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We are the One Piece family!!!

Ok, this group is for all One Piece fans in this world.
We all are a family!

Now I´ll tell you a bit about the folders.

Deviantions and Favourites added to the "Featured" folder will be denied!!!

-In the folder*Pairings*you can submit all the pictures of different pairings. For example Nami and Luffy...or Shanks an Makino... and so on.
-In the folder*Fight scenes*you can submit pictures in which someone fights against someone or picture where someone performf an attack.
-In the folder*other pirates*you can submit pictures with pirates which occur in the Anime One Piece.
-In the folder*The next generation*you can submit pictures with the children of the different pairs in One Piece.
-In the folder*Luffy´s friends* you can submit picture with persons who aren´t in Luffys crew, but who are still his friends. For example : Vivi.
-In the folder*Other*you can submit pictures with a character from One Piece, and a charackter from another Anime.

So.. I think it´s clear what images come into the other folder.

That is all well and good, but I think, that the most important thing is to have fun...or?

So... have fun!!! This is our pirate way!!!

Gallery Folders

The Strawhats
One Piece: Gear 4 Hawkman by TitanXecutor
Nami and Nico Robin from One Piece by lacoticus
[ Fanart| One Piece ] Zoro puts on a suit by nektoart
Mugiwaras Summer Vacation. by NioumiWorld
Zoro x Perona - Kuraigana Days by W-0-F
+Art trade with Andromeda-Swan+ Ema and Sanji by GueparddeFeu
Wano Kiss by MichaelSilverleaf
Bounding by GirlxFlower
Fight scenes
One Piece: Katakuri vs Helldra by TitanXecutor
Hungry Days Doujinshin page 11 by NioumiWorld
Hungry Days Doujinshin page 8  by NioumiWorld
DWOAH: Endeavor vs Portgas D Ace
Deadliest warriors of all historyEndeavor vs Portgas D AceEvery family as a fiery oneEnji Todoroki aka Endeavor info:Height: 6 foot 4Weight: 260lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Hellflame QuirkStrengths: After All Might’s retirement Endeavour rose to the rank of the world’s number 1 Hero and easily holds that title in terms of power, Superhuman strength (Whilst nowhere near All Might’s standard of strength Endeavour still out strengths nearly every other Hero, Knocked out a Nomu with a single punch, Surprised All Might by defeating three more Nomus with total ease), Superhuman durability (Survived blows from High End which was the most powerful Nomu yet, Tanked being smashed through a skyscraper, Tanked nearly having his eye torn out of his face, His endurance is to the point that High End believed that he could regenerate), Superhuman speed (Whilst nowhere near All Mights speed as well as admitting to being slower than High End and Hawks Endeavour is still faster than most Heroes), High intellect (Could outsmart most Villains he fought, Worked out that High End could adapt in combat to which he adapted his attack plans accordingly), Can hover by emitting strong streams of Flame from his limbs, Can Flames are so hot that they can cut through buildings like they were Blades, Is stated to have a better criminal capture record than All Might.Weaknesses: The more he uses his Hellflame Quirk the higher his body temperature rises which causes his body to weaken and deteriorate, Is extremely arrogant and self righteous which can be used against him (Sired his children solely that he could use them to further his own fame).Portgas D Ace info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 180lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Flame Flame Fruit PowersStrengths: As the son of the late Gold D Roger and sworn brother of Monkey D Luffy Ace was one of the most famous and respected Pirates to ever sail the Blue eventually becoming 2nd to the Pirate Emperor Whitebeard, Superhuman strength (Up until his death Ace was stated to by physically superior to Luffy, Even has a child he beat up several grown men who insulted his father, Was able to break down trees as a child, His strength matched Blackbeard's even with his Devil Fruit powers disabled), Superhuman durability (Tanked blows from Blackbeard when his powers were disabled, Survived for several minutes after Akainu punched through his back and chest to fatally wound him, Survived being ‘baptized’ in boiling water several times during his imprisonment at Impel Down and never even flinched), Massively hypersonic speeds/reactions (Was one of the fastest members of the Whitebeard Pirates only being slightly slower than Marco, Could react to a Sniper Shot when the bullet was inches away from him, Was easily faster than Gear 2 Luffy who was clocked at Mach 442), Extreme