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Cat Scratch Fever
    The unbelievable discovery that happened in 2357 would change the course of humanity and forever alter its destiny.  In a secluded mountain range, located in a rundown old cabin was the infamous steel box containing Schrödinger’s once theoretically-hypothesized cat.
    No one could believe that the box existed and hundreds of years later.  Surely, any cat that might have been placed inside it would be long dead, nothing but skeletal remains to be seen by whomever decided to open the sealed box.
    Curiosity got the better of the world and there were some sick remarks and memes about curiosity killing the cat, but in the end, world leaders deemed it necessary to open the box.  If not to discover the likely status of a feline within, the possibility of anything else that might be stored away in there.
    When the box was opened, it was nothing that anyone expected.  Schrö
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Undercover Photographer
    He’s a man on a mission, an army of one that vows to rid the city of the evil forces that keep its citizens living in fear.  Through the alleyways at night, he searches for those that would prey upon the weak, stopping crimes before they can be committed.
    Armed with only a single weapon, he braves the night and the demons that arise in its shadows, single-handedly thwarting their every attempt to take control of the living.
    The weight he bears upon his conscience to do this, he would never let his friends know, as he has seen too many things that he fears would make them shy away from him if they knew his true identity.  So alone in the night, he continues to hunt those that thirst for living souls in hopes to absolve his own guilt.
    It’s one of these such nights that he finds himself following a particularly large and vicious demon, it stalking along
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30-Second Truth Serum
    “I’ll never talk!” the sharply dressed man in a suit professed as he remained tied to the chair in the villain’s secret layer that everyone knew about.  The superspy, Mr. Flop had once again been apprehended by the very villain he was pursuing.
    “Oh, Mr. Flop, you will once I inject you with…THIS!” the dastardly villain, Dirk T Deeds declared, then pulled out a suspiciously shaped syringe filled with an eerie glowing green serum.  “My Thirty-Second Truth Serum!”
    “Why only thirty seconds?” superspy Hugh Flop inquired.  “If I had been you, which I am not, as I would be standing where you are and you would then be tied to this chair, I would have made it last longer.”
    “Don’t you think I have tried?!” Dirk T Deeds screamed, spittle raining down on Hugh Flop’s face.  “Thirty s
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The EMP That Ended It All
    It had been swift, the EMP that the aliens had detonated on the surface of Earth, near New York City, I believe, but it has far-reaching consequences.  The entire electrical grid of the planet was affected, the rippling wave of energy crossing the entire globe before meeting itself on the opposing edge of the planet.
    “What do you mean there’s no internet?!” a girl shrieked, tapping furiously against her tablet’s screen in a vain attempt to get it to turn on.
    “Oh, my God, my phone won’t even turn on!” one kid screamed in a panic, complete with his voice cracking, the mass hysteria in the streets moving about me as I tried to weave through the inoperable automobiles now clogging every possible street.  Traffic lights were out, all the buildings had proverbially gone dark.
    Thankfully, it was daytime, so the sun’s natural light kept the masses
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Eagle's Call
    “Where did the map say for us to go?” Matthew inquired to his traveling partner, Joseph.
    “Uh,” Joseph began, holding the flashlight of his smartphone up to illuminate the map in the dark, “it says to the top of the Deafman’s Ridge.”  He turned the flashlight off and lowered the map.  “It’s not far north from here.”
    They walked through the thick forest, the calls of the wild not doing much to deter the two young men, even when an occasional shadow scooted by them with an ominous swish.  Even the predators knew to stay clear of them.
    Breaking into an opening, they found themselves at the base of the hill leading up to the ridge.  “Well, we’re here,” Joseph stated aloud, the both of them freezing in place for a moment to take in the sight.  The full moon, now visible to them since making it to the
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
The One You Never Knew That Got Away
    It was drizzling lightly that Saturday afternoon you had convinced me to come to the college football game with you.  Well, actually our mutual friend at the time had.  The three of us sat huddled under the umbrella you held up chivalrously, or so I had interpreted the action at the time, while the game went on.  Honestly, I was getting a little wet, some of the rain cascading onto my opposing shoulder from where you sat, our friend’s subtle efforts to be me to huddle closer to you proving in vain.  The football game wasn’t why we had come here anyway.
    She had asked you to come.
    The peppy cheerleader that would be performing in the halftime show that was to occur shortly.  You didn’t want to come alone, because you weren’t sure about her intentions, didn’t think you liked her.
