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:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:CONTESTS IS CLOSED WITH ONLY 1 ENTRY. SHAME ON YOU ALL. ;3;
More info below!!:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

~*~:star:COLOR CODING:star:~*~
Due to the fact that people aren't noticing the messages we've been leaving, I've come up with a color coding system with the colored bullets for certain things.

:bulletblue: = News
:bulletred: = Warning/Important
:bulletgreen: = Reminders
:bulletpurple: = Random Tid Bits

So now, please start paying attention to these! Thankyou
:star: *MOKE*

:ahoy:Welcome to the new One Piece club!:ahoy:

Hello all, Doc here.

Okay... seeing as our birthday is coming up and the club is pretty much dead I decided to try and revive it a little >X It's a cool club and we should be able to get it up and running again with our combined efforts.

For now I'm gonna go through all the old joining notes and add people, and then add art when I get around to that -thumbs up-



:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:BIRTHDAY CONTEST!!:star::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
Our 5th birthday is coming up and I'd like to kick a bit of life back into this club by having a contest.

Theme: Birthday

Deadline: September 15th

Prize: One Piece art from me (so far.. people can note the club if they want to add prices)


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:TIMESKIP CONTEST!!:star::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
We're coming back from the depths to bring back the club! And not only are we having a club b-day contest, we're also going ahead with a "TimeSkip" contest, with prizes sponsored by :icondairuanubis: our Artillery Woman!!! Since One Piece is going to be skipping ahead 2 years with the next chapter release, the idea of the contest is to design the Straw Hat pirates as they may look two years later! The art must be kept in good taste, and MUST be submitted before the first week of October when the new chapter comes out.  You can design one character, a few, or the whole crew! Drawing skills are not a matter, it's about how close you get to getting it correct!  There will be first, second, and third place winners based on how close to design you were. (if you draw a group and only get 1 or 2 correct/close you are not out of the running!)
Prizes will be announced later, but they will be AWESOME!!!! So pull out those sketchpads and start drawing!!! YOSH!!!!!

:star:Theme: Timeskip

:star:Deadline: First week of October (when the chapter spoilers are released is when the contest ends)

1st place: Chopper Halloween Plush
2nd place: One Piece t-shirt (featuring entire crew!)
3rd place: 2 One Piece keychains

Dairu-chan can take pictures later of them~ (she's still at the con)

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:MINI CONTEST!!:star::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
Seeing as how we now have a club subscription, it would be wonderful if we could have a 'header' and 'footer' for the club! One Piece themed of course. So if you would like to make one, please do!

Rules - It has to be One Piece related, preferably original Oda work. If fanart is used, it has to be made by you UNLESS you have permission from the artist(s). Each person can submit up to 5 entries each. No more than that. Club staff can be participants.
Also, NO nudity, yaoi, yuri, hentai, etc. It has to be clean!

Deadline: - December 31, 2008

Have fun!</b>

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:IMPORTANT CLUB NEWS:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Voting notes will be sent to all club members for previous contests which we never got around to annoucing winners for. That way all of the contests will be up to date. All of the contests which do not yet have winners will be included in said note. We will try to get this done by the end of the month.

Also, our Artilery Woman, Dairu has told me that her computer is working again and she is working on the Zoro dress up game. So keep an eye out for it when she's done :D

So um.. yes! That's about it. Please direct all questions to the club staff, thank you!

:ahoy:The Staff:ahoy:

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:The Crew:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
:iconmokenda: - Captain
:iconpirateneko: - Swordswoman
:iconprota-girl: - Navigator
:icondairuanubis: - Artilery Woman
:iconcrimsondreamer: - Ship's Cook
:iconfie-2x4: - Doctor
:iconlunalove101: - Archiologist
:iconlittle-penguin: - Shipwright
:iconsolarknight: - Musician

:star: Please welcome our new affiliate(s), :iconportgas-d-ace: :iconclub-fairytail: :iconzorobinfc: :iconzoroxluffyclub: :icongiroro-fan-club: :iconclub-one-piece:

Lotus-Dragon has started a pirate crew, more about it here:…

Please, let us know what we can do to make the contests more enjoyable, or worth entering! We are open to suggestions and feedback is always nice X3

:bulletpurple: Pirate Crew '#-M' & How To Join :bulletpurple: Pirate Crew 'N-Z' :bulletpurple: Affiliates :bulletpurple: Kaizoku No Art Gallery :bulletpurple: Contests :bulletpurple: 'Tis a pirate's life... :bulletpurple:

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Dairu: TT^TT Wah I feel so bad now, I haven't posted anything for the club lately, due to school!
Anubis: But we have been following the series completely, all the way up to the latest movie and chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dairu: As artillery woman I'll do my best to post more One Piece, Cap'n Mokenda will probably hunt me down if I don't!!!!! :3