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Apologies for the inconvenience to anyone who's interested in this group.
The construction as some might predicted due to the lack of activity, will be put on hold until I can actually grab some time to give attention to this group. But rest assure! This group will not be deactivated, I will be sure of that :3

More updates will be posted later on this spring. *sneezes*
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Ranks Info

Application forms with be out soon!

Leaders: 0/N/A
The top of the organisation. The role model to guide the outcasts to a brighter future.
Only a few are given this role to support the group. Admins only.

Generals:: 0/5
Only the best selected members will be given this role. A role to take lead in one of the five main groups. Members are to be selected by the admins themselves.

Assassination Team: 0/15
This group consists of highly skilled outcasts suitable for a quiet kill to eliminate any Banished Ones or wanted human criminals who are wanted for how much penalties they were given. The group only holds 15 subjects.

The Support Team: 0/infinite
A team for support related outcasts with supports such as healing or stats boosters. Ordinary humans are welcome to volunteer for this group as well, supporting the outcasts.

Scout Team: 0/infinite
Consist of mostly humans and outcast with low offense but is high skilled in scouting or fleeing. The team are sent out to patrol for any government-wanted criminals or Banished Ones.

Offense Team: 0/infinite
Strictly voluntarily to Outcasts only.
Sent out on missions and/or assignments if needed by their captain.
They also take tasks, requests or errand that are displayed on the request boards.

Researchers: 0/25
Restricted to 25 slots, only for skilled scientists who pass the qualifications the leaders requests. Researches latest technology, gadgets and enemy weaknesses. But that's not all, they are the soul defense for the organisation in case of terrorism, reward? A higher luxury of living in the organisation.
Those who wish to enter need to note to one of the admins before applying so we know if your OC is qualified to enter, considering the limited amount of slots.

Banished Ones: Admins only!
The opposite of the outcasts. Using their power for their own selfish needs. Can vary from ordinarily human to a mutant. Capture or kill on sight.

Group Info

In this world, there are those with 'hidden talents'. Most of them don't even show the public, afraid of what the citizens will treat them. Some of them have abnormal appearances, perhaps even powers. Those who show their powers were treat as a freak of nature or an outcast by friends, families or even loved ones. The people called them 'Outcasts'.
But even though there are those who hides, there are the wicked ones who would uses their power for their own wishes, robberies, homicides, kidnapping, all crime rates have sharply increased not even the strongest of organisations can defeat the 'mutants'. The government decide they will 'fight fire with fire' and created an organisation for the outcasts, basically it's like a paradise for them at the same time, an agency like the FBI or CIA.
This Organisation is to protect the humans from the evil outcasts aka the 'Banished ones', this organisation is 'One V'.
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 1, 2013


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2 Members
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This collection does not have any deviations yet!


Meaning behind the logo
the line behind the letter v is the chinese character for 'one' thus making the name One V






RP group? OCT? Fan group?
We don't care~ Affiliate with us~!
As long we respect each other's 'law'~


No deviants to display.


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