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Real TMNT Ninja Turtles concept art 2014

Download for super high res!!!

16,000 + views!!!!! That's crazy!

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Creating realistic TMNT art doesn't exactly bring out the "love" of uber-fans; they can be a little vicious at times.
It'll be interesting to see what happens in the new teenage mutant ninja turtles 2014 movie.
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oh yes ive read a lot of the comments from fans, and if it looks nothing like Jim Hensons' 1990, they are not having it lol
oh well cant please them all
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It's funny what a few years do. Peoples opinions changed quite a bit over the last few years. :)
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Ooooo this looks really nice. :)
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Turtle-tar? I don't get the reference.
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How about AVA-TURTLE then?
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OH! I get it! Lol! Thanks! 
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I would like to see a real life pokemon concept if you have any already or a real life dragonball z or sailor moon concept art...cowboy bebop? Tenchi universe? Yuyu hakusho?
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LOL! Maybe in the new year? Any characters in particular?
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Magneton, Golem, Probopass, Blissey, Ambipom, Haunter, Machinedramon, Ebemon, Granbull, Eelektrik, any pokemon and/ or digimon that has an alien cry to it because I believe that pokemon are extraterrestrial beings that could be supposedly discovered in the next century or millennium.
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Lol, I don't know, I'll see what my schedule allows in the next little while.
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It'd be interesting if the filmmakers of the new movie coming out in 2014 make the turtles look anything like an earslider (since the comics say they're earsliders). Either it'd be really bad or really good XD
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That is why theyre masks were all red from the start.
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I completely agree. I had the chance to ask Peter Laird if they were red eared sliders, and he confirmed it. Obviously, I'd love to see ILM take a design like mine and plus it out, make it completely believable and photo real, but from the set pics, I don't think it's going that way. Sure, they'd look nothing like the cartoons, or comics, clearly, but real turtles are much more interesting visually IMHO.
I also completely agree that most fans would hate it, and getting the right balance between turtle and human, at least for me, was incredibly difficult. They quickly turn into dogs, snakes, lizards, old people or frogs.
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in a way i think this is adrorable :D but either way this is awesome
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Thank you so much! As I've said, I have plans to do a revised version that is hopefully much more realistic. To that end,It's been aquite a task to gather good reference materials, but thanks to good people like you here on deviant art, I've recently found some exceptional photos! Thank you!
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np im just a turtle lover who has a turtle who likes to pose the exact species is a midland painted turtle she may have a little western painted turle to but for the most part she is a midland painted turtle and i hope you get every thing you need soon to finish your project and good luck :D
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That's bloody terrifying. Gorgeously detailed model, though.
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Thanks! Hope to post the final very soon!
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This actually works.
Of course, if you *really* want realism, then we need the actual turtle species of Leo, or any of the Brothers Four.
Leo here certainly doesn't look cyoot, but then no toitle really does.
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