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Bushmills to Portrush

The viewpoint I have taken this photograph from has a name, but I can't remember it to save my life :)

As I was driving from Bushmills, towards Portrush, I stopped here, as the car park was overlooking the cliffs. I jumped the safety barrier to get closer to the cliffs, set up the tripod and waited for the sun to come out. I didn't get much time, just after 3 minutes it started to rain. You can see it was raining over Portrush already.

Bushmills area
North Antrim Coast
Northern Ireland

Canon 50D
Tamron 17-50mm
Image details
Image size
1000x505px 340.64 KB
Canon EOS 50D
Shutter Speed
1/80 second
Focal Length
17 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Mar 17, 2011, 10:05:14 AM
© 2011 - 2021 onesh0t
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This is a critique provided on behalf of #Xpose-it

Jumping the safety barrier always pays off! I love this capture! It reminds me of the South Islands of the UK. You've angled this just right, framing a nice amount of that stormy sky, the sea and cliffs and the rocks at the bottom. Without those it wouldn't have such a sense of depth and 'drop.' So well done for that.

Just a picky point really, right in the middle of the foreground there's a lack of grass! If you had taken a step backwards there would probably be a bit more there just to even out the framing - that's more personal preference than anything else.

The sea is a lovely capture here, you've really got that storm feeling going on and I admire that you've been able to capture that. Perhaps a density filter or something might pick out the harshness of the clouds a little more but really, this is lovely. Great work!
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Thanks for taking the time to critique :)

You're not the first one to point out the lack of grass in the middle. The picture was stitched from a few vertical shots, because of distorsion and the way the stitching algorythm works you always lose a bit from the bottom and top. I didn't compensate enough and lost that bit of grass :) I should've cloned it in.

I'm glad you liked the photograph.
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very beautiful picture :)
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Is that Portrush?!
I have never been there - why have I never been there - wow. :D

I love the colors on the photograph - they're not too strong/obtrusive, yet intense - plus the enlightened piece of land out in the middle; without this, the composition would make the impression of dullness and dreariness. With, however, it has some feature of a magic though. :)
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Bedziesz musiala odwiedzic wybrzeze polnocne, jest to jedno z przyjemniejszych miejsc na wyspie :) Wyprawa na caly dzien. Ja zdecydowanie nie wyczerpalem mozliwosci fotograficznych polnocy, wiec na pewno kilka wypraw jeszcze zrobie :D
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This is a beautiful place when you're not living here xP
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too many students and only 2 night clubs? :D
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The 2 nights clubs are happy, they get all the business =P
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I've actually been to the Anchor last year, not a bad spot. It's a bit out of the way though when you live in Belfast :P
Desinent-River's avatar
yeah, those were great times =P

I stopped drinking so now those places are just dark and dreary to me :/
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I love Ireland! The country side is so beautifully rugged!
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The scenery in Ireland is very pleasing, just the weather's shit :P
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This is a simply gorgeous shot<3 Makes me want to visit Ireland even more~
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Thanks :) Nothing's stopping you from visiting :)
All-These-Kiwis's avatar
You're welcome. And the only reason I'm not visiting is because I don't have a passport and money :<
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Amazing view! I cant stop watching this, it has a very attractive mood. :O
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This looks almost exactly like Hawaii; it's uncanny. I've often noticed quite a few similarities between Hawaii and Ireland. It's very interesting.
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except the weather... ;)
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Yes...huge difference there. :P
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Woah..... Just... woah.....

~da twin
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