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Another 15th of November, the debut anniversary of Space Jam and the first appearance of Lola Bunny.  Am I fixated on this character?  Perhaps.  Is that wrong?  Well, Warner Brothers Media hasn't issued a Cease And Desist Order, so it can't be all that wrong.  Many decry Lola Bunny as a cypher and a Mary Sue, that has no place among the Looney Tunes.  The revised version seen in The Looney Tunes Show is definitely much loonier, more in keeping with the origins of the franchise's stalwarts.  Nonetheless, I'm mindful that the debut of Lola in Space Jam had to be tempered, because the whole reason for this film in the first place was to wave the mighty Michael Jordan in Disney's face.  It would be counterproductive to debut a new character that outshines their expensive star.

Of course, some would say that I shouldn't be doing these homages, that I ought to concentrate on my own creations.  Well, I do both.  And if I feel like sketching a Lola Bunny piece, then that's my happy thing, and I'm good with it.  I certainly won't begrudge anyone from drawing whatever makes them happy.  So, if drawing wide-eyed waifus being eviscerated makes you happy, that's fine.  If depicting bishonen as morbidly obese quasi-Hutts is your thing, go ahead; I have no say in what your create.  And if it's androgynous werewolves with humongous mammaries and shrunken heads that tickles your fancy, then don't let me or anyone stop you.  I'm not a neo-Communist Peggy Charren wannabe.  Just as I'm sure some critics would object to being told what they can / can't draw.

Freedom of expression, first and foremost.  Maybe you won't like it, but in the interest of truth and fair warning, you'll get clear proof of who you're dealing with.
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Any characters I create or depict are Up For Grabs.  I don't bother copyrighting anything, and I have no intention of "squatting" on something just to be dickish.

Of course, characters that are already copyrighted, such as Warner Brothers' Lola Bunny or Walt Disney's Zootopia or Nellie Kitchen's Furry Experience webcomic, are fan art.  And as fan art, it's good form to acknowledge the rightful creator somehow, either in the description or on the artwork itself.  I hope I've done that consistently; if not, let me know, and I'll make it right.  Fair's fair, y'know.

However, for any of the bunny / kitty / whatever characters I've created, they're Public Domain.  One of the big, beautiful things about Deviant Art is how much inspiration there is on display.  So much poignant, meaningful, inspiring pieces, both with copyrighted characters and with "pulled from thin air" ones, that I get ideas.  My thinking gets bent into new directions, and I'm delighted at how very creative and ingenious the artists here are.  Therefore, the dead-last thing I should be doing is going all Ebenezer Scrooge and kvetching at deviants to not touch my stuff.  Touch it all you want, it's there to maybe take your thinking in a new direction, or spark an inspiration.  Happy pickings, peoples. :)
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The Wabbit wises.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 7:34 PM
Well, the team that brought The Looney Tunes Show to Cartoon Network will be back in harness again.  Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone will be producing a new Bugs Bunny series, and what's more, Jessica Borutski will be directing these short cartoons.  Really, Variety says so:…

So, the wabbit gets kicked out of the suburbs, and is back to living in a hole in the ground.  And he's getting a squirrel sidekick.  Of course, this is different from the "classic" short cartoons that everyone's already seen oodles of times.  And that's good, because we've already seen the "classic" Looney Tunes cartoons, five, ten, twenty times over.  Warner Brothers can't afford to keep rehashing the same old act year after year and expect their audience to stay devoted.  If the Bunny is to survive into the next century, he'll need new material.  And that's what the Brandt / Cervone / Borutski team is doing: taking Bugs Bunny out of his comfort zone and throwing all new scenarios at him.  Hey, he's a big rabbit now, Bugs can handle a jiggle in his milieu.

So, to the "purists" out there who are already kvetching and bellyaching about the new "Wabbit" show: just how true to the character do you think the Walt Disney Company will be when they purchase the defunct Looney Tunes property from Warner Brothers?  Because Disney has the muscle and the money to "assimilate" their competition.  Disney absorbed Pixar, they assimilated Lucas Arts, they devoured Jim Henson's muppets, and they muscled Winnie the Pooh away from Milne's estate.  So if Warner Brothers doesn't keep the rabbit fresh and active, then he'll become another Disney buyout.  Let's see him get out of that one.

