Favourite Race of Westwall
50 votes
Full Body Orc Coloured Sketch

Orc RAGE SMOrc Emoticon Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon)

Dwarf Male Coloured Sketch

Dwarf Gimli Smiley Barbarian Redhair Armed - 003 Beard yay beer

The Coraelli Family Slave Merchants (Colour)

Goblin Goblin Emoticon Green Goblin (2) Gangster fella (Actions)

Elven Fire Dancer

Elf Stop - Hobbit Emote Alleria Geisha Kiku

Ogre Reference

Ogre Fat Guy with Gun Ultimate Shootout Emote-Jeff's Snack Venom Bite Icon

Westwall: Menfolk Humanoid Races Sketch

Human SpongeBob SquarePants - Normal SpongeBob Icon

Deviation Actions

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I've always been an elf person. I'll go with elves.