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Xena's Sword by OneWithTheStars

Hello everyone!  Hi!  OneWithTheStars here and welcome to ProjectDFC's 2018 installment of Nonsensical November!

The inaugural edition of Nonsensical November was introduced in 2016 here at ProjectDFC and the participants had a lot of fun doing so.  In preparation for the title event DFC in December, Nonsensical November is a way to have a little fun and relax by meeting some poetry form challenges while the prose writers embark on NaNoWriMo.  For those of you doing both poetry and prose this month: Clap High-five!
Loopy Dance Nonsensical November is just that: the forms feature the outrageous, cynical, and downright ridiculous.  Loopy Dance 

This year, the selected nonsensical forms are:
Bullet; Red Epigram
Bullet; Orange Limerick
Bullet; Yellow Fatras Possible
Bullet; Green Footle

The forms in detail:

Epigram: The Satirical
An Epigram is a form that is supposed to be witty by nature and is often portrayed as a four-line stanza with no set rhyme/meter/syllable length.  A lot of profound quotes from writers and leaders have been epigrams.

Some lovely examples written by our members:
Brief and TerseLife on Earth is brief and terse;
let's complain about it all in verse.
  Don't Run Out of Allergy Pillswhile you stop to smell the roses
walking through the great outdoors
be sure to avoid allergies
or you'll be running to the store
empty transparencyTransparency is nice idea
until you see life's ugly truths,
hiding our own faults and footprints
every time we clear the browser history.
Wax and WaterWax and water will never together
Because they can't both bare the weather,
Water at lower and higher degrees
Will only compel wax to freeze.

Limerick: The Outrageous
A Limerick is a form that is usually humorous, whimsical, and sometimes downright bawdy and often story-telling in nature.  It's a five-line stanza with the rhyme scheme of aabba and a default syllable count/meter of 8-8-6-6-8, however, due to its anapestic stress pattern (u u S), the meter length can vary slightly in each line, many times the first syllable dropped off, as long as the rhythm is maintained.

A couple wonderful examples written by our members and a couple more from around DA:
Christmas Shopping LimerickThanksgiving is approaching fast
But we all know that it won't last
Christmas really starts on
The day October's gone
That's when the consumers amass
Kristina the Space CadetThere once was a girl out of place,
she longed to escape into space.
       She concealed her scars,
       then looked to the stars
to encounter an alien race.
  A Silly LimerickThere once was a young man named Hugh
Who found a rather large frog in his shoe.
"Oh no!" he cried out
And started jumping about
And squished the poor frog into goo.
  Math LimerickA dozen, a gross, and a score,
Plues three times the square root of four,
Divided by seven,
Plues five times eleven,
Is nine squared, and not a bit more

Fatras Possible: The Insane
The Fatras is a form that is irrational that has no clear direction, yet possesses a defined structure.  It is upbeat, full of wordplay, ridiculous notions, and intentional nonsense.  It comprises of eleven lines and the first and eleventh lines hold the entire theme of the larger poem.  There is no meter or rhyme scheme, but the wordplay and nonsense set the tone. Specifically for the Fatras Possible, some coherent thought is allowed.

Below are a few great examples written by our members:
Thunder and BlazesThe circus monkeys dance along,
I walk a tightrope through the Ring of Fire—
tectonic plates shift and groan,
volcanic ash prematurely grays—
just put some dye on to hide the lies!
Painted faces of the performance clowns
amuse the audience through organized chaos,
squirting water flowers on passersby;
mal intent, forgot to ask for their consent!
I dance high in the fire and enjoy the burn;
the ringmaster doesn’t make the calls.
Fatras PossibleBring in the clowns and set the stage
The freak show opens its doors
To the curious public intent on the grotesque
Or the fun house, lost in mirrors
Never seeing your true self, just flaws magnified
Lost forever, children cry, frightened by their own reflections
Big top tightropes and lions roar
Acrobats fly with no net, death-defying
Step inside the gates, admission is cheap
You’ll never see a better show
There’s nothing to be afraid of
  ModernityEfficiency wishes we live on a minute speed differently
Logged as a cog that refused to get bogged down
And downsized, wearing a frown's guise
Decided it might have been right if
It spurned all the slow ones, learned that it's no fun
But why stop for the roses, just fix where the nose is
We're ending the bending to stop detrimenting
Cause time's a wasting, rhymes and tasting
Can't beat lines and phasing out kindness and raising
Up serving hearts, we're bent on preserving our
Society for all its notoriety
  the shoes of redCan you dance while balancing a spoon on your nose?
Can you twirl and whirl and two step up on your tip toes?
these shoes are made for spinning,
the red of them never fades,
the souls made out of leather,
lasting as I skip down to the Everglades.
I tire but I never stop-
I bleed dispute this endeavor-
my ankles just might be broken-
and yet they never could be severed.
My red shoes, my fate is dancing forever.

Footle: The Ridiculous
The Footle is a form comprised of only two lines with two syllables in each line.  The lines must monorhyme (aa) and the form is usually known for light, witty verse.

Some great examples written by our members:
Vampire FootleAt night
bats bite
  BakingBake Bread
Too LateChoose her

Onto the RULES:
Bullet; Black NN 2018 will run from November 1st, 2018 until December 1st, 2018 0000 (12AM) GMT.  (Prepare for DFC thereafter EVIL Laughter!)
Bullet; Black Please submit your entries to our NN folder so we can use them for next year's examples.  Alternatively, you may note them to kiwi-damnation, OneWithTheStars, or the group ProjectDFC.
Bullet; Black Consider joining the group!  It makes submitting a lot easier.  Boogie!
Bullet; Black In your deviation description, please place the following:
    Bullet; Black A clickable link to this journal (for reference and advertising)
    Bullet; Black What form you chose to write
    Bullet; Black That it's for ProjectDFC's NN
    Bullet; Black Any other pertinent information (i.e. prompts you might have used, etc)

And for the shameless plugs:
Bullet; Black Tell other people about this challenge!  Challenges are only as good as their participation.
Bullet; Black Participate!  Challenge yourself to one (or more) of these forms.  There are no limits to how many forms or poems for each form you can write!  :) (Smile)

Ask away!  You can ask either kiwi-damnation, OneWithTheStars, or ProjectDFC; someone will answer you!

Heart kiwi-damnation, OneWithTheStars, the team at ProjectDFC, and our beloved MagicalJoey 9th bDay cAndle 4 dA 

Get silly!  We cannot wait to see what you will create!

Happy Yellow Tiger 
November is here and so is ProjectDFC's Nonsensical November.  Get in on the poetic fun!
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haijinik Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2018  Student Writer
you might think about adding this one for next year...son't tutorial
OneWithTheStars Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent!  I always like rotating a new one or two into the mix each year.  ^.^
ShadowedAcolyte Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018
It could even make it into December!
OneWithTheStars Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You never know!
haijinik Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Student Writer
thanks! i am just a poetry nerd:D
OneWithTheStars Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I am glad you are. :D
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