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OWTS' AOP I-I: Be Careful What You Wish For
    “I just want a friend…” I meekly confessed, baring my soul to the mysterious gentleman that stood before me while the hazy fog moved in about us.
    “That can be arranged,” he simply responded after pondering for a moment.  “It is within my power,” he furthered, the layers of fabric shrouding his figure.
    “And you would do this for me without anything in return?” I questioned in response as I folded my arms over my chest, particularly skeptical of his offer.  My life, it had become consumed by my work in spite of not wanting it to.  Yet, even with the time eaten up, what friends I had either forgot about me, the one not with a family of my own, or claimed they were too busy to meet up, even though my work hours put theirs to shame.  It was why it had come to this, my bartering for a friend, only according to this mysterious specter, I would owe h
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OWTS' AOP I-H: Capturing a Queen
    The bell dinged pleasingly as I opened the door to enter the quaint little shop on Main Street.  After perusing several stores for my needs, the unique sundries shop had piqued my interest.  Moving into the intimate shop, I shook off the bits of raindrops from my light jacket at the entryway, hoping to not drip throughout the store.  Glancing about as I did, I immediately was fascinated by the truly unique and one of a kind array of items displayed throughout for purchase.  The male voice calling out, “May I help you?” broke me from my concentration to stare forward at the gentleman behind the counter.
    Glancing at him for a moment, he seemed like a friendly enough man, his fair features inviting and harmless, freckles about his pale cheeks and groomed facial hair while his ginger locks were kept fairly long, obscuring bits of his forehead and ears as it poked out from the simple swath of material he had tie
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You did it to yourself, no use complaining—
away with you.
Be gone from here, release us from your scheming—
my tears are few.
And I shall dance upon your grave tonight,
my broken soul
shall sing alight,
forever free from your imposing hold.
The damage you have done is very telling;
away from view,
you struck each blow when no one would be looking…
my tears you knew.
The wounds remain and I drown in the pain,
but I am free
where I have lain
upon the ground and can finally breathe.
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OWTS' AOP I-G: The Orb's Curse
    With a groan, I forced my bruised and scraped body into a diving roll, narrowly dodging the last of the massive stone weights that had cut away from the ceiling of the chamber and plummeted to where I had been standing only seconds ago.  This was far from my first adventure, but it certainly had been my most dangerous, several too close of calls keeping me rather humble as I made my way through the ancient city high in the Himalayan peaks.
    I took a moment to rest my back against the nearby wall and catch my breath, let the aches radiating through my body subside before I continued on.  The city itself had been easy enough for me to locate, though it had taken a painstaking two years of research to discern its location and at last, I had finally proven it was no mere myth.  What potentially lied inside the temple was even more valuable and also would prove to the outside world its existence in history.  The thrill of ad
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Forever Bound
The tolls from the great bells compellingly resound,
singing a joyful melody,
as I walk down the aisle, face veiled and full-gowned;
my heart joins in the rhapsody
to harmonize with your soul-song, echo around,
and your smile brightens instantly,
your light shining radiantly
while our hearts embrace the tether that has them bound.
With tender warmth, you beckon me
to come forth, stand with you freely
before those gathered with us upon hallowed ground,
and express our love openly;
we so pledge to each other promises profound—
forever, darling, faithfully…
You are the most precious treasure that I have found.
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OWTS' AOP I-F: The Schrodinger Cat Project
    I was just looking for a place for some space to breathe; another day at work and my supervisor shorted me to work alone in the laboratory, always when the emergency room would be at its busiest.  I just needed five minutes away for a break, just five minutes was all I asked.
    The locker room bathroom was no longer the safe hiding spot; my supervisor always assumed the worst and inevitably pulled me into her office to have a talk about my stress levels—the stress levels she always created amidst her psychological abuse to keep me in my position instead of escaping to a new job, that was until a third party would be involved and then she’d be the saint she feigned and talk the world of you.
    That was why I found myself in the basement of the hospital that evening.  My supervisor had gone home for the day and I left a note that I would be back in five minutes in case anyone stopped by in the lab w
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OWTS' AOP I-E: A Species' Salvation
    I drew the light bedsheet partially over my body as I settled into my bed that hot summer night.  The standing fan oscillating on low brushed its light breeze along my body, the heat so oppressive that I found nothing acceptable other than to sleep with only the bedsheet to moderate the fan if I happened to get too cold from it.
    Between the weather and a hectic time at work, I was thoroughly exhausted.  Immediately lying down in bed, I found my eyelids easily coming to rest longer and longer as my consciousness slowly drifted toward slumber.  In a way, I appreciated being worn out at the end of the day because it always led to a fast fall into slumber that was deep and lasted me through the night.
    As I felt myself drifting away, my eyes suddenly opened up with a start, my ears having picked up on a strange, oppressive sound resonating from somewhere outside.  Sitting up in bed, I let the darknes
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    I saw the box caringly left by the garage door as I pulled up the driveway, the wave of excitement making me downright giddy by the time I put the car in park.  Exiting, I scampered outside and picked up the small package, then collected my things from the car and went inside.
    Turning on the lights to illuminate the dark house from evening’s veil, I trekked into the living room and set my things down upon the sofa.  Forcing myself to put away my gear from work, I tended the day’s mail before finally allowing myself to take a seat upon the sofa, drawing the cardboard box into my eager lap.  Grabbing the scissors from the holder on the coffee table, I sliced through the tape, setting the scissors back down before opening the flaps.
    I hadn’t believed my luck when I had stumbled across it online in an obscure little collector’s shop.  It had been deemed one of a kind, no othe
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OWTS' AOP I-C: Destined
    I took a deep breath as I walked through the display, the heady scent of vegetation a welcomed scent to my nose.  The botanical gardens were remarkably beautiful this time of year, for the native vegetation exhibits were in full bloom giving the natural radiance of the flora to complement the biospheres containing vegetation from around the world, particularly the tropical climes.  While I appreciated their exotic beauty, there was simply something about the local flora that always drew me in with its alluring air.
    The peace and tranquility continued to envelop me; the botanical gardens were never that crowded in this day and age, however, what patrons usually congregated in the exotic biospheres, so I could appreciate my isolated moment.
    It was during that casual stroll along the garden paths that I heard a faint, yet strange noise.  Drawn from my meditative state, I immediately glanced around, seei
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OWTS' AOP I-B: The Warrior Queen
    “Are you sure you wish to sign up for this?  This is grueling work that is better suited for male musculature,” the woman plainly told me.
    I stared at the woman whose size nearly matched my own five-foot-ten frame, her thin structure dwarfed by my size, both in design and excess weight that I had packed on over the last years plagued with damning ankle injuries.  For all intents and purposes, she and her interview partner looked the same as I did, however, I knew the truth—these were alien women that hailed from galaxies away that now sought our permission to harvest the minerals, metals, and even water from our asteroid belt.  Because it was our system, they had offered to share the bounty, if those of us willing to work in the asteroid mines would indenture ourselves to them while provided housing, food, medical treatment, and an incredible exosuit that would allow us to move freely in space.
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OWTS' AOP I-A: Across Galaxies
    I threw myself up with a start as I awoke in my bed, blurry and indiscernible visions of nearby presences startling me from the infant holds of slumber.  Sitting in my bed, I quickly reached over and turned on the lamp, bathing the surrounding spaces in a warm glow.
    Nothing there, just as I had suspected.
    Sitting there for a moment, I brushed my hair from my face with my hand, glancing to my side again to take note of the time as the music filtered softly through the air.  Judging by the song playing on my sleep playlist, I hadn’t been asleep for more than five or ten minutes.  Seeing the neon yellow-green digits display on my alarm clock, I confirmed my suspicions.  Letting out a breath, I slipped back under the covers, drawing them up close to my neck and cocooning myself in to let my body heat envelop me for a moment to banish the momentary chill creeping along my arms and legs.  T
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OneWithTheStars' Alphabet of Prompts I
OneWithTheStars' Alphabet of Prompts I
Tier 1: Word Prompts

