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Come at me! by OneWingedHeron53 Come at me! :icononewingedheron53:OneWingedHeron53 3 1
To all writers!
To all Writers!
Don't stop writing. It doesn't matter what others think of your writing. You are the one writing and plotting, not them. Don't write for them, write for yourself. You think that one author is going to stop writing just because people hate their novels? No! They'll continue to write. Just as we should. It doesn't matter if people hate your writing, if it is your passion, then you should continue it. Just know that there will be a couple of people who loves your writing and in my opinion, that's what matters. Even if your fandom is only limited to a few you can count with your hands, that's a win to me.
This is a flaw to many writers, especially the more well-known ones. They write big, expecting big things to happen like getting praise for their work. However, if no one says anything about it, they become discouraged. Following that, they think that their hard work is for nothing and as such, their talent begins to falter. Following that, they may aban
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Child of Two Worlds
This is a fic of LinkxLightning. Preferably taking place after both of their Journey Notes. (How to get struck by Lightning and Second Coming.) But preferably not as insane. I think it's long due that I actually write a more serious piece of the two besides doing a Journey Note or a part of something else.
Although it starts off from a Journey Note, this will not be categorized as one. This may be an AU as they are in the New World.

Child of Two Worlds
"My name is Raine Farron. I am a twelve year old girl and daughter of a great woman. I just celebrated my twelfth birthday a couple of days ago. However, strange things has begun to happen to me. Both mentally and physically. I dream of death and destruction. I am able to utilize magic; although uncontrollable, for an unknown reason. I have been fatherless for as long as I remember. No one knows I am able to use magic as my mother tells me that magic doesn't exist. However, tonight she has told me many things an
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Link's Journey Note by OneWingedHeron53 Link's Journey Note :icononewingedheron53:OneWingedHeron53 8 2
Links Journey Note: How to get struck by Lightning
This will contain the most random actions as this fic with Link shipped with various women of various media. Hence the title "Link's Journey Notes." It contains Rape as Comedy, Domestic Abuse, and OOCness to a degree. However, I do this all in the name of humor. If this isn't your kind of humor, you are welcome to leave. If you decide to stay and read. Please, enjoy.
This fiction was directly taken from my Fanfiction account of the same name. As such, there may be few changes.
Link's Journey Notes
How to get struck by Lightning

So she worked hard just to reunite with her sister. She has slain several creatures of god-like power. She gained a giant pet turtle after she claimed it. She survived the Purge and Pulse. She defeated several Fal'Cie, at t
:icononewingedheron53:OneWingedHeron53 0 0
Link's Journey Notes: First Steps
Link's Journey Notes: First Steps
This will contain some (If not most) of the extremely random actions you may have ever read. This will be a crack-shipping between Link and various women, therefore dubbed Link's Journey Notes. It WILL use Rape as Comedy, Domestic Abuse, OOCness to a degree. However, I write this in the name of humor and if this isn't your kind of humor, then you are welcome to either a) Input another keyword in the upper-left corner. b) Press the fancy back button at the aforementioned upper-left corner. c) Click another link that catches your fancy.
If you choose to read this, then you are welcome to do so.
This has been ported from my Fanfiction account of the same name. Therefore, some changes may apply
It's been a couple of weeks since he's been here. He already gained a couple of
:icononewingedheron53:OneWingedHeron53 4 6
Shiny Pokemon Experience
Shiny Pokemon Experience
Ahh, Shiny Pokemon. The phenomenon that has plagued Pokemon ever since Generation II. First intended to make use of the Gameboy Colors color texture. (I believe) Now regarded as a different set of sport to this day. With only a 1 in 8192 of appearing before you (1 in 4096 in X and Y) it has been valued as a trophy. That's what it basically is; a trophy. But for what? Maybe it's to acknowledge your perseverance in finding it. Or maybe it's to show that your lucky. It's not any more rarer or stronger than it's main species, (But it's certainly more valuable) so that's all it is regarded as. A trophy.
Despite easier ways of finding a Shiny Pokemon. They are still hard to come by. Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, X, and Y gave us the Pokeradar. Black 2 and White 2 gave us the Shiny Charm. Generation IV onward gave us the Masuda Method. Generation VI gave us the Consecutive Fishing. Even with these new mechanics, they will seldom be seen. (The Pokeradar is probabl
:icononewingedheron53:OneWingedHeron53 3 1
Pokemon X and Y Fridge Brilliance (FC is included)
Fridge Logic in Pokemon X and Y
So Pokemon X and Y were out for a month already. If your aware of the term Fridge Logic, you may have noticed a couple of things in the game. If not, well, you may have noticed it either way. In simple terms, it is for how you remember the way things work. Like, for example, why does Mega Mawile have Huge Power? When you remember that Huge Power doubles your attack and take a glance at Mega Mawile, you'll see that Mega Mawile has two sets of jaws now.
Another example being Mega Gengar. Mega Gengar loses the ability Levitate which granted him immunity to Ground-Type moves, in favor for Shadow Tag. Once you look at the Pokemon, you'll see that Mega Gengar appears to be coming out of the ground. When the move Mean Look is used, it prevents you from escaping from battle, similar to Shadow Tag. Closer inspection shows that Mean Look is used with a yellow eye preventing the victim from escaping. What's on Mega Gengar's head? A yellow eye.
So now that yo
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A Hero's Storm Part 3
Although Lightning would never admit it, she was quite curious of this guy. First, he constructed a gunblade using scraps, next he mimicked her own fighting style, after that he learned how to use her magic. Now? She learned he was quite the tracker. The two were quite hungry and Link was currently tracking some game to eat.
"A set of footprints. Pressed deeply inside by its own weight. It's stepping pattern suggests that it is on all fours." Link spoke as he observed the footprints.
Lightning stood a few feet behind, having her arms crossed, "So where do you suppose it is now?" She asked.
"It's nearby." He answered.
Lightning then scoffed again...
"Twentieth time you scoffed at me." Link pointed out.
Lightning then frowned, "Your keeping track?" She called out on it until she remembered what she was originally going to say, "I mean, how do you know it's not far?" She pointed out.
Link then grabbed a handful of snow within the footprint and another handful outside it, "You can tell by
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A Hero's Storm Part 2
Second Chapter

