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Eastern Orc Reference Sheet by OnHolyServiceBound Eastern Orc Reference Sheet by OnHolyServiceBound
Species: Orcish
Sub-Species: Eastern Orc

Height: 6'7"
Common Variation: 6'4" - 7'6"
Weight: 380 lbs
Common Variation: 250lbs - 600lbs

Eye colour: Ranges from red to bright red, with varying levels of glow intensity
Hair colour: Red, Faded Crimson most common, ranges from Dark red(Red-brown or almost red-black) to Red-orange(rare),
Skin colour: Green, most commonly faded with yellow undertones. Can range from slight blue to heavy yellow-green undertones, brightness ranges from medium to dark.

Average Lifespan: 45 years
Maximum lifespan: 70 years
Reproductive Age: 9-10 years

Territories: Origin: Fire mountain
-Ruby Mines
-Black Pines
-Kragland Basin
The Dust
-Jade forest(Outskirts only)
Westwall(100 year occupation)

Base Stats:
Strength: 8
Perception: 6
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 6
Luck: 6
(Racial Luck = relative privilege)
Magical Inclination: 4(inclined)

Elemental affinity:

Racial skills:
One handed weapons +1
Bladed weapons + 1
Hand to hand +2
Weaponsmithing +2
Armosmithing +1
Fire: 30%
DR: 15%
DT: 1

First blood: Orcs, always the aggressors, have a +1 to rolls when initiating combat against an unaware or defensive target.
Predatory senses: Orcs gain +1 to attack rolls on weak (Str <5) or weakened(Sick/diseased/injured) targets.
Forged in Fire: Orcs have an innate 30% resistance to fire and a +1 to attack rolls with fire based spells or weapons.
Battle momentum: Orcs passively regenerate lost health at a faster rate when they are on the offensive
Wolf Blood: Orcs and wolves share a historic kinship, granting Orcs +1 to intimidation or command animal rolls towards wolves and wargs.

Berserk: The orc enters a dangerous adrenaline rush state that sends them into a violent bloodlust, blood pressure raises, muscles grow, pain sensors dull, and their knuckle spikes extend. Constant engagement is necessary to extend the duration of the rage. Lasts 60-300 seconds
+1 to Str and agility, increased movement and attack speed, increased healing, and +30% DR at the cost of -1 to evasion rolls and -1 to Cha , Int, and Perception, unable to disengage while berserked
Ability mastery branches into two paths, either increasing the ferocity of the rage, giving greater increases in strength and speed, or improved control, decreasing the negative modifiers and increasing sustain.

Bio Eastern Orcs are the most widespread of the Orcish sub-species, a slaver species, they dominate the less widespread races of the territories they occupy, including: Goblins, Oruks, Trolls, and Minotaurs, in their eastern settlements they often enslave from the more prevalent race of elf and men, using them in the brutal spectacle of their fighting pits. Physically, the orcs are an intimidating sight, tall and massively muscled with hard thick bones,  jagged fangs, burning red eyes, large claws, and spiky protrusions from their brows and knuckles, most races avoid them on appearance alone. Their temperament only mirrors their appearance, as they are known as a violent, aggressive, cruel, and brutal race. Taking delight in the destruction of the weak, mutilating and torturing their victims, and committing war crimes unparalleled by any other race.  They vary the most in size amongst orc sub-species, with their largest being much larger than the other orc sub-species.  Despite being the most technologically advanced of the Orcish sub-species(Partially a result of their enslavement of Goblins), they are utterly barbaric, with many tribes having large scale enslavement and forced breeding of women, as well as culling of weaker orcs, and mass murder of the children of other tribes and competing warlords.

In combat, the orcs rely on brute speed and strength to overpower their enemies, preferring to wield single handed weapons and using their free arm to grapple their enemies or cast spells. They use brutal unrelenting shoves and attacks to beat their opponents into submission, preferring to target the weaker of enemy groups, oftentimes women or children. After they've subdued or killed their targets they'll demoralize the remaining force with brutal mutilations or burnings. Oftentimes using the resulting rage to manipulate individual soldiers to break the lines .They prefer to be on the offensive, starting forward attacks with berserker rages that overwhelm enemies before they have a chance to defend . Despite their size and ferocity, they are fairly light on their feet, moving and dodging with ease, they close distances fast and have powerful senses that help them spot ambushes and enemy projectiles. Overall the Eastern Orcs are among the most feared combatants to face, especially in unarmed combat.

Eastern Orcs are relatively magically gifted, with many of them able to immolate themselves without being burned, they prefer to hand cast their jets of fire than to use staves or wands, making their mages especially mobile.
Eastern Orcs are most likely to go into a berserker rage out of all the orc types, and their rages are usually the most intense.