Astral Projection
Outer Space
Tier 2: Synopses
Astral Projection: Late at night, feelings of another’s presence begin waking an individual, only for them to discover the ethereal form of an entity hovering over them, carefully studying them.
Bondage: For the chance to venture into space, a woman joins many other humans possessing an adventurous spirit by entering a questionable contract with an alien humanoid species, indenturing herself to mine the a
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Hotarnet's Vessel
    “Let me go!” I screamed out as the sets of hands firmly latched to my wrists dragged me toward the mouth of the volcano the group of us was gathered upon, I kicking and screaming shamelessly while the priest recited the blessing.
    “…our actions have angered the Earth and Hotarnet has been awakened.  To atone for the grievous errors of our ways, may Hotarnet accept the blood of a virgin and be appeased.”
    “Stop this!  You can’t do this to me!” I shrieked, thrashing like a wild animal while the heat spewing from the mouth of the volcano sucked the moisture from my skin, the temperature almost unbearable.
    All the while, I heard the distant chants and cheers arise from below, the villagers gathered at the base of the volcano to first-hand witness the sacrifice to the magma god Hotarnet.  I would not have picked such a blessing for myse
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A Game of Thrones
    After everything befalling the three realms, the results were scarcely inconceivable.  The consequences, however, were theirs alone.
    The tale relayed here, take heed—learn the lessons lest repeat their fate…
    The conceited elf queen, Elle initiated the vile destruction, yet suffered the consequences the latest.  Beauty’s importance above everything else, she abdicated her throne when her realm ultimately needed her guidance.  Exchanging her title, then her very realm Alekela, she ingested the elixir’s contents bartered, granted eternal beauty while achieving agelessness, escaping her anticipated death.  Alterations were her penance—the transformed hell-spawned feline she became, eternally searching the forests, seeking her death.
    Hoereoh presented the token, he the und
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    Divine, evening fluorescent glows hover inconceivably joined, kisses leading me near open ponds, quiet, reflecting stars ‘til under veil.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 2 0
Want for More
    Von smart man of old clan.  Strong hunt, shrewd with crop of land—best of men.  Swift gaff, no miss.  Clan crown when still son to dad.  Wants of clan his.  Calm and kind to old men of words.  Clan well.
    But sad Von.  Why, not known.  With his kind, still sad.  Back to wants of clan as his.
    Next dawn, pelts in sun from hunt by he and men.  She at red camp glow with fish skins by men’s shes.  Hot flesh on sticks.  Lunch.  Long gold locks.  Long hands, thin but strong.
    Von shy, skin red and warm.  Back to pelts in sun.  Back to wants of clan.  Still, throb in chest, hot skin, and grin—all new, not sad.  But Von shy…
    A few suns, up then down.  She by self at red camp glow.  Men on hunt, men’s shes for nuts and cr
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We've neglected the lessons
our generation
has stomped on the graves
of our ancient ancestor's bodies
buried deep beneath muted earth tones,
and we've dug up their bones
and thrown them against cavern walls,
do you hear their beckoning calls?
we told you
we told you
we told you all

