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Japan 3.11.11

Japan 3.11.11

I'm glad my friend is alright. I couldn't believe waking up and seeing this in the morning. Please support, pray, give, and help Japan. Lend a hand.

Thank you.

*So, for all those who want me to take "prayer" out I'm going to simply say I strongly refuse to take it out. Prayer is something I strongly hold, it's constant in my life and aside from definitions from dictionaries prayer does show support. Trust me my friend over in Japan knows I've been doing so and he appreciates it and asks me to pray for the people of Japan. Also, I have taken action and not from just doing this piece. Please, for those who only get the word "prayer" out of the description below, please read more carefully. I'm suggesting action is also needed too. Thank you.

*UPDATE: If you would like to buy a shirt with this design on it please visit [link] tomorrow. Design will be out at 12pm EST and will last for 3 days and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts in Japan. Thank you for your support everyone.

*Shirts are out now! Visit [link] to get yours. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross to aid Japan!

*Well the shirts are now done, but the good news is over $2,000 were made in proceeds that will be donated to the Red Cross to aid Japan. Huge thanks to Gryphony Limited Clothing in working with them on this!

*Hey all, well to my surprise and excitement Gryphony Limited Clothing is putting up the shirt again due to the high demand for it! It will be up all this week to get as many proceeds as possible to donate to the Red Cross to aid Japan. Visit today to get yours!

*Over $3,700 are going to the Red Cross to aid Japan :D. Thank you Gryphony Limited Clothing in selecting my design to use for a shirt to raise not only awareness, but aid for a good cause.
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