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King of humans

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Hello, humans! If you see a typo, please correct me.Emoticon: BowEzzo drawings are often difficult to explain, so let's focus.:) (Smile) 


The seekers are responsible for most of the incidents of disorder among the rest of the alien subspecies. Observing absurd things in human society, they amuse themselves with sometimes defiant and antisocial behavior. This little story is about how two aliens nearly paralyzed Lower Settlement and caused a small economic collapse.


One crazy day in the Settlement, the seeker, riding on the sweeper, walked onto one of the main roads. Walking along the road, the seeker declared himself the King of Humans, because


"I have the largest pelts on the planet."


After that, the seeker began to scatter toy objects that resembled gold nuggets or precious stones around him, saying that he wants his subjects to live well. Local residents were already used to the strange behavior of the aliens and did not pay attention to them, except that from passing cars curses were heard demanding to remove their huge ass from the roadway and stop littering on the road. After a while, the aliens really left in an unknown direction. After that, all the scattered toy stones were removed and thrown into garbage cans on the side of the road. It would have been the end of the story, but in the evening it turned out that the toy jewelry turned out to be quite real...


Because of this, Ark security service had to separate several massive fights that arose near the garbage cans.


The next day, King of Humans appeared again, but this time a large crowd of townspeople were already waiting for him. He began to throw jewelry around him again, creating a powerful crush. The demands of the guards to disperse were all ignored. In addition, the seeker began to throw gold nuggets into the helmets of the guards, shouting something like.


"Get on your knees!"


By the time it was decided to use special means to neutralize the aliens, such a large fighting crowd had gathered around King of Humans that it was impossible to do without the help of Knights. As a result, in order to remove the two impudent aliens from the street and disperse the crowd, security had to call in military equipment. The incident was soon settled, the aliens received a reprimand from the architects, and all the scattered jewelry was confiscated and disposed of so that it would not lead to inflation of luxury goods. Humans would be imprisoned for such actions, but aliens are allowed a lot, making allowances for the fact that they are an alien race.


So working for Settlement security is a headache. Literally.

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Fantastic work! The creature looks awesome! :la:

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Hmm... Power of thowing money at people :D

Maybe they should have arrangement on specific date for aliens to let loose from time to time... Like Halloween festival or sth = v =

OneOut's avatar

Don't try to restrict ezzo to human laws. It's useless.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

This happens here every year, it's called Carnival.

I think they should simply make this a regular event and explain that they should throw sweets and booze instead of gold. Everything else would work quite the same. And all the seekers could join in. At the end the aliens could consume the sweets and the humans their booze.

Only the sweepers would have some work next day. But they get to keep their decorations.

And some nanites would have to repair the collateral damage.

This is what is called cultural exchange!


That seeker is so cute.

OneOut's avatar

I'll show you one of the alien parties and you definitely wouldn't want to be there.

What did you mean by the nanites? You know more than you should.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

I used a electron microscope on your image, of course, to check for nanites. I know you are using them.

But I want to see the party first, before I decide.

OneOut's avatar

I don't want to draw guts-wrapped operators.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar


they probably look cute, too. Grisly, but cute.

As long as it isn't my own guts, I'm okay with that.

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There are other reasons why humans find it difficult to be around an alien party. We will see.

I already feel an overdose of aliens. Endure them for another month. -_-

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Maybe you'll need a change. You haven't done some vehicles for quite some time?

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Lol, I love this story.

It's cool how you portray the Ezzo's alien-like understanding of Humans. It's both funny and a little worrying. The duality makes the interaction very believable.

OneOut's avatar

In addition to the physiological difference, the aliens must also have a different set of spiritual and material values.

No matter how many humans built rockets and flew into space, they still have not managed to get rid of animal qualities

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Mystically Awesome

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But there is nothing mystical here, just another crazy day in the Settlement.:D

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This is really nice! I love the perspective, and it's an interesting scene you're portraying

OneOut's avatar

Thanks. The scene is really very voluminous, it took a lot of effort.:)

Jtafuri's avatar

Really dig the story - I love reading bits of worldbuilding/lore. Was the 'King of Humans' having a giggle, or were they legitimately trying to seize some sort of power?

OneOut's avatar

This is just a prank from an alien race.

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Seems like a good way to anger the humans

OneOut's avatar

Similar incidents happen here every day, so people are not very angry.:)

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