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PKMN: Adv. Shipping Comic

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12/15/07- Do to the negative reaction to this comic, I have now put it under a mature warning. Please do not read if you are an Advance Shipper. I understand this offends some of you. I apologize. I didn't mean it as an offense- just a harmless joke.

Sorry. What can I say? I'm a traditionalist.

Advanced Shipping= Ash x May :heart:

Photoshop 7.0 apx 2-3 hrs. via touchpad.

Ash, May, Misty (c) Pokemon

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Ah F*** you to Misty this is why you will always be in 10th place on the top 10 travel companions
PawsomeDaAwesome's avatar
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I TOTALLY AGREE W/ MISTY! F*** ADVANCED-SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lilwitchemi's avatar
*puts Band-Aid on head* That'll stop the bleeding...right?
endercreeper99's avatar
I hate all ash shippings except ashXserena. derp.
(because AshXserena is Canon)
Thickstick22's avatar
I don't understand
Red-Star101's avatar
I love Pokeshipping with an undying passion, but I kinda feel bad 4 May
Morlord's avatar
Well adavace shipping realy not so great but still better than contest xD
Austria-Gentleman's avatar
wow thats very unfair! 
nerd4dead's avatar
ash is 10 always watch the first episode
wolf-girl87's avatar
Haha, that's cute. :)
RainbowDragon2's avatar
Well, to me, I don´t really care, which girl get´s him. Sometimes when i read heated debates about which shipping is the best, i wish i could slap everyone trough the web and say " It´s just an Anime, keep cool" xDDD

btw, cute comics ^^
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do I hate advanceshipping? no, do I like pokeshipping? no, do I like this picture? yes, even of it does bash my OTP a little It really made me laugh a lot so I can let it slide
BrickercupMasterX3's avatar
I must say I love Advancedshipping, but Pokeshipping is cuter. So either way Misty would win Ash over no doubt.
BenjaminHopkins's avatar
[with clenched teeth]: Crazy...
Scrawlers's avatar
I don't mind May, if only because in my headcanon Ash would be around ~17 by the time he gets to Hoenn (I mean, I did the math, and he SHOULD have been 12 by the time the Indigo conference started (according to the show bible that Takeshi Shudo released, trainers get their first pokemon the April after their tenth birthday, and Ash's birthday is in May; thus, he would have turned eleven a month after setting out from Pallet. He said that it had been a year since they were in Viridian City in "Battle of the Badge," meaning he would have turned 12 one month after that, and the Indigo conference took place two months after he got the Earth Badge. Thus . . .)), and since May was 10, I thought he was more of a mentor/big brother figure to her if nothing else. Sure, she whined a lot, but she was also a ten year old being forced into being a trainer because her father was a Gym Leader. I could see the whining, and him mentoring her was kind of cute.

That said, the anime wanted to keep him ten so that young kids could still relate, so instead of aging him and having a proper big brother - little sister dynamic, we got . . . what we got. :roll: It would have been even better with Dawn, who -- from what I saw of the first Sinnoh episode (I didn't watch beyond that, just like I quit with Hoenn a few episodes in) -- acted a LOT like Ash in his younger years. They REALLY should have had the whole brother - sister thing going on, but alas . . .

Anyway, tl;dr, I don't hate May, but I do hate her with Ash. xD; Her character fit together in a much different dynamic with him. Ash/Misty is pretty much the only way to go. :nod:
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MistyxAsh, MayxDrew :P I loved this, so funny xD
Ronin201's avatar
Boom, Headshot
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Cant believe you got a negative reaction for this..

Woo go misty!
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