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Frozen Route


Machine translation is used here, if you see a typo correct me.Emoticon: Bow 

This time we will visit the most boring location of the Northern Meridian. In fact, this is a redrawing of this location, which I painted a few years ago. 
Frozