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Ventriloquist with a twist by oneuglybunny
Mature content
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Progress so Far
First off, thank you guys so much, you are awesome as always!
I'm still getting supportive, encouraging messages from the last update about life outside of FE. Thanks for sharing your struggle and success stories, how much FE means to you, and your kind words. Been spending the past month seriously looking into what it would take to for art to be a full-time job in my life. Again, I'm hesitant to share about my personal life, (especially finances,) but I'm not the only one who wants to make a living doing what they love - and I hope sharing my experience will help others working towards the same goal.
The first thing Husband and I did, as basic as it sounds, is review our monthly budget. Regardless of where the money came from, we needed to know the bare minimum I had to bring in so we could cover our monthly bills. The total came to be three times what my art income currently is.
Next step was to figure out how much time I had to increase the art income to meet our budget. (In this
:iconellen-natalie:Ellen-Natalie 1 4
Mysteries and Scandals-Our Gang
Broadcast in the 1990s on the E! Entertainment Television channel.  The inspiration for the Get Along Gang concept.
   Some people didn't care for host AJ Benza's unsentimental and occasional mocking narration but I thought he did well to present a respectful tone to the profiled stars' entertainment accomplishments without being too syrupy or condoning the behavior that led to the stars' personal and professional downfalls. 
The history and the dark side and tragic lives of some of the cast members from Hal Roach's "Our Gang"/"Little Rascals".  TV-PG for language and thematic material.
:iconartytoons:Artytoons 1 7
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Ventriloquist with a twist
Cute bunny-girl starts out as a stand-up comic to mediocre reception.  Then she becomes a mother, and her act gets a partner.  Such a cunning bunny: her infant draws "awwww" from the female audience, and her bare breasts attract the male audience.  The gag here is that while the mother drinks beer, the stuff infuses her breast milk, which the infant intakes.  Second-hand pickled, junior starts singing the drunkards' ditty.  Of course, the bottle contains stage beer, which is tap water with sugar and coloring, kept in a bottle that suggests beer, but isn't labeled as such, nor does such a brand exist.  It's mystery fluid that's inferred to be beer.  Also, being topless on stage is reserved for burlesque houses, which pay premium rates for their liquor licenses.  Bunny circumvents this by actually breastfeeding during her act; regulations about burlesque shows take a back seat to civil laws about nourishing children.

Mechanical pencil on office bond, inked with a Bic Cristal medium ball point and scanned in greyscale at 300 dpi.  Token line cleaning and coloring with Microsoft Paint version 6.  I aim to clean this up completely over time; expect updates to follow.  Updated Saturday 8 September 2018, the bottle's label and the bubbles; only her hair, face and boobs to go.
Bikini bunny
Summer's coming, which means the bikini bunnies will start to appear on beaches worldwide.  Yay!  My usual: mechanical pencil on office bond, inked with a Pilot V5 and scanned in greyscale at 300 dpi.  Line cleaning and coloring with Microsoft Paint version 6.
The bunny lost a few pieces in a highway crash.  Junior sees the eyepatch and hook hand and instantly whispers, "Are you a pirate?"  Well, bunny has a sense of humor, and her reply is "Arrr, that I am.  Y' seen any ninjas hereabouts?"  Junior shakes his head as his mother looks apologetic.  "Hmm.  Well, y' wouldn't.  'Cause they're sneaky.  But keep an eye out anyways."  Junior nods fervently, and his mother smiles at bunny's grace under the circumstances.  Just now, in two minutes, Junior has learned 1) pirates are real; 2) ninjas are real; and 3) pirates and ninjas fight each other.  Why don't they teach cool stuff like this in school?
Eek girl
Psyche study: throw a ball at a boy.  He'll likely catch it.  Throw a ball at a girl.  She'll squeak, cringe and try to protect her face.  There's about a 50% chance she'll fall down on contact.  About a 20% chance she'll think to catch it, if she's had any kind of sports training.  Very different brain wiring between them.

My usual: mechanical pencil on office bond, inked with a Pilot V5 and scanned in greyscale at 300 dpi.  Line cleaning and coloring with Microsoft Paint version 6.
More coffee?
A cute bunny refills my coffee.  They do that in my hometown.  This one is likely to be made a Print, once all the line cleaning is done.  My usual: mechanical pencil on office bond, inked with a Pilot V5 and scanned in greyscale at 300 dpi.  Line cleaning and coloring with Microsoft Paint version 6.  Final update: Monday 14 May 2018.
Any characters I create or depict are Up For Grabs.  I don't bother copyrighting anything, and I have no intention of "squatting" on something just to be dickish.

Of course, characters that are already copyrighted, such as Warner Brothers' Lola Bunny or Walt Disney's Zootopia or Nellie Kitchen's Furry Experience webcomic, are fan art.  And as fan art, it's good form to acknowledge the rightful creator somehow, either in the description or on the artwork itself.  I hope I've done that consistently; if not, let me know, and I'll make it right.  Fair's fair, y'know.

However, for any of the bunny / kitty / whatever characters I've created, they're Public Domain.  One of the big, beautiful things about Deviant Art is how much inspiration there is on display.  So much poignant, meaningful, inspiring pieces, both with copyrighted characters and with "pulled from thin air" ones, that I get ideas.  My thinking gets bent into new directions, and I'm delighted at how very creative and ingenious the artists here are.  Therefore, the dead-last thing I should be doing is going all Ebenezer Scrooge and kvetching at deviants to not touch my stuff.  Touch it all you want, it's there to maybe take your thinking in a new direction, or spark an inspiration.  Happy pickings, peoples. :)
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John Sullivan
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ramivic Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2017
Hey John - who is Jeff Carter? You mentioned him on my page about having a lot of Lola mechandise
oneuglybunny Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017
Way back in 1997, Jeff Carter was this fellow that put up "Jeff Carter's Lola Bunny Page" that was mostly GIFs and one-by-one displays of Lola Bunny merch.  He had amassed quite a bit, and much of it was for sale.  The site rarely updated, though, and was pretty much stagnant by 2000 or so.  It's gone now, so I can only speculate why.

1) He sold all or most of his wares, so the site wasn't needed any more.  He may have moved on to other venues, such as My Little Pony, but he's keeping his name off of them.  I never got the impression he was a collector per se, more like a retailer, bagging the early wares cheaply, then reselling them at significant markup.  The nostalgia market never seems to run out of money.

2) He's still got a goodly stash, but sells only duplicates, leaving a museum of memorabilia in effect.  Rather than deal with the many excited weirdos online, Jeff keeps his "toys" by invite only, likely using a frontman to vet those that declare interest.  I haven't heard about anyone taking Space Jam swag on tour, like on Antiques Roadshow.

3) Jeff and his wife got older, raised kids, and outgrew their Space Jam days.  Priorities change, y'know?
LolaBunnyvsLexiBunny Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the watch :) (Smile)
JAWProductions Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Student Filmographer
Thanks for the watch :)
Curiosajess Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Do you have a reference drawing of your fursona? The green bunny there on your icon?
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oneuglybunny Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Thanks, Valiant. Though, at my age, 2/3 of my life is over. I'm now marching toward my grave. *Hope I get a heated coffin ...*
ShahirahLikesMilk Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Ah. Hello! c: I can't help but notice you give really good constructive comments on pictures with Lola Bunny, so I was wondering if you could give some critique with my two pieces with her? ^^
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