like the others, it has more of a brick feel on it.

regardless, the other ones are on point. great work  oni :)
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Ahah yes, thank you!
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I really adore pixel art so this is beautiful.
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Another great one, thanks!
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My pleasure! :D
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Beautiful... Simply beautiful.
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Thanks for the tutorial
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