A Hero's Storm
Lightning skidded along the snow after blocking a fierce blow from Link. She could see he fought for a long time, seeing how he barely made any immature threats and focused on her style. At the beginning of the fight, Link only evaded and block which she assumed was him analyzing her attacks and speed. Now, he was attacking himself, which took her by surprise and forced her on the defense. While he was defending, she noticed that he mainly evaded and countered and rarely blocked, there she assumed he was used to fighting with a shield, so she figured she had an advantage there.
However, Link pulled off another surprise by matching her own speed easily and mimicked some of her own attacks. He came sliding in while spinning, which she managed to block but knocked her back a couple of feet. He then came rushing in with a slash at the torso which Lightning stepped back to dodge and slashed her own sword downward. Link faced his
:icononewingedheron53:OneWingedHeron53 0 0
A Hero's Storm Part 1
A Legend of Zelda & Final Fantasy XIII Crossover
Author's notes at bottom

A Hero's Storm Part 1
A rough snowstorm bellowed on the land. Normally, this would warn people not to be out in this weather, but a soldier staggerly walked in it. This one strawberry-blonde soldier had just recently took out an entire horde of PSICOM. Normally, she did it with ease, but then they summoned their mechanical engineered monsters and now, she was lucky she managed to survive. Now, with tired blue eyes, she tried to walk to her home, which was another six hours walk without transportation and if that wasn't enough, a snowstorm really slowed her pace. She was freezing in this subzero weather. Her lips were blue, her skin was pale, and her usual strawberry-blonde hair was now turning into a stiff frosted blue color. Her blue eyes took on a lighter color due to the cold.
"Almost there...maybe, I should rest for a while..." She muttered to herself fi
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Children of Fate
Used to be easy as a child.
Just running free and wild.
Free clothing, free shelter, free food.
Just about anything to fit the mood.
Unaware of life's cruel twists.
With evil lurking within the mists.
Playing around outside until it is eight.
Unaware of the hand played by fate.
Now grown up.
Tears are filling our cup.
Of a revelation.
Without a Salvation.
Two choices we are to make.
Choices upon our wake.
Stand down and accept defeat.
Theft for so much as the socks on our feet. (It had to rhyme!)
Another choice is to stand and fight.
With our shadows casted into the light.
Children of Fate.
With eyes filled with hate.
Behind government eyes.
Without them knowing our implies.
Thinking they can take away our freedom.
Making us pay without a treason.
Things go their way.
Everyone will do as they say.
Things go our way.
It'll become our Regnum Dei. (Latin for Kingdom of God)
True it is that nothing is free.
But don't sit your ass down and play Modern Warfare 3.
Into this cruel world, we ar
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Hello, haven't wrote a journal in a while, but then again, I mostly use the journal to write about something, despite me having much followers. But I digress. I would've wrote this journal earlier, but unfortunately during Easter, me and my cousin were unfortunately kidnapped again and hung over a bonfire with chocolate bunnies chanting around us. Yes, we were outsmarted by chocolate bunnies, EVIL chocolate bunnies. Unfortunately, we did not survive. But! We got better.