stamina (Fought Jinbe for five days straight and didn’t waver once), High intellect (Was smarter than Luffy, Was an amazing tacticitian), Could convert his enter body into Flames thanks to his Devil Fruit, His Flames are hot enough to match Aokiji’s Ice (Aokiji was stated to be able to freeze the entire ocean with ease and his Ice could match Akainu’s Magma).Weaknesses: As a Devil Fruit user Ace is an ‘enemy of the sea’ meaning he cannot swim and will become paralyzed if more than 50% of his body is submerged in water, Seastone disables his powers.Battle begin!Endeavor’s glare could be felt for miles as he watched from the stadium stands down at his son training with a shirtless straw hatted man, having decided that his training at UA wasn’t enough for Shoto to reach his true potential Enji had heard of a man whos Flames could ‘match the coldest of Ice’ and had hired him to train his son, something Shoto had surprisingly agreed to out of wanting better control of the hot half of his Quirk rather than doing it to please his father.Despite this however he was displeased with his son’s progress even further as he watched the trainer encourage Shoto to hit him with everything he had of his left side of his Quirk and despite Shoto’s Flames engulfing nearly half of the arena it still wasn’t enough for the new number 1 Hero.“Ok Shoto, that’ll be enough for today” Ace stated as Shoto panted from exertion, his body temperature nearing dangerous levels prompting the Pirate to end the training.“I could have done better” Shoto panted as he encased his left side in a thin layer of Ice to try to cool himself down.“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Fire is wild, it takes time to tame it” Ace comforted him before turning as Endeavor made his way down from the stands with the same annoyed grimace on his face.“That was pathetic Shoto, how long do you intend on disappointing me?” the Flame Hero scolded making Ace raise his eyebrows in surprise.“Pathetic? Come on did you see what he just did? That was amazing!” the Pirate retorted quickly in Shoto’s defense only for Enji to cast his glare upon him.“I didn’t hire you for amazing, I hired you for perfection, how should I expect him to surpass me which such a pitiful display of power?!”.“And what if I don’t want to surpass you? What if I don’t want to live your dream?!” Shoto suddenly snapped in response turning Endeavor’s cold scowl into burning rage, the number 1 Hero sharply turning with his arm ready to backhand his son when his arm was caught and stopped by Ace.Snapping his attention to the Pirate Enji found that Ace’s look of surprise had been replaced by a overbearing death glare “Shoto, get out of here, me and your father need to have a talk” he stated and the serious tone of voice he used prompted Shoto to swallow any argument he might have had and turn around to walk away without even giving his father a passing glance.As Endeavor turned to order Shoto to stay and pay him the due respect he deserved he suffered a crushing punch to the side of the head from Ace’s free hand, the blow knocking him clean off of his feet as Ace release his wrist sending him tumbling across the ground before he stopped and raised his head to stare incredulously at the Pirate for daring to strike him.“Any man that lays hands on his child doesn’t deserve to call himself a father” Ace snarled as his skin started to smoulder and ignite, his strong bond with his father figure Whitebeard giving him an intense hatred of those who don’t take their parental responsibilities seriously and abuse their children.“Shoto is mine to mould as I please! Flashfire Fist: Jet Burn!” Endeavor barked back raising a Fist and shooting a stream of Flames from it at the Pirate to which Ace marched straight through it, the Flames washing over his skin to no effect.As the Flames passed over his body Ace rushed forward with blinding speed to violently knee Endeavor in the jaw, knocking him up off of the ground before the Pirate ignited his hand and threw it forward “FIre Fist!” he barked as he slammed the flaming Fist to Endeavor’s gut knocking the air from his lungs.Doubling over Endeavor then took Ace by surprise as he grabbed the smaller man by the waist and heaved him high in the air before slamming him down to the ground with enough force to bury him in the broken dirt, the Hero then standing over him and splaying his hand out to unleash another Jet Burn upon him engulfing both of them in Flames.As Ace disappeared into the fire Endeavor snorted in disdain at how easily he had dispatched of his attacker only to notice the Flames beginning to move and shift in front of him, the fire taking a humanoid form before Ace completely reformed in front of him “nice try but you can’t burn me out!” he snapped as he then jumped up to headbutt the Flame Hero hard enough to make him stumble.As Enji staggered Ace then grabbed his arm with both hands and violently threw him over his shoulder to slam him to the ground “let’s see how you like it! FIre Gun!” the Pirate barked as he then held out two fingers at the Hero in a Gun hand gesture, his fingers igniting and shooting a stream of flaming ‘bullets’ down upon Endeavor making him cry out as they burned through his suit and into his skin.