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Hello, humans!

This is an emergency message. I used to stay away, but as you know, the darkest day in the history of Deviantart is coming, in a month the old version of the site will be deactivated. I join the general course and ask you to sign the common petition for those who agree with me.

I do not want to pay money to lazy designers whose job is only to shuffle all the buttons in a random order, only to report to their boss about the work done.Do you think your careless work will go unnoticed by thousands of people?

You are mistaken.
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I'll post this on my profile.
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Enjoy the last days of the normal old site.:D (Big Grin) 
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Yeah, ehm, thanks for notifying me about origin of the picture and this being pretty much over.
What was wrong with dual functioning? Disbelief 
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In this case, they have to spend money on supporting both versions of the site. They are too dumb to make Eclipse better than the previous version and too lazy to modify the functionality of the old site.
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I think you are absolutely right.
I also think the old design is much more intuitive and pretty.
At first, the use of the eclipse was so strange that I felt like a fool. Sweating a little...

But I still like deviantart.
The operators would not have made this decision for no reason.
So I will adapt to the new design.

The only thing I worry about is that a great artist like you disappears. Sad
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I will not go anywhere, but I will have to look for additional media to promote my work. In a way, they gave me a shake.

And the only donation that deviantart can get from me now is this.middle finger 
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That's a good idea. :D (Big Grin)
How about ArtStation or Pinterest ? 
ArtStation is similar to the current Deviantart. It is small but more professional.

I think the Pinterest is very different from Deviantart, but there are also many good sources.
It is interesting that it can be used with other sites.

Pixiv is also a famous illustration community site like Deviantart.
But I cannot recommend Pixiv. If you like the anime style of painting, it would be worth a challenge.
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Artstation is more like a job search site, I am not interested in drawing for money and I want to promote my story.

I'm trying pixiv right now, but there are even fewer views than my drawings on DeviantArt five years ago. It feels like a dead site.

Pinterest is a porn site.

Maybe I can do something on Twitter
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If your purpose is that, Twitter or Instagram will be fine.
I didn't like Twitter because there were so many aggressive people on Twitter.
If you're not afraid of malicious comments, Twitter will be a very attractive experience.
Anyway, I am happy to see your work continuously. Have a good day. Love
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I feel what they have now is working as it is! Being able to toggle Eclipse on and off.

To me, Eclipse is made for a mobile version, the vertical scrolling folders are great for swiping on a phone, but it pisses me off to have to move my mouse to the far side of the screen, wait for the arrow to show up, then click on it so I can see what they are hiding.

And I prefer to have pages rather than endless scrolling if someone's got a ton of artworks. It can be fun to go right back and see how much improvement has occurred over the years! Eclipse doesn't have that option.
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Hello, I am a software developer.

Unfortunately keeping two websites running side by side isn't economically viable. In truth, I'm surprised they had a toggle option in the first place. It triples the website running costs.

I am, however, not a fan of eclipse either. The UI is very awkward.

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Oh man, that's my hope gone! Thanks on your input though. I'm surprised even keeping two different layouts would be so costly!
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That's because below what you see. The UI, there are many different systems at work. The back-end code. They won't just need to maintain two layouts, they will need to maintain two instances of these services also. That's a lot of code, which take a lot of resources to keep running and keep live. Not just bug fixing, but also server resources as well.

For each service you have running on a server, that increases the costs.

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I have no doubt that these ****** will disable the old site. The worst part is that they do not care about the consequences, I am sure that they are aware of the opinions of the community.

DeviantArt no longer belongs to its creators and the team that works on the site sits on a salary and goes home in the evening. They just don't care what happens to the site it's just a job.
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XP the profiles look ugly and clunky and they all look the same and I LOATH the notification navigation - seriously hoping that they'll reconsider

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If you don't like Eclipse, stop giving DA money! End your Core. Ask for a Core refund. Call you bank and stop automatic withdrawals, chargeback or anything else that can be used to stop giving DA money. That is the only way to stop this!
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More likely then not if this goes down ill be ghosting this site mostly, do you have other social media i can follow?
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I have only DA
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And don't forget...

Thanks to all who support the old site.

The golden years are over anyways, but that would be the nail in the coffin, eh?

It just doesn't feel like "home" using Eclipse.

I hope they hear us...

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Individual companies have no obligation to listen to petitions. Only governments do.

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There are already two links to the petition, this is the third.
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