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*poof* it's gone.

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 6:54 PM
And just like that, another summer is over.  Already the furnace has kicked on overnight.  Time marches on, though in my case, time double-time marches on.

"Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future."

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May Day, yay.

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 7:40 AM
It's May First.  Actually, that was yesterday.  I took the day off from work.  Very extra nice weather that day.

May Day used to be that wonderful day when the Soviet Union used to trot out their huge missiles.  You know, on those trucks with ten drive axles?  Do they still do that?

Foo, I had a great time with the family, running around loose in town, followed by a nice nap, then a splendid dinner.  Yup, life's good. (-)

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March first, destination later.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 1, 2013, 10:33 AM
It's the First of March.  New Year's Day on the Old Roman calendar.  Year 2766 ab urbe condita.

According to USA Today, it's Justin Bieber's birthday.  And it's also Derpy Day in the My Little Pony universe.  Coincidence?

It's also Empty Nest Day for me.  My son has his CPA license, and a secure place at an established firm.  My daughter is off on a whirlwind tour of Europe.  So that leaves the wife and I to rattle around the house.

Spring will come along in a few weeks.  Perhaps that will help.

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And the fandom rejoices

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 3, 2012, 9:10 PM
Duck Dodgers in the 24 century, cadet and all, are coming to DVD and Bluray on Tuesday 19 February 2013.

Episodes from season one:

The Trial of Duck Dodgers / Big Bug Mamas
The Fast and the Feathery / The Fowl Friend
Duck Deception / The Spy Who Didn't Love Me
Duck Codgers / Where's Baby Smarty Pants
I'm Gonna Get You, Fat Sucka / Detained Duck
K-9 Kaddy / Pig of Action
Shiver Me Dodgers
They Stole Dodgers' Brain / The Wrath of Canasta
The Green Loontern
Quarterback Quack / To Love a Duck
Hooray for Hollywood Planet
The Queen Is Wild / Back to the Academy
Enemy Yours / Duck Departure

News comes from

Me happy. :)

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They built it, but ...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 5, 2012, 8:17 PM
Whelp, the new traffic circle, or rotary if you prefer, has been built in downtown Binghamton.  Yes, the "engineers" from the Dump Of Tards figured out how to turn an irregular intersection where none of the streets are 90 degrees or 180 degrees to each other, into a smooth, wiggly circle.

Which mostly works fine for small cars.  Even big cars if they slow to 20 mph or less.  Even bicycles, unless there are other cars in the circle.  Tractor trailers can negotiate it, if they're going straight through, or turning right.  Turning left, however, is iffy at best, jack-knifey at worst.  There's no hope at all for any tandem trailers.  And any pedestrians standing on the safety island in the middle can get sideswiped or squished by big trucks rolling over the island's apron.

Oh, and a snowplow can get through, provided it's a private company, with the blade on the front of a 4x4.  And provided the drivers can negotiate the curves with surgical accuracy.  Any commercial plow, which is significantly wider, will tear that circle up.  Or get stuck.

Yup, them Enginards are real, real, real smart, ain't they?

But, I've got a goodly set of new cartoons to watch, so I can do some laughing as well as face-palming.

Happy Columbus Day, kids. :)

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Road monkeys

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2012, 6:53 PM
Binghamton is a dying town in New York State.  After IBM imploded in the late Nineties, pretty much all the other local industries shriveled up as well.

At one point, we were "The Carousel Capital of the USA."  Oh, my, can I contain my excitement?

Our only other feature was the notorious Kamekaze Curve, where NY Route 17 rounds the south face of Mount Prospect and merges with US Route 81.  It's not quite Dead Man's Curve but it has sent a few drivers tumbling into the weeds.

Good news: the NYS DoT is going to fix this as part of a project to upgrade NY Route 17 into US Route 86.  It'll mean a lot of explosives blasting a significant chunk out of the mountain, but a safer road is a noble goal.

Bad news: they're also going to install a traffic circle into the middle of downtown Binghamton.  As if the deathtrap circle in Johnson City doesn't kill enough motorists.  It can be argued that DoT doesn't stand for Department of Tranpsortation as much as it does for Dump of 'Tards.