    But you would claim to in time.
    And like a
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
Drifting Apart
    There was nothing romantic about drifting apart from the one you thought of as your other half, even if Hollywood portrayed it as such, that one person that had completed you in a way you had never understood until it had happened.
    But I guess love can also grow apart.
    Did that make it love then in the first place, or something else masquerading as love?
    I tended to believe the latter option, otherwise, I would hold no hope I love for anyone then, that it was all a matter of luck.  Incredible, unbelievable luck.
    I knew that to be false, so I accepted the former option, that it had never been love.
    As I stared at her from across the table, the two of us sitting in silence as we shared another meal together, neither of us putting forth the effort to talk anymore, only to exchange small talk and formalities, avoiding the white elephant in the room
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Our Waters Run Deep
    “I don’t want to hurt you,” Dean’s voice reluctantly confessed after the uncomfortably long moment of silence that had remained between the two of us.
    The man was an enigma wrapped up in further mystery, I had to confess.  It had been obvious to me that he bore scars, far more than the ones that I could see, and his sharp tongue and sarcasm had been terribly good methods of erecting barriers around whatever he guarded so protectively.
    The thorns cut deeply every time I found myself snagged on them, a helpless and stupid bird that kept flying too close out of curiosity.  And yet, here I was again, trying to fight through the thorny vines.  I never learned my lesson.
    “Then why have you sought me out now?” I softly requested.  “Clearly, you have your reasons,” I furthered upon noticing him shift uneasily from one foot and to the oth
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
The New Physician
    The train whistles cut through the air as the steam locomotive pulled into the tiny train station.  The hissing of the release of steam soon followed as the train came to t halt on the track before the platform, crew moving in to usher its passengers off the passenger cart while the freight carts were intercepted by others, unpacking and hauling the contents onto the horse-drawn wagons for delivery.
    One man in particular seemed to nonchalantly study the passengers getting off the train.  His back to the wall of the train station, he leaned against its side, his cowboy hat drawn low over his face so as to keep both the sun and prying eyes from catching a glance of his visage.  The metal of his sidearm reflect the light that shone down upon the holster slung about his hip and seemed to be a bit better kept than the button-down shirt and pair of pants he had on, both a little dusty from his ride into town upon his horse presently h
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
Breathing Life
    The canvas is a cage.  What she does is bridge worlds.
    To take the paint upon her pallet and with the brush, she places her smooth strokes.  It’s not to create an image, but rather, unmask the image of whatever is imprisoned within both her mind and the canvas.
    She can connect, even see what lies on the other side before it reveals itself through her methodical strokes along the canvas, washing away the bland, off-white fabric stretched into submission upon the wooden frame.
    What was trapped there, it shall be free once more, to feel the light of the sun and see the glow of the moon.  Tirelessly, she paints her strokes upon the canvas surface, humming a soft melody only she knows through her sealed lips, her eyes remaining focused upon the images that come before her.
    And soon, her brush, much as a key, unlocks the cage confining the contents, releasin
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
That One Time (Reader x Fandom Character Romance!)
    It was late, that much you knew.  You stared at the ceiling in the bedroom, unable to fall asleep, as you had too much running through your mind.
    How could you not?  So much had happened in the last twelve hours, your brain was still trying to catch up to literally all that had transpired and where you presently found yourself.
    You had known him since childhood, known the real him.  Not just the façade he put out there for others to see, that tough exterior in order to make it on the streets.  No, you knew that tender interior that he never let anyone else see, the side of him that would enjoy a meadow of flowers and not think twice about taking a moment to pause and smell their fragrance in the air, the side of him that cared so deeply for those he let in close enough and would fiercely do anything for.
    You both had grown up in the countryside—maybe that’s wh
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 2 0
An Ocean's Might
    Why, why did this happen?
    I couldn’t stop that nagging voice in my head as I careened like a speck of dust in the mighty tide of the ocean waters, the thunder booming violently and with regular frequency.  I choked as I routinely took an involuntary swallow of saltwater amidst my flailing to keep my head above the surface.  The shafts of lightning would illuminate the night, giving me the teasing glimpses of the somewhat nearby rocky outcropping in the water.
    Relatively speaking.