and our generation
has sold our soul to the devil
because the devil wears Prada, Moschino, or Coach,
the devil doesn't care about the
grumbling tummies of our skeleton children
or their parched tongues,
can you hear their bones rattling like our ancestors?
do you hear their echoing calls?
we told you
we told you
we told you all

our generation says
we march to the beat of our own drum
but it seems we stole this drum
from the old man at the music shop
who couldn't make enough to pay for his own skin,
to cover his crumbling bones
or maybe we've built this drum from his ashes,
because of what use are old men,
whose bodies could have been in an antique shop
is that the beat of the drum, or a whimpering call?
we told you
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To make a long, annoying story short, my left thumb is sprained.  Being as I am predominantly left handed and use all ten digits to type, drawing and writing will be nonesxitent until it heals.  I can physically write with my right hand (acquired ambidexterity), so if I do anything, it’ll only be on paper and not here ‘til I can freely type again.  The Alphabet of Prompts will continue, as I have them all uploaded on my already.  Just nothing else.

Now to figure out how to work in this state, as my hands are vital to my job functionality; can’t call in as being it is Thanksgiving week, everyone else above me is on vacation, so I’m in charge.


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I've enjoyed artistic creativity since I was a little girl. Traditional drawing and writing prose and poetry seem to be my primary forms, however, I'm dabbling with digital drawing/painting at the moment and still seek to branch out into other medias such as photography and traditional painting if/when time permits.

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Unfortunately, my job really inhibits my abilities to participate in the majority of these, however, I am expanding my collection of buttons and crafting a FAQ in preparation to open at least some of these when I have some time. Anything I list as "I don't do" is up for change in the future; they're not static.


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