What downtown calls Court Street is also NY Route 11 for north-south traffic, and NY Route 17C for west-east traffic.  So the road monkeys are going to constrict traffic on 17 proper, and detour traffic on 17C.  This'll triple the load on NY Route 434, which never had that much, except during SUNY graduation.

Already, some old grunk who couldn't see over the dashboard crashed into a Court Street bodega.  It's gonna be heckuva summer here.

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Who knew?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 12, 2012, 8:21 PM
The United States Lingerie Football League has announced that it will forgo the 2012 season in order to concentrate on expanding into Canada and Australia.

"Lingerie Football League."  Girls in their undies attempting to play a powderpuff version of football.  I am not making this up.  Google it, the LFL really exists; it actually started in 2009.

Sex, beer, television, money and lunacy had an orgy and Lingerie Football was the result.  This gives a whole new meaning to the term "Jiggle Show."

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Sic transit gloria Lola

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2011, 12:33 PM
For the longest time, I've been a fan of Lola Bunny, as if that weren't obvious.  Still am.

The Lola Bunny I saw in Space Jam had poise and civility and charm.  She carried herself in a way that I hoped my own daughter would emulate: that being polite and mannerly were "cool" traits.  This, in opposition to those in-your-face types, who seem to be trying too hard to be noticed.  Could they be compensating for something?

At one point, deviant ~Martiangirl made a comment on one of my submissions, detailing the reasons why Lola is widely regarded as a Mary Sue character.  I think I can link to it:… .

At first, I refused to believe it; classic chauvinism on my part.  However, the evidence mounted.  Space Jam itself was made to showcase Michael Jordan.  In effect, it was Warner Brothers studios displaying their hunting trophy.  The whole movie plays out as one big kiss-up to him.  Heck, they even built a basketball court and fitness room just for Jordan.  And it was inspired by a series of commercials for Nike sneakers, instead of an actual story or screenplay.  It took four writers and three producers to get this picture in the can.

During the process, someone in management decided this would be a good time to introduce Bugs Bunny's love interest.  You know, that girl bunny character they'd had on the back burner for decades?  Warner Brothers' answer to Minnie Mouse?  Someone to prove that, despite his cross-dressing, Bugs Bunny isn't a flaming queer?

The animation staff wasn't thrilled by this decision.  Honestly, there wasn't much enthusiasm to begin with, unlike with the great Disney films, or the Dreamworks Animation films.  The perception in-house was that Space Jam was just a lot of schlock being slapped together just to put something in the theaters.  And to top it off, management wanted to add a girl bunny character out of the blue?  Yeah, *snort*, right.

Bruce Smith did his best to make a believable character.  She underwent many, many revisions.  The most well-known of these revisions came from McDonald's fast food franchise, when they rejected a design that made Lola look too young.  "What, is Bugs Bunny a pedo or something?  Screw that idea; we're not marketing Happy Meal toys that promote pedophilia or prostitution."  This is part of the reason Lola's "birth date" is listed as 15 November 1972: this makes her age 24 during Space Jam's debut.

However, it seems that as a Take That to the meddling executives, the production staff deliberately made Lola Bunny into a Mary Sue.  This, in spite of Cal Arts animation courses advising students against creating Mary Sue characters.  When Lola Bunny made her debut, and fractured the Fan Base, the animators were likely questioned why they created such an unpopular character.  Their response, of course, was blame-shifting: "Lola wasn't our idea, Chief.  That was his idea."  And the stuffed suit who thought to add a girl bunny into an already overburdened movie was told to clean out his desk by 3:00.

So, giving credit where it's due: congratulations, Martiangirl.  You called that one right.  And as further proof, Tony Cervone, one of the animation directors on Space Jam, used his power as one of the producers of The Looney Tunes Show to reboot the Lola Bunny character as the exact polar opposite of her Space Jam persona.  And she's playing in Peoria very well, thank you.  However, as a footnote, Bruce Smith, the creator of the original Lola Bunny, was later hired by Walt Disney studios to develop the villainous Doctor Facilier for The Princess and the Frog.

So, happy birthday, Space Jam Lola Bunny.  A tiny few of us haven't forgotten you.  You're rejected and discarded by the mainstream, but not forgotten.

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