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~Things To Know~

Please read the following

:bulletblue: Respect the other members.

:bulletred: Please don't submit any porn.

:bulletblue: No stolen art. Bases with proper credit are fine of course. If someone finds stolen art within the group please report it right away so we can remove it.


:bulletgreen: Featured:
For a new Featured Folder start this one is Closed.

:bulletgreen: Featured NEW:
A showplace for great intermidiate and advanced Fanart. The admins of the group will put your works in there.

:bulletgreen: Strawhats:
Obviously anything to do with the main pirate crew the Strawhat Pirates. It can be anything at all from a drawing or a photo of your newest action figure thing so long as its one of the strawhats :) No OC's.

:bulletgreen: Red-Hair Pirates:
Anything to do with Shank's crew. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Whitebeard Pirates:
Anything to do with the Whitebeard pirates. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Heart Pirates:
Anything to do with the Heart Pirates. No OC's.

:bulletgreen: Kidd Pirates:
Anything to do with the Kidd Pirates. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Marines:
anything to do with the marines. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Mixed:
If you have something with two characters that aren't in the same crew (and you aren't intending them to be a canon pairing in the picture/whatever it is) then they go in this folder. If its a canon pairing then it goes in the canon folder. Brotherly pictures of Ace and Luffy go in ASL while paired Ace and Luffy go in the canon pairings.

:bulletgreen: OC's:
OC's of course! NO CANON

:bulletgreen: Fanfictions:
Any fanfics can go in here. NO PICTURES. it must be a form of writing.

:bulletgreen: Fancomics:
Additional to Fanfiction
All kinds of Fancomics, may it be single paged ones (divided into Panels like a Manga-Page) to comics with more chapters and pages will belong to this folder. NO Memes or just edited Screenshots - they still belong into the others-folder.

:bulletgreen: OC and Canon:
Anything with an OC and canon character in it. Can be a OCxCanon pairing or not. Doesn't matter. If an OC and canon are in the same picture it goes in here.

:bulletgreen: Revolutionaries:
Anything to do with the revolutionaries. No OC's

:bulletgreen: ASL
Ace, Sabo and Luffy. Any brotherly or their past pictures go in here :) if its more towards romancey stuff than into the Canon pairing folder it goes.

:bulletgreen: Warlords:
The warlords. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Baroque Works:
Anything to do with baroque works members. Vivi can go in here or the strawhats folder. I don't mind. Luffy considers her apart of their crew after all :) No OC's

:bulletgreen: Cosplay:
Any cosplay pictures.

:bulletgreen: Others:
Any character without a folder to fit into can go in here. Also if its a crossover of OP and something else it can go in here.

:bulletgreen: Canon Couples:
As it says, Canon couples.

:bulletgreen: Fishmen:
Anything to do with Fishman/fishwomen and mermaids/merman. Can also be the Fishman pirates. No OC's.

:bulletgreen: Donquixote Family:
All members of the Family. Includes Ceasar Clown and Bellamy. Pictures of Doflamingo himself are right in this folder as well as in Warlords. NO OC's

:bulletgreen: Lineart:
All Lineart which are made to be colored by other deviants.

Any questions just leave a comment or send a note :)
[MAY 29, 2017] Hey everyone~ Just dropping by to tell you about OnePieceContests' OP OC Tournament. They've been holiding this tournament before but if this is your first time hearing about it, just know that it's a contest about your very own One Piece OC > w < So, if you think that's cool and you wanna check it out here's a link to their Sign Ups journal which is being hosted on one of their mod's pages ->

I hope to see you there O v O Sign Ups close on May 31!

:icononepiececontests: :icononepiececontests: :icononepiececontests: :icononepiececontests: :icononepiececontests:
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One Piece OC: HashoName: Hasho Morsworth Nickname(s): Hashy Age: 10 Gender: Male Species: Human Birth Date: February 18th Star Signs: Aquarius Height: 4'5" Appearance: -Long, black, unkempt hair (goes right to the top of his ribcage) -Skinny build -Olive skin -Scars: middle of right check and bottom right of nose -Dust on his clothes -White t-shirt -Slacks/sweatpants with holes in them -Chocolate brown eyes -small ears -New clothes from sailing with Kuishi: grey criminal t shirt, black shorts, and tennis shoes Personality: -cautious -sneaky -street smart -gambler -cheater -more serious than a normal child -has problems trusting people -does whatever it takes to survives -hiding an empty feeling of the heart -wants to be recognized and told her means something Weaknesses: Age, small build Likes: -money -gambling -drinking -showing off -cheeseburgers -calming ocean waves Dislikes: -his home -his parents -everyone who has mistreated him -Celestial Dragons -being belittled Habit(s): Staying up late at night to watch out for someone who might attack him Fear(s): Dying forgotten and unwanted with nothing to show for it Dream(s): To find someone to treasure and make a name for himself one day Misc. Fact(s): Picks his nose from time to time Love Interest(s): N/A Family: Lord and Lady Morsworth Friend(s): Kuishi Enemies: N/A Occupation(s): Pirate Crew: Kuishi's crew Bounty: 0 Devil Fruit: Storage-Storage Fruit Haki: None Weapon(s): Small Knife Offense: 2/5 Defense: 0/5 Agility/Speed: 3/5 Backstory: Check out the Adventure series for his backstory
OC and Canon
[OP OC] Happy Birthday, Ember by CrownTheWitch
Canon Couples
ZoLu by SmoczyFarmer

Mature Content

One Piece:Another Road Page 3 by TIPComicsTeam
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Artober Day 5-6: Flower by Lizally
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Hybrid Kaido by B2oda
Wano Country
Yamato Sketch by BokoArt


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An awesome group for the awesome anime One Piece! You can submit art and stories (With or without OC's). Join us! :D
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