‘Shooting’ Enji for a few moments more Ace then stopped expecting the attack to have at least incapacitated the Hero only for Endeavor’s Fist to shoot up and slam into his jaw sending him falling back as he clutched his face in pain “ah! Cheap hit!” he protested before feeling Endeavor grab his ankle to haul him into the air as he stood up.“Hell Spider!” the Hero spat as he splayed out his fingers of his free hand sending streams of Flame so thin and strong that they cut like Blades, the streams slicing through Ace’s body cutting him into flaming pieces as Endeavor waved his hand about his body before releasing his ankle to let the pieces fall to the ashen ground.As the pieces hit the dirt however they transformed into flames before they shifted and reformed back into human form as Ace effortlessly survived the attack, the Pirate igniting his hands again to start raining flaming punches to Endeavour’s chest and abdomen, scoring a good few blows before Enji started to block them with his forearms using his great durability to try to wait out Ace’s speed and stamina.That didn’t fair too well for him however as Ace’s punches only got faster and faster with every passing second until the Pirates Fists and forearms were glowing bright white with the sheer heat his power was creating, Ace now screaming in rage as he quickly overcame Endeavor’s defenses forcing him back and down to one knee as he punched at him harder and harder, each impact making a flaming shockwave as his Fists slammed against his skull and upper body.Grunting with every brutal hit Enji eventually began to fight back against the punches, forcing himself up onto his feet taking blow after blow until finally he struck back sweeping his arm out to strike Ace across the chest making him stumble back.Growling in annoyance as Endeavor got back up Ace shot forward with his Fist reeled back for another punch when Endeavor suddenly amplified his Quirk, his body emitting a maelstrom of Flame completely engulfing both him, Ace and quickly overwhelming the entire stadium making both of them thankful for a moment that the place had been empty and that Shoto should have been far enough away by now.“I told can’t...BURN ME OUT!!!” Ace exclaimed as he erupted into Flame himself, his Flame Flame Fruit powers easily overwhelming Enji’s Hellflame Quirk as his Flames burned far hotter “Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor!!!!”.With that Ace’s Flames burned even brighter as he erupted in infernal fury, the sheer emittance of heat forming a perfect dome of fire with both him and Endeavour in the epicentre, Endeavor gritting his teeth as he struggled to withstand the nigh unbearable heat Ace was emitting, feeling his skin start to burn away he realised he had to go all out if he was to have any chance of winning.With a roar of both anger and pain Endeavor rushed through the flames to tackle Ace hard around the waist, gripping him in a crushing bear hug before sending streams of fire through his feet to turn his legs into pseudo rockets to propel both of them into the air and out of the dome of fire Ace had created.Carrying the Pirate high into the air he squeezed him tighter making Ace exclaim as he felt his bones creak and groan under the pressure, the Pirate about to turn into Flames to escape when Endeavor erupted before he could “PLUS ULTRA!!! PROMINENCE BURN!!!!!” he bellowed as he forced his Quirk to the absolute limit, his body temperature rising to near life threatening levels as he scorched the very air around them with the attack he had used to kill High End.And it seemed to do the same to Ace as well as his body disappeared with a cry of pain, seemingly burning away to ashes as Endeavor’s attack died away leaving the Hero hovering in the air with burns covering his body as he panted with pain and exertion.Watching the cinders fall to the ground below Enji let out a sigh of relief before suddenly feeling an intense heat behind him, looking back over his shoulder as he saw Ace reform completely unharmed behind him clinging to his shoulder “tough luck burning yourself out you bastard!” he barked as reeling his Fist back as Endeavor tried to throw him off, the Pirate throwing a Fire Fist straight into his scarred eye making him cry out in agony before Ace then grabbed him by the throat.