The Eastern Orcs are natives of the Fire mountain region, their vast cities shadowed by a towering volcano. The lava that flows between the various pools and minor volcanos amongst the molten reddened rock structure that makes up the highest levels of their kingdom, is funneled through a series of dams, basins, and orcish made rivers. This element is amongst the most precious of orc resources, providing the volcanic aurum, glass, and intense heat used to forge their weapons, armor, and architecture. Orcish weapons are known to be the most deadly in the region, with sharp tough edges able to cut through the armor of lesser smiths with ease. The industry of the orcs is as mighty as the volcanoes themselves, and only matched by their hunger for warfare. For many centuries did the Orcs war with the nearby elves and their eastern settlements, eventually leading to a complete annexation of the eastern coast, the elven cities and stretching farmland being converted to Eastfort, a massive stronghold removed from the fire of the volcano from which they came, but even more one track in it's aggressiveness and violence. A purely military settlement, it provided the orcs a staging point for many campaigns to come.

The Orcs of the east were always a slaver society, relying on the Oruk race who formed their slave class to do the majority of their menial labour. This penchant for slavery led to their attacks on the Goblin settlements, where they raised, pillaged, and captured from the territory. Only stopped by the Goblin's retreat into the massive cove that would eventually become the Goblin city. The spoils of this campaign proved useful when Orcish excursions eventually led them to come into conflict with the expanding dwarven kingdoms. The Dwarven explorers that were given reign to occupy the eastern mountains of the elven kingdoms in exchange for the plains and forests beneath the dwarven mountains had only begun settling when the hostilities began. The skirmishes between the two races amounting to an even power struggle that may have seen the Orcish expansion eventually pushed back to their firey home if not for the ingenuity of the War Goblin race they had bred from the captured Goblin slaves. Devising brutal weaponry and machines for the orcs occupying the mines and outer mountains, as well as being bred en masse to be used as fodder in the dwarven wars led to orc dominance of the region, with the dwindling dwarves fortifying and digging ever deeper under the threat of the Orc bred Goblin hordes and their overlords. The mines and cave network, along with it's massive magma lakes and heat powered machines would eventually come to be known as the underforge, once the region had stabilized and the dwarves had holed themselves up in their caves, Underforge and the surrounding mines came to be the only orc territory ruled by orcs, but with a majority non-orc population, as a result of the mass forced breeding of War Goblins.

Eventually the orcs had amassed enough power that they began staging a massive three way assault against the kingdoms of Westwall, the Dwarven Mountain, and the Northern elven settlements. Previous skirmishes had resulted in alliances between the three races, resulting in joint defenses and enemy reinforcements in attempted attacks. The orcs planned to attack all three regions at once, isolating them from mounting joint defenses and coming to each other's aid. A minor assault was also launched on the southern grasslands, leading to the enslavement of the minotaur settlers that lived there, who were also eventually used in the War of three fronts. A huge force consisting of Orcs from Eastfort, Fire mountain, and the Underforge, with enslaved War Goblins, Trolls, Dragons, Minotaurs and Oruks spread out across the continent, locking down the three kingdoms and causing massive destruction and loss of life. 

Although the city of westwall was mostly sacked, a force of wildfolk, giants, and a massive peasant militia led a counterattack from outside the city walls, eventually managing to fight their way into the chaotic inferno. Although the orcs still had the upper hand the force was successful in that the archbishop and the High Paladin were able to reach the Orcish Warlord leading the attack, after a battle atop the Warlord's high dragon, and a ground battle after the dragon had fallen, the Warlord was slain. Even so, the rape and slaughter of humans continued, until a group of human scouts and rangers flanked the orcs attacking the dwarven mountain, and after damaging their artillery(Ballistas, Catapults and Trebuchets) they managed to convince the dwarves to go on the offensive. The orcish force sent to the Dwarven mountains was the weakest of the three, primarily consisting of enough forces to support a drawn out ranged siege. Mounted rangers and the newly inspired dwarves pushed back the siege and managed to reach the human settlement in time to drive back the remaining orc force.

The elves received little support from their allies, and had their farmlands and expanded settlements destroyed. In the end they held out amidst a magically created barrier over their capital, when reinforcements finally arrived the damage had already been done, though the elves had survived, they severed ties with men and dwarves. Isolating themselves in their capital and Arcane tower, preserving their damaged population.

Although the orcs failed to achieve their goals, and their forces were hunted and spread out(Which would eventually lead to the creation of many tribal settlements, including those in The Dust and the outskirts of the Jade Forest) and their Warlord was slain, the fires of industry burned brighter than ever atop Fire mountain. The war left the human city ravaged, and open to partial annexation by the dwarven force that saved them, the elven city, though preserved, was left with a low population and an isolated tower surrounded by enemies. The orcish cities however, remained intact, as their enemies were left with no means of counterattack, the forges fired up again, forced breeding policies were enacted, and soldiers begun being trained for the orc's new campaign. The first war was merely testing the waters, the second would see the continent engulfed in flame.
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Not so much thought, but campaigns that have led me/us through these stories, though of course it's been trimmed and some things have been changed, but in that sense it's not much unlike history itself lol.
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They're basically a species in the same family as Orc, albeit much larger and stronger.

They essentially did, or at least the westwall, it was the 100 year occupation I mentioned at some point.
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