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PKMN Contest: Don't Touch Her

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For :iconcicuskamarichu:'s contest, because everyone else was doing it. :D

Well, at first I wasn't going to enter because I didn't think I had anything creative to add onto what had already been done. I suck at backgrounds.

So I thought, well... maybe I'll stick them on a cliff... and then I was like- great now I have to draw a cliff.

Then I tried making some sort of mountain landscape- which, after studying many different screen captures from many different animes, failed.

So then as I was coloring, I was playing with hues and was like- omg. Ghost Ash! So thus- my picture idea was born.

Which by the way, this is like every fanfic I used to write in my little writing notebooks. I swear I killed Ash so often, it went out of style. =P (not to mention I ran out of ways to kill him).

So what's going on in this picture? Well give me some time and I might actually write a one shot about it. Probably dealing with some sort of tower of terror episode spin off.

Edit// Oh! I won first place? Really? That came as a surprise. :D I'm glad everyone liked it.

Photoshop CS3 via trackpad apx 5-6hrs.

Ash & Misty & Pikachu (c) Pokemon

Lineart by Cicuskamarichu
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Why would you kill Ash so much?!
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this.... is... BEAUTIFUL..... FEELS... OAO :iconcraiplz:
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Omg I never thought of this scenario. Wow. By the picture it seems like a guy or Misty's boyfriend hurt her or is trying to hurt her and Ash, who died, is trying to stop him, but is saddened by the fact that no one can hear him and he can do nothing to stop it.
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Wow, really loved it, you really great.
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wwo thats out of this world, nice jib on the coloring
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Pikachu died too!!! aw man... guess killing ash wasn't enough... :P lol

Wait let me guess after ash died Pikachu was deemed a failure and tracey got him 1st :P lol.
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What was the contest?
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it was to color the lineart. :)
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I miss Misty... and the original pokemon.

Damn you're bringing back my childhood! :iconraegplz:
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OMG, you killed Ash? XD

I mean, I've done some bad things to him, such as laxatives, or food poisoning, but killing him? Wooow. . .

Hey, though, I love the pic, but I'm curious what the actual contest was now.
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basically (and i'm sorry about the long wait in reply...) it was to color her line art. she provided the line art- and we were supposed to color it as we saw fit.
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Now you must go post a fan fic that based this art! Or that was based off of this art! Btw, I'm not giving you a choice. . . XD
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Great job! :D No surprise you won first!

Now, I know you're gonna HATE me for asking this, but how do you get Ash to look so transparent like that? I'm new to Photoshop and you have the same version as me, so I was wondering if you could help me out. ^^; Sorry for bugging you ahead of time.
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no it's fine. what you do it you put all the color on one layer. then you go and change the opacity of that layer. it's hard to explain without it being in front of you. But if you look on the layers box there should be a little bar that has the opacity setting. Fiddle with that to make Ash's colors look transparent. 50% is usually the best setting.

If you don't have a layers box- make it pop up on your screen by going to view and checking the box that says layers.

i hope that helps.
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Oh! I get it now. ^^ Thank you very much for your help! :hug:
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Wow, very nice work. Love the effects and detail.
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Aww, Ash cares about Misty so much, that he'd even protect her as a ghost. I love the context of this idea. It just seems so epic. I hope you do well in the conest. Good luck! ^_^
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OMG O_____________O
what an awesome idea!!!! :wow: :faint:
I love it so much!!
the idea is really brilliant!
and the coloration is beautiful OO
I really love it :heart:
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...must...fav...*faves* nya! xD i've seen everyones entrys and i gotta says yours is the best i think! even better then mine but..mines kinda..well bubblegumish cuz i went for a bubblegum style..but i really hope you get first place nya! because really gosh if you ask me you should get it nya~! :P its your own idea plus its just great! xD i'll stop ranting xD
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