Anyways, the real reason why I am writing this journal is like the title says above. *points to title*

If you don't know, Ship Sinking is a fan term from Tv Tropes meaning that any hope of shipping any particular characters are gone. Like for example, say Bob has a huge crush on Aerith (Aerith and Bob is another Tv Trope, but none of that now) who is oblivious to his advancements. Even so, fans will often ship them together in fan made stories or drawings. That would be the birth of a shipping called BobxAerith. I am sure you know what "Y" x "Z" is, so I won't bother to go into that. Continuing, through the story, Bob will try his hardest to win her affection. But wait, after the end of the story, he learns something troubling. She's a ninja pirate zombie from the future that came from the past! So after all his hard attempts, he may learn that they can never be together because there is something she must do and travels to the future to change the past. Bob may then fall into a Heroic BSOD (Another TV Trope) and may even die later on. That! is an example of Ship Sinking. So now that you know it in a coconutshell, let us go the main points of the journal.

Now let us start with a major one from the Zelda Universe.

Now I know many people around this world prefer the original LinkxZelda pairings even after 25 or so years. But let's take a closer look into the history of the timeline. In Ocarina of Time, Link goes through two phases starting with his child and adult. It is said that after he defeated Ganondorf, Zelda sent him back through time to relive his childhood. But! Doing so cause a split in the timeline, his child timeline and his adult timeline. Kind of confused? So am I! Anyways, Word of God (Another Trope) says that Twilight Princess originates from Ocarina of Time's Child Timeline, while the Windwaker originates from the Adult Timeline. Here's where the sinking comes in.

In both games, it is said that the two Zelda's are direct descendants of the Ocarina of Time Zelda. In Windwaker, it is said that once Ganondorf was defeated, Link disappeared and never returned, even after Ganondorf broke free of the Sacred Realm, he did not return. Then came the last resort to call upon the gods to flood all of Hyrule, which was granted and gave us the start of the Windwaker. In Twilight Princess, although it may not have been said, but hardcore Zelda players may know that even after returning to relive his childhood, Link left on a journey to find a "very special friend" who was never revealed in Majora's Mask; many claimed he was looking for Saria, but it was then confirmed that the "very special friend" was Navi. Who knows where the hell the annoying blob of light went and how it was apparently special enough for Link to leave Hyrule. See where I'm going with this?

With WW Zelda and TP Zelda being direct descendants of OoT Zelda, with both OoT Link's gone from Hyrule, it means...wait for it, that whoever Zelda married in BOTH timelines, it wasn't Link. Make of that of what you will.

There's also a minor one for LinkxMidna. Everyone can see that Midna sunk the ship when she shattered the Twilight Mirror now preventing both her and Link from seeing each other. Also on a funny note, Link barely knew the Zelda in Twilight Princess, just that she was the Princess of Hyrule who had to make a Sadistic Choice (Trope) of fighting and possibly be killed with Hyrule next, or surrendering where even her people doesn't know of what the hell is going on. There's a funny joke going around about that.


Ganondorf while possessing Zelda: Well Link! Your descendants may have defeated me in the past, but can you fight the woman you love?
Link: Um...actually. I barely know Zelda.
Ganondorf: What?
Link: I was already given a love interest, two if you count Midna. Zelda? I don't even know her.
Ganodorf: Fu...

Here's another major ship sinking from the Soul Calibur Universe.

Ever since the game started, many have shipped SophitiaxSeigfried (Or SophitiaxTaki if your into yuri) so how did the producers decideded to sink the ship? They married her off to some blacksmith named Rothion (Which was also a love at first sight) and having two children with him. Many fans were not pleased.

They done this again in Soul Calibur V.

Ever since Kilik and Xianghua appeared in the games; which I am to believe at the second game of the series, many have started to ship them. Throughout the rest of the series, the shipping continued until Soul Calibur V was announced and Lexia came in. Many quickly assumed that Kilik was the father, with her having his necklace. So how did the ship sink? If you guessed she got onto a cannon and was quickly fired into another ship causing it to sink, your wrong! They pulled off another Rothion and she was married to some Chinese General and having two children with him. Again fans were not pleased.

Despite these, people still try to make up many interesting ways for them to die so they can continue the shipping. This is another Trope called "Die for our Shipping" which is exactly as it says on the Tin.

