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Layla Debut

Here she is everyone Layla! This marks her debut as the first elf render I have ever done.

Let me know what you like or dislike about this piece in the comment section below.

If you like this piece please leave a comment below (+fav ) and also a fav +favlove

Also if you read this description and like this image leave a comment saying "Mmmmm Elf".

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charlaen's avatar
WOW perfect!!!
Thank you for sharing the very beautiful lady
Mmmmm Elf :D lolol fantastic work on your first elf render!
OneSix3d's avatar
Oh you should see the stuff coming its much better!
Will do! Can't wait! ^_^
21Ajani's avatar
Nice!!! as always, the eyes seem to lack the depth to me, almost as if they are painted on a doll instead of a 3d effect. maybe bulge them out a little more?
OneSix3d's avatar
I honestly think its the result of the texture and facial expression. Some eye textures lack detail and look more painted on. The more perfectly white the sclera is the more fake the eyes look also. A sclera with details such as veins helps bring realism to the character. That is something I will look more into for future renders.
21Ajani's avatar
I learn something new almost every day Thanks for sharing.  Keep them coming love your work
OneSix3d's avatar
Thank you more on the way! :D (Big Grin) 
Dart-Sama's avatar
if u observe carefully, there is a roundness to the head that creates a disparity with the hair, especially in HER right side of the face, it feels like shes wearing a wig.
OneSix3d's avatar
I see that now. Thank you for the feedback! Time to extract that hair and insert something new!
mariuszebo's avatar
OneSix3d's avatar
She appreicates your comment! However, this is her debut and she says she can do alot better!
OneSix3d's avatar
Yes, but nicer is on the way!
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