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"What is Onepunch Man?"

Onepunch man ("wanpanman" / ワンパンマン) -

It was originally a webcomic by mangaka "ONE", and is now being redrawn by mangaka "Murata Yuusuke" (best known for his series Eyeshield 21

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"Que es Onepunch Man?"

Onepunch man ("wanpanman" / ワンパンマン) -

Es originalmente un web comic creado por "ONE", y posteriormente re-dibujado por "Murata Yuusuke" (creador de EyeShield 21).

:bulletred:Welcome to #ONE PUNCH MAN:bulletyellow:

This group is dedicated to all fans of One Pan Man (One punch man)

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Este grupo es dedicado a todos los fans de One Punch Man.


~ R U L E S ~

:bulletred:Love, not hate.:bulletyellow:
No bashing of any pairings, characters, fandoms or members of dA are allowed, be it in drawings, writings or comments. This group should stay positive!

:bulletred:Follow dA's guidelines.:bulletyellow:

No submissions of stolen or edited artwork.
Submissions featuring mature content are allowed as long as they have an appropriate mature content filter.

:bulletred:Main focus should be on Saitama and Genos:bulletyellow:

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:bulletred:Amor, no odio.:bulletyellow:
No esta permitido el anti a ninguna pareja, personaje o miembros del grupo, tampoco en dibujos, en escritos o los comentarios en el arte de alguien. Este Grupo es positivo!

:bulletred:Sigue las reglas de DA:bulletyellow:

No se permite el arte robado ni editado.
Las obras con contenido maduro están permitidas siempre y cuando tengan sus respectivos filtros.

:bulletred:Principalmente el grupo se centra en Saitama y Genos:bulletyellow:


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Click the button that says "Join Our Group" at the top of the page and wait until your joining request is approved by one of the administrators.

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Just affiliate with the button on this site, all affiliates should be related to OPM or other stuff.

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Solo presiona el boton de afiliacion en la parte de arriba, cualquier grupo relacionado con OPM es bienvenido, y tambien aquellos que no tengan nada que ver como anime o manga.


Images of the site belong to respectives owners.

