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Cyberpunk city

By onestepart
This one is actually a few months old, really enjoyed working on it. Blade runner was obviously a huge inspiration :)
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What is this for? A game?

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Not for a game, i just wanted to try my hand at painting something "blade runner" inspired.

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really really nice

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This is amazing, I wish I have skills like this When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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Thank you, you can do it, just gotta keep on grinding!

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Thank so much!

This is nice! The surreal effects like coming from dreams!
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love it! smoggy and menacing. a great cyberpunk piece 
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hello, I'm interested in using this image on a youtube video just in the background...1/3 of it will be covered though(it being the background)
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I love this piece man! have you ever thought to submit to a redbubble or society6?  I would love to purchase this on a tapestry.  Either way it captures cyberpunk, great job! :)
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I've thought about it but haven't had the time to  figure it all out yet lol!
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You're welcome.
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Wow! I love the city!
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That “guai lou” cantonese word is making me laugh haha , good work
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I'd love to see this in the future! Amazing work!
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Omg I love sci-fi digital photos!
This is amazing. The amount of detail is crazy!!
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Wow... How can you make those effects? So amazing!
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