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Tutorial: How to draw Foliage

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Your designs are so cool!

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Thank you very much!!
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This is like, the best thing ever.
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Amazing! Heart 

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These tutorials you're doing are fantastic, thank you for uploading this kind of stuff!
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Okay, this is WAY better than what I was doing. I just discovered these tutorials, but I can tell I'll be coming back to them a lot.
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Oh that's how it should be done, thanks.
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Am I the only one that sees a jacko-lantern-like face on the bottom bush? Undertale Asriel Eww Emoji 
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good job and thank you
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The life of a Bush ..... Seems like a good show lol
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I have some trouble trying to draw leaves in a small scale and I'm thinking of drawing stuff like this for some projects, so this is really helpful :D
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Glad it helps :D
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This is the best!
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