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Love is About..

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This awesome artwork was featured in our blog :D
60 Inspiring Typography Designs: [link]
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We changed the link [link]
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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love is blind, and ya can't be blind all the time. we always fear a broken heart that's why we keep our eyes open. Jealousy is not a lack of trust.. it's just keeping one eye open and one eye shut. hope ya got me, and I love your design.

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so true and clever :love:
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so true, and beautiful (:
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I love it and the message.
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like the concept :wow:
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Really like this. ^^
Great job. :+fav:
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Nice concept! I wonder what it would look like when you change the black of TRusT into red and trUSt into black. Maybe the message would be even stronger, cause the main statement then says: LOVE IS ABOUT US. And the heart would be associated with trust in the first place.
abusing the hearth again huh? nice
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You said it, mate :) :heart:
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Great execution very clean. I would recommend adjusting the negative kerning you have on "oneskillwonder" and "deviantart", some of the letters are clumped together. Good Job otherwise!
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Hi, Just wanted to let you know that this photo has been featured in my journal entry :aww: If this is a problem, and you don't want your photo there let me know, and I will remove it, you can see it here: Link :)
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Thank you!!! I really appreciated!
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Hi! :aww:
Just one quick question: where did you get the heart? How can you make it? :heart:
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there are many ways but the simplest way is just a click with the custom shape tool
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