“Time to crash and burn old man!!!” he then roared as he splayed a hand behind him to launch a stream of flames to propel them back towards the ground with the speed and force of a meteor, Enji’s roar of fury and pain echoing through the sky as they plummeted back down to the stadium and struck the ground so hard it shook the stadiums very foundations whilst the impact ignited the ground even further.From the inferno the impact created only one man rose from it, Ace standing up and correcting his hat on his head as he stared down at the ashen outline of what used to be Enji Todoroki, the impact having burned his body to nothing.“Burn in hell”.Winner: Portgas D AceI’m not gonna lie, writing Endeavor going out like a bitch was more than satisfying.But anyway, why does Ace beat him? Well let’s be honest, what could Endeavor do to Ace really? This fight was a stomp and a half as even if Ace didn’t outright trump Endeavor in every category the fact that he can turn into Flames meant that Endeavor’s Quirk did jack shit to him and the fact that Endeavor can be burned by Flames that aren’t his own pretty much meant that Endeavor was essentially just on borrowed time until Ace landed the killing blow.
One Piece: God strikes Lindigo by TitanXecutor
Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 24 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Teach (New Emperor One Piece) by gekkodimoria
Hungry days arlong and inku child by NioumiWorld
OP Oc - Outfit Challenge part 4 by lorenorkerstinxx
Uncles Jimbei and Arlong  by NioumiWorld
Stevy OP style by TechDissidence
Chomp !!! by NioumiWorld
Other pirates
Hinata like Nico Robin 984 outfit by gekkodimoria
Doflamingo sama by Shashi92
Mingo see Mingo do by Shashi92
One Piece - Ulti by jamjamstyle
Luffy s friends
Zoro one piece by MikeArt1
Trafalgar Law - Roronoa Zoro - One Piece - by imaginARIart
One Piece: Boa Hancock - Summer Happiness by Ammelda-Aini
Bartolomeo by jedera01
One Piece: Moria vs Dreadlocks soldiers by TitanXecutor
One Piece - King by Sunterra92
Western Katakuri sprite-mochi blade bullets by Moonlight-Huntress01
One Piece - God Enel by hikenfushicho
Eyes Closed by GeistdesFeuers
Nojiko Bikini by andapanda
Bikiniii by myudamageeee
Adventcalendar 2019 - Day 21 - ASL by SimonStardust666
Enel, Pokemon x One Piece Team by Uzumaki-D-Ichigo
Shirahoshi costume, propsmade and cosplay by me by dovananh27031993
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 9I do not own Naruto, and One piece,Chapter 9: The land where a Hero livedOn the bridge all the constructing the bridge. While Sakura was with Tazuna."So where is the blond runt with the attitude along the emo and the two magical warriors?" Tazuna asked."They're training that they're climbing trees. Well Jade got better and now she and Dagger are training too." Sakura answered."Too tough for you." Tazuna replied."No. Infact I'm the best. Kakashi had sent me to guard you." Sakura replied."You're joking." Tazuna replied as Sakura gets mad. A bridge worker named Giichi approaches him."Tazuna. I need to talk to you for a moment." Giichi replied as Tazuna looks at him."What it is about?" Tazuna asked."Well it is. I'm been thinking about the bridge and I decided to push my luck far enough. If I want out." Giichi answered."So you're going to quit just like that. You're kidding." Tazuna replied."You know I stayed long because of my friendship but I'm putting my life on the line everyday that I stay here. Gato and the others will get here eventually. When they do, they will kill you and the bridge will never be finished. It's just a lost cause Tazuna. Why don't we stop now so we can still get out of this alive." Giichi replied."No chance. This is our bridge, our island is poor and it will stay that way until the bridge is connected to the main land. Commons, trades and hope. That is what we're building." Tazuna replied."That is not gonna be hope if we're all dead." Giichi replied."It's already noon. Break time starts." Tazuna replied."Tazuna. Let's not ended like this." Giichi replied."Save your breath. Oh and Giichi don't bother coming back after lunch." Tazuna replied as Sakura looks at him.At sunset Naruto and Sasuke are still training while Dagger and Jade are training too.Back at the village Tazuna and Sakura were walking in town."Where are we going?" Sakura asked."You want to eat tonight don't you. I got a pick up things for dinner." Tazuna answered as they continues to walk and Sakura looks all