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Happy Birthday BSF

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Happy Birthday to :iconbiggestsonicfan:!

This was fun
another bright picture added to my gallery
Anyway, I hope he enjoys it.

Not much to say really

This looks really empty
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Aw, looks so cute :3
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That's like the cutest and most awesome lil kitty girl picture I've ever seen you draw like that !

It's so awesome !

You sure have improved drastically on your skills.

I just ADORE how she has her finger and the expression of her face fixed together to make that gesture.

It's so adorable I give you a COOKIE for winnah !!!

This picture looks like it was taken from an anime movie scene.

congrats :) I love it
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Awww, she looks really cute :]

Her facial expression is really adorable~

Purplexpink color combination is win <3

You should try drawing texture to the fur. :D
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Thank you ^^
I should hm
I don't know exactly how though .3.
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awww cute!! >w<
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awww how cute! <3 love the eyes and the hair!
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D'awww haha! She's all blushy! X3 It's so cute, thank you very much! =D
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The only thing that's empty today is my brain 8D nice and peaceful XD hehe I'm on happy today

No this is awegazmic, you always draw hair so nice and sleek looking and her expression is so damn cute, I like her hooge purplie eyes and her kitty ears x3
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