    It certainly didn’t feel nearby as I tried in vain to swim through the upheaving nocturnal tides to get to the nearest one and finally pull myself from these wretched waters.  The hurricane had blindsided us during the middle of the night, the ship was capsized and destroyed, its mighty wooden hull no match for the gale-force winds and writhing oceanic mass that easily swallowed it whole
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 2 0
Oliver's Redemption
    The caw of the nearby crow drew my gaze over toward it, it calling out a couple more times before staring at me peculiarly, then flew off.  I listened to a couple more of its brethren call out over the trees, listening to their distinct language I did not understand.  Crows were remarkably intelligent, and particularly ominous.
    Somehow, also, I knew it was an omen from her.  My heart, it momentarily stopped in my chest, the irony of it not escaping me as I stood there in solitude upon that lonely and rocky hilltop, just at the base of which I sought.
    For one night, she had enabled me to forget my loneliness, made me feel worthy of love.  I knew her empathic powers had made her susceptible, but for that one night, I forgot my own sorrows.  It had turned out, I had made her forget hers, something I hadn’t comprehended at the time…only for me to unintentionally hurt her in the aftermath
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 0
The Pain of Longing
    Tygon lied back upon his lavish bed, but it might as well have been a bed of thorns, the angst in his veins keeping him from even a remote chance at relaxing.  The entire day, he had performed his duties as Dreamcrafter without flaw, the imperial court remarkably impressed with the extent of his refined powers.
    A gift, it was truly a gift, more than one party had told him.  It was a talent that he had refined and honed without second thought, considering it his duty to perform dreamscapes for audiences, whether high or low, and to further push his own abilities to traverse the ethereal realm.  He had discovered so much in his most recent years, and he had thought his life complete, but as his brother Benai had so expertly pointed out, he could see a light fading from his eyes through the years.  Tygon tried to convince himself otherwise, but in his heart of hearts, he knew how right his brother had been.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
Buried Alive
    J’kari sat in the end of the one tunnel that reached far away from the underground village that his parents and others had carved out over the past years, developing what they best could in the subterranean caverns, given the circumstances.  Idly kicking at a pebble that was near the rock he found himself perched on, this was a place he liked to come to when he wished to be alone.
    That was one of the problems now living underground; there was no privacy, not like before when allowed to be on the surface.  But Di-Meihn and the Ar’Zhen had changed all that when they had invaded, destroying the surface world and slaughtering so many of the native Iolehan peoples.  Retreating underground had been their only means of survival, but the young teen couldn’t help but wonder if it really was that much better.  Artificial light had to be pumped through the interlocking veins of power stones that had been forged to sh
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
Kiss of Death
    The two armor-clad figures remained on their horses perched atop the ridge as the early sun began to peer over the horizon.  Something spooked Grayson’s horse, it suddenly whinnying and becoming restless.  With a quick draw of the reins, he got his steed under control.
    Danielle moved her horse up beside him, the two of them staring out over the sprawl of the land.  It seemed so peaceful in that early morning light, a warm, radiant glow teasing along the ridges of the vegetation that skirted the city in the distance before them.
    Their mission was dangerous, but the two had made it through worse, particularly saving Brace from the empire’s gallows.  The queen had been captured despite Grayson’s best efforts to protect her, but he had simply been outnumbered and outmatched.  Just as they likely would be today, which they both were well aware of.  Unfortunately, Delendia no lo
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0

Random Favourites

NaPoWriMo 2017 (Year 2, Poem 28 of 30)
April 28, 2017
Our connection is omnipresent;
it transcends the constraints of distance.
Our bond is omnifariously resilient-
refined and strengthened by the
crucibles and fires of life.
Our souls were knitted
from the same fabric;
kindred hearts whose
strings thrum at the
same frequencies.
:iconcholie:cholie 8 9
Keeping Big Cats
They fill my world with joy
And teeth and claws and hunger
I'd love to scratch that great soft chin
But I may be torn asunder
:iconm0t0m:M0T0M 5 0
Beneath the Giant's Rings by AnthonyPismarov Beneath the Giant's Rings :iconanthonypismarov:AnthonyPismarov 784 18 Tandem Collab Option 1   Amarantheans   Eyes Open by Amarantheans Tandem Collab Option 1 Amarantheans Eyes Open :iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 5 0 Cashmere By Onewiththestars-db2g2nz by Amarantheans Cashmere By Onewiththestars-db2g2nz :iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 7 12
Liliana (A Collab)
Tapping her quill against the desk, Lucy watched as time threatened to slow to an almost imperceptible stand-still. The words just wouldn't come to her slender right hand, they trapped within her head as indiscernible feelings, unable to construct themselves into coherent thoughts to be put to paper. The words she had managed to pull out looked garbled somehow - like she’d been writing in a foreign language - their tents and arches blurring and enlarging as she stared at the page. The more she focused on them, the more alien they appeared, until at last she broke free of her trance to blink her strained eyes several times and let her eyelids close for a moment at the end in restful surrender.
