I am tired of studio pinup renders

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Thats right I am getting very tired of doing renders with women just standing there posing! Its time the women came to life! I want to see the girls pose in chairs, on beds, or even fly somehow! After a few more studio pinup renders its time to get things going full steam ahead! Let me know what you think or want to see in the comments below!
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Indeed I totally agree with you as I prefer renders with good background or a action scene ! :)
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sounds reasonable 
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You can still do pinup type renders just do them in their natural environment ie. shower couch chair beds pools. I think the best ones are those that looks like you just walked in on someone and that is what you would see. Being surprised by your sudden presence or welcomed by it also add a nice twist. 
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I agree with you. Pinup has a certain something, but more dynamic poses are also great. If you are looking for inspiration from someone who does some really dynamic photos check out rasmus-art.deviantart.com/

Here are just a couple of his recent photos. I will admit that they do have a touch of the 'pinup feel' but are much more dynamic than what one usually sees. He's also a really cool guy. 

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Novitiate by rasmus-art

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Best Use by rasmus-art


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Gifted Disciple by rasmus-art
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:iconnorthernfly: thanks for your warm words, especially for the cool guy 😎 
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Meant every word sincerely. 
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Since I become red in the face - Thank you
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