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Mature Content

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Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 8I do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, One punch man, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Pokemon and Mortal Kombat.Inuyasha enters a palace that is destroyed and each room that is completely dark."Naraku? Naraku?" Inuyasha replied as he sees his adoptive brother sitting on a statue and drinking wine."Oh. Let me guess. You want me to let your people go." Naraku replied"I hoped I would find you here." Inuyasha replied."Get out!" Naraku shouted as he threw his glass filled with wine somewhere in the room."Naraku, we must bring this to an end." Inuyasha replied as Naraku didn't listen to him."Naraku, please, talk to me. We could always talk here." Inuyasha replied as Naraku stills ignores him which he sighs."This place. So many memories. I remember the time you switched the heads of the gods of the Temple of Ra." Inuyasha replied."If I recall correctly, you were there switching heads right along with me." Naraku replied."No, it was you. I didn't do that." Inuyasha replied."Oh, yes, you did. You put the Hippowdon on the Feraligatr, and the Feraligatr..." Naraku replied as he jumps off the statue."On the Talonflame." Inuyasha replied"Yes! Shang Tsung thought it was a horrible omen and fasted for two months. Shao Kahn was furious. You were getting me into trouble." Naraku replied as he walks away from Inuyasha."But then... Naraku chuckles and looks at Inuyasha. "You were always there to get me out of trouble again. Hmmph. Why can't things be the way they were before?" Naraku asked as Hakudoshi enters in the room, holding a torch and sees the two."Father. It's so dark. I'm frightened. Why is he here? Isn't that the man who did all this?" Hakudoshi asked as Naraku approaches to him."Yes. But one must wonder why." Naraku answered."Because no kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves. Naraku, your stubbornness is bringing this misery upon Egypt. It would cease if only you would let the Hebrews go." Inuyasha replied."I will not be dictated to. I will not be threatened. I am The Morning and The Evening star. I am Pharaoh." Naraku replied."Something else is coming. Something much worse than anything before. Please, let go of your contempt for life before it destroys everything you hold dear. Think of your son!" Inuyasha argued."I do. You Hebrews have been nothing but trouble. My Father had the right idea about how to deal with your people." Naraku replied."Naraku." Inuyasha replied."And I think it's time I finished the job." Naraku replied."Naraku!" Inuyasha shouted."And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt, such as never has been or ever will be again!" Naraku shouted as the story zooms at thr drawing of Shao Kahn pointing at a baby, babies in the water, and now at Hakudoshi."Naraku, you bring this upon yourself." Inuyasha replied as Inuyasha left the palace.Outside of the village at night of Egypt which Inuyasha narrates."God has come to me again, saying, Take a lamb, and with its blood, mark the lintel and posts of every door.All people who are slaves to Egypt painted the lamb's blood of each house where they stay in.For tonight I shall pass through the land of Egypt, and smite all the firstborn. Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and all others stayed in their homes.But when I see the blood upon your door, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not enter." Inuyasha narrates.Around midnight when everyone is inside and fell asleep. A ray of light appears on the sky which a guard and a child sees it. It flew upon on the village of Egypt. The wind blew on the trees and the ray of light came down in the village.First it approaches to a house where Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi were lived in which the three got scared but it left due to the blood on the door which the three were finally safe.The ray of light continues being in the village. It stops by a house which doesn't have blood on the door so it enters in the house where Kagura, Muso and Kanna is sleeping on the bed. The ray of light took Kanna's soul away and quickly heads to another house but has blood on the door.So it went to another house where the Charlotte family is at and took the souls of Perospero, Flampe, and others which they ended up too as well. The ray of light flew out of the house and the candle blown out.Inside the house Izuku opens the curtains to see what it outside but his mother shuts the curtains. As Lilynette heads to her home but the it got her causing her to fell on the ground lifeless which the jug broke and her arm out of the door.The ray of light heads to the palace which Kano and Noob Saibot sees it so the two ran but it got Noob Saibot and Hakudoshi. As it exits the palace, heading up to the sky and then disappears.Suddenly the people of Egypt began to cry in sorrow and despair that their firstborn children is now dead.Inside the palace Naraku was carrying Hakudoshi's lifeless body in his arms and laying him on the bed. Inuyasha enters sees Naraku laying his son down and puts a sheet on him. Naraku now in complete sadness which his son is now gone. He had no choice to do this."You and your people, have my permission to go." Naraku replied as he began crying but Inuyasha was about confront him which the Spider Youkai pushes himself away from Inuyasha."Leave me! Naraku shouted as Inuyasha now realized that his adoptive brother had finally gave up. So he walks away and exits the room.Naraku hugs Hakudoshi and was completely pissed that he lost something so he decided to get revenge on Inuyasha and his people for this.Inuyasha exits the palace which he lays on the wall, dropping his wooden staff, and began crying that Naraku now complete hate him now.He heads to the village where Kagome sees her husband, she approaches to Inuyasha and hugs him. Rukia exits out of the house too as well which she smiles but Inuyasha frowned. Rukia began to sing her song that the day of freedom has finally come.Many nights we've prayed with no proof anyone could hear. In our hearts a hopeful song, we barely understood. Now we are not afraid. Although we know there's much to fear. All the people who are used to the slaves of Egypt have finally came out of their houses.We were moving mountains long before we knew we could. There can be miracles when you believe. Though hope is frail. It's hard to kill. Sesshomaru had exits of the house along with the others. Which Rukia pets the Growlithe which Nel and Yachiru were holding.Who knows what miracles you can achieve. When you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe.Kagome began singing her part. In this time of fear, when prayers so often proved in vain. Hope seemed like the summer birds too swiftly flown away. Yet now I'm standing here.The Pidgeys flew away to the sky where the Anubis statue is at. Which both Rukia and Kagome began singing together.Now I'm standing here.With so heart so full I can't explain.Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say. There can be miracles when you believe.Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, Rukia and all the people began leaving Egypt.Though hope is frail. It's hard to kill.It's hard to kill.As Kars, Sheeva, Kotal Kahn, Baraka, Reptile, Erron Black, Ermac and others who used to be pawns of Naraku began following Inuyasha and others as well.Who knows what miracles you can achieve. When you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe.Nel began singing her part as well with the other children. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah. Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai. Mi-ka-mo-cha. Ne-dar ba-ko-desh.Kaede began to get tired which she took a break but Rin grabs her hand and helps her.Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta. Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta. A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra a-shi-ra. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai ki ga-oh ga-ah. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai ki ga-oh ga-ah. All the kids such as Izuku, Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke, Neji, Toshiro, Momo, Gaara, and all the children began running around freely and playing with Inuyasha. A Numel snouts on Sesshomaru which he was disgusted.Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai. Mi-ka-mo-cha ne-dar ba-ko-desh. Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta. Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta! A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra! A-shi-ra! All the people began dancing, playing their instruments while traveling with Inuyasha. The dog Youkai hybrid smiles and held his wooden staff up.Inuyasha, and all the others were traveling from Egypt. Which all the people sang with Rukia.There can be miracles when you believe! Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill!It's hard to kill.Who knows what miracles you can achieve.You can achieve.When you believe, somehow you will. Sesshomaru smiles at Inuyasha which he smiles back to his brother.Now you will. You will when you believe. When you believe.You will when you.You will.Believe.The song ended when Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and all the people sees the ocean which they are smiled.
Swings by Kyo-Hisagi
Renders _Drawing without Back ground
One Punch Man: Rompedor del limite by XavoDraw
No Hero chars -Perosnajes no heroes
Suiryu en Superlucha (Color OPM2) by XavoDraw
Comics Strips
One Punch-Man Toki yo tomare - page 26 by HamsturHomyak





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