Opening them slowly, she noticed a blue circle of light against the wall underneath the demonic clock that had taunted her all day. She didn't know how, she didn't know why, but before she knew it, she had set her quill down upon the table and found herself slowly rising to her feet, her eye
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 5 0
A conversation with the clouds
Cherry blossoms bloom
Air fragrant with sweet pollen
Spring has begun
As I smile, dark clouds gather
Heavy ice falls from above
Lightning flashes high
Thunder crashes across sky
Petals knocked to ground
Do not worry, the clouds say

More flowers will bloom in May

Storm fades from my sight
And opens air for sunlight
Atmosphere soon fills
With sincere reassurance
The seasons shall carry on
:iconlualady:LualaDy 18 4
A glance
A smile
:iconlualady:LualaDy 14 32
Affinity - Poem
Sitting seated in the silence
Downcast - yet my heart rose
When a quiet figure stood beside me
After in the room he strode
His appearance was unusual
Not in a way one could describe
Perhaps it was in the way he moved
Or that distant look held in his eyes
Suddenly he caught me staring
And he smiled pleasantly
I turned away, moments too late
To hide the color in my cheeks
His voice was warm - sweet to the ear
And he asked me for my name
But for all the stumblings of my tongue
I had such trouble telling him
His gentle smile gave way to grin
And with a tender sort of air
He gestured to the seat across
And asked me if he could sit there
The permission shyly granted him
He filled the empty space
All at once - in that chair
Then slowly, softly into my heart
Until he was the only one in there
I'm always enchanted at the remembrance
Of this precious memory held so dear
It never fades, yet it is romanticized
A little more with each passing year...
Yet that is not to say that I recall things more
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 16 2
Stop Chasing by sevvysgirl Stop Chasing :iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 3 5 Where Do I Go With Me by Yuukon Where Do I Go With Me :iconyuukon:Yuukon 1,025 87 Composizione3245bis by claudio51 Composizione3245bis :iconclaudio51:claudio51 1,191 686
More Lemons than Lemonade (Lyric)
More Lemons than Lemonade
Finally, I had stepped up to the plate and it was a full meal –
A surprise to one whose previous meagre scraps had left feels
Of emptiness and failure, of powerlessness and pain –
I never thought I'd have to live through this again.
Yet here am I sitting pretty on a high horse
Of moral superiority, lording it over you, of course,
But when I'm left with nothing, why am I still protecting a heart
Whose beatings seemed to have ceased when it fell apart (once more)?
If I was a drinker maybe I would imbue myself with rum or wine,
Maybe a little gin to pay for the grin of disbelief on this face of mine,
As I wonder whys and wheres and hows – once more
Caught up in the turmoil of looking, searching, beseeching and picking at the sore
So it will never scab over, and I'll never function as an adult proper
If I'm not given an opportunity to prosper;
And if the world just keeps handing me lemons expecting lemonade,
Why can't I giv
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 6 2
infinity is yours
infinity is yours
NaPoWriMo 2017 (Year 2, Poem 20 of 30)
i hope you know,
i hope it shows-
i hope you see
and i hope you feel
just how much you
mean to the world
(not to mention me)
greatness is your destiny
it is in your legacy
to impact the lives of many
for generations to come
when you feel insignificant
in the grand scheme of things
just look heavenward
and remember
infinity is yours
because, darling, you were meant
to soar to heights none have beheld
when you look at your hands and
feel small and forgotten, remember
your fortitude is tried and true,
refined by smoke and flame
:iconcholie:cholie 11 11
You're inches underneath my skin,
cut me open and I'll bleed the colour of your eyes.
But that's what love is, isn't it?
I find traces of you in my arteries,
my pluviophilic lungs gasp
for the petrichor lining your throat
and I swear
our ribs fit like puzzle pieces.
(I trace the lines in your palms
and they mimic my scars)
((Not even Zeus could separate us))
:iconglasses-and-blades:Glasses-And-Blades 18 9




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