But here's some hope for KilikxXianghua with the inclusion of Xiba. His profile says that Xiba is the estranged son of Kilik and Xianghua so it may be confirmed that the two had that one night and when Xianghua gave birth to him, she apparently ditched him in the mountains for unknown reasons.

While that is hope for KilkxXianghua shippers, it also brings another deal to the XibaxLexia shippers. Meaning if Xiba truly is the estrange son of the two, then that would make him and Lexia half-brother and half-sister. While I know there is some people who have the strange fetish of half-sibling romance, it may not have sinked the ship but fueled the flames.

Also with Soul Calibur IV, many began to ship SeigfriedxHilde and there may be any or none hopes for the shipping to continue with Hilde becoming a mother of two children. (Wow, the producers of Soul Calibur must like their twos) It was never revealed who the father is, due to time restraints for them to finish Soul Calibur V. (That's right, it was confirmed that the story was supposed to be at least Four Times as long with Viola being a major part of it and Ezio actually having a story within there. However, they did not want to delay the game any longer and ended up sending it like it was.) This may either sink the ship or fuel the flames as rumours are saying that whoever is the father of her children, it is not Seigfried. But with her traveling and living with him in his brigade of mercenaries, the rumor may be false. There may be hope for the shipping yet.

Away from video games, let's go to TV Shows...

This is also going to contain spoilers for said shows.

In Stargate Atlantis (It's a great show, so I recommend watching it if your into Sci-Fi) there has been many shippers for the main characters John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir. But that ship sank when Elizabeth was greatly injured and can only be revived by doing a risky chance of healing her by reviving the nanites within her body (It's complicated on how said tiny machines got into her so watch it) and it healed her, but also turned her into part of the enemy. They were also in danger of being washed out into space, so they were desperate. Now that ship sunk when Elizabeth did another risky gamble of getting her team out by staying behind and Hoist her captives by their own Petard. It literally is a Mind Rape of what the Replicators actual potential is. I'll list a small example of their potential. Being created by tiny machines, they can heal their wounds, and are practically Immune to Bullets. They can also stick their hand into your forehead and play a scenario for you, which makes it litterally a Mind Rape.

Anyways, another shipping was John Sheppard (Again) and Teyla Emmanigan, along with Ronon Dex and Teyla again. John and Teyla even kissed, but it was more of a Take That Kiss then an emotional one because John was being controlled. It sunk later on when Teyla revealed that she was pregnant. Both men were suprised with John suspiciously looking at Ronon, who defended saying that it wasn't him. The father of her child is a side character who suprisingly played a major role before being Demoted to Extra during the events.

Now let's move on to another minor example in the Tv Show Heroes. (I also recommend this show if your into people having powers, but be warned that it is a Anyone Can Die Show. Many fans are not pleased that their favorites Heroes were killed in it.)

Claire Bennet and Peter Petrelli was suprisingly good shipping bait for shippers. But it sunk deeply when it was revealed that Claire is the daughter of Nathan Petrelli, Peter's brother. Making them Uncle and Niece. Shippers were displeased.

Now enough major examples, let's move on to a few minor ones.

In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, there is one Mission Event called Unwanted Suitors which had Samus and Zelda face off against Captain Falcon and Luigi. As it says on The Tin, It appears that the two girls don't want the two men. FalconxSamus was suprisingly popular when Samus was revealed to be a girl. LuigixZelda? Not sure if there are any shippers for this one.

Kingdom Hearts was another game which had a lot of sinking ships, but I will only reveal one, even though I am against yaoi. SaixxXehanort (Isn't that a lovely play of X's?) was popular in II because Saix was buttering up to Xehanort and became his Second in Command. Saix also thinks highly of Xehanort and many yaoi fangirls were overjoyed.

How did the Ship Sank? In the Midquel; 356/2 Days, it was revealed that Saix was planning on overthrowing Xehanort and just got close to him so he can give a suprise attack. Fangirls were displeased.

In fact, there are many shippings within the Organization XIII, but the ship sank deeply once you think that the Organization are Nobodies, having no hearts, meaning they can't actually love.

There's also a minor one in Final Fantasy XIII. When it was announced and characters were revealed, many shippers immediately shipped SnowxLightning, but when it was released, it sunk badly because it was revealed that Snow is engaged to her sister; Serah and that Lightning really hates him. So the ship sunk before it even left the dock.

I think that is enough for now and I will continue those Writing Tips eventually. I suffer from procasination, laziness, and no inspiration, so...ha!


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