the people."What's wrong with these people." Sakura replied as they headed to a store."Well. We're here." Tazuna replied as they entered in there. The two sees less food in the store which Sakura was confused.Suddenly a random man sees her bag and grabs it causes Sakura to be shocked that she was groped. She kicked him in the face."YOU PERVERT!" Sakura shouted."No I was." The man replied as he crashed into something."Wow. You really surprised me that there. Girls around here don't fight like that." Tazuna replied as he and Sakura exits out of the store with the food that they brought."They should something seriously wrong here." Sakura replied as someone touched her which makes her mad."Again hey buster." Sakura replied as she turns around and sees a little boy."Please." The boy replied as Sakura gave him candy."Oh thank you." The boy replied as Sakura smiled at him. So the child ran off. This is how it's been since Gato came here. The children suffered and the adults are afraid to stand up to him. They lost all hope and that's why we have finish this bridge. It will bring comers and trades but that bridge is the symbol of courage. We must've restore the spirit of our people. When the bridge is finished people will start to believe again and believe that they can live with dignity. We can't let Gato stop us." Tazuna replied as Sakura looks up at the sky."Sasuke, Jade, Naruto. We to help them." Sakura replied.Back at the fields Naruto and Sasuke are still training along with Jade and Dagger which they had finally climbed on trees. The two magical warriors succeeded using their magical powers. They see contacting on his Charka but gets interrupted by Sasuke. It ended well that Naruto wasn't talking to Sasuke about Sakura."Here we go again." Jade replied.At night in Tazuna's home Jade and the others were eating. Naruto and Sasuke ate up the food but threw up."Don't eat too much if you guys are gonna puke it up!" Sakura shouted as Jade sees a picture that is torn half."Umm why is this picture torn?" Jade asked."It's my husband." Tsunami replied."They used to call him a hero in this land." Tazuna replied as Inari got from the chair."Inari where are you going?" Tsunami asked as Inari leaves with saying a word."Father. You can't him like that in front of Inari. You know that." Tsunami replied as she follows her son."What happened to him?" Sakura asked."Is there a story behind this?" Kakashi added."He wasn't his real father. He came to our family later and he brought us happiness. He and Inari were very close. In those days Inari is still there all the time but then." Tazuna replied as Jade and the others looked at him."All that ended. He never laughs or smiles anymore. Ever since that day everything changed.The word courage is stolen from this island. We were left feeling powerless, and hopeless which made Inari suffered the most. Ever since that day it happened." Tazuna replied."Tell us. What happened to Inari?" Kakashi asked."First you need to know that man. His father. The man who dot us the word courage who was a hero in his land." Tazuna replied."A hero really." Naruto replied."You can decide that for yourself. He came here about three years ago." Tazuna replied as he told Jade and others about a man named Kaiza who had told the kid's parents that the kids almost drowned Inari's puppy and left him to die and saved him from drowning.After meeting making him as part of the family something terrible happened to Kaiza. On a heavy rainstorm on flood was riding on the gate of the bridge which he headed outside along with Inari. He decides to do the the other side so he tied himself on a rope and swam into the water which he made it but Gato found out about it which Kaiza was tortured by him and was killed by execution. Which Tazuna finishes the story."After that Inari behavior began to change including Tsunami and the others as well. We lost our will." Tazuna replied as Jade sees Naruto fall on the ground."What are you doing?" Jade asked."Naruto. I think you need to take a day off. No more training. You use too much Charka. If you push it more harder it can kill you." Kakashi replied."I'm gonna prove it." Naruto replied."Prove what?" Sakura asked as Naruto gets up."I'll prove that it's true that in this world. There are real heroes." Naruto replied as Jade smiled that he says that.
The marine
One Piece: Smoker and Tashigi w/ Hassicle and Ess by TitanXecutor
OC Couples
Op Oc - Crybaby by lorenorkerstinxx
Commission for MoriachiisArt by xKAURAx
No mi powah
Hinata Whitebeard VS Sakura Kaido by gekkodimoria
One Piece Models
Cubeecraft One Piece Luffy part 2 by Danhobs




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