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Every morning i always have a bit of a difficult time opening my bed-room door after waking up, I often am able to get it open and to breakfast without a problem.

Now, Later at night  around 2:00 in the morning, I go upstairs to find my door unable to budge... This is a simple door, merely a tiny whole for someone to poke something inside for it to be unlocked, though, Strangely whatever i could find in the house didn't work.

I figured i was just simply doing things wrong. So I used my Sister's bed-room door, and the end of my Glasses to try and figure out how exactly the trick was supposed to work....though, that didn't turn out so well when the rubber got stuck inside the hole and came right off of the glasses...This, angered me.

My sister is a bit of a Bitch, even the slightest thing out of place and she blames it on me. after alot of use she would find her door-knob broken, and I'd have to hear her rant to know end...

So I went down to the Garage and was able to find the base of a crappy screw-driver, but with no head. Thankfully, I was able to find a case that held different pieces for screwdrivers (philip's head etc), So after that I spent somewhere close to 10 minutes just trying to get both screws out...Trust me, with this kind of multipurpose screw-driver it proved to be a bitch when some gear that only made the handle of it turn counter-clock-wise while the head remained still...

Once the knob was taken apart, I was able to get the rubber for the ear-piece of my glasses out and back on them, then had to go through the same trouble of getting my sister's door-knob put back together.

She won't notice a thing, but that only stalled me even longer from getting any sleep tonight...

I figured if i couldn't just open my door, i'd just take apart the knob....little did i know though, that taking my end of the door's knob off would just cause the one on the inside to fall off.... Leaving no way for the third part which kept the door locked to be un-openable with the mechanism to unlock it or not, gone...

So, here i sit, Finishing this Journal entry somewhere close to 3:44 in the morning. I have no place to sleep, and am not the mood to break a wooden door open and have to hear my parents complain when they get back from Atlantic city... (fucking Gambler of a mother...Why Can't this witch just learn to do something other then spend money that could be used for something better).

So, I'll try and get some sleep on the couch with no air-conditioner and pissed off to no end... As if my friends having to be unavailable during the week because of school wasn't bad enough... Now not only will i be sitting in the home with no-one tomorrow, but will be exhausted the entire time, to...


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United States
Not much to say really.

Just a bit of a small writer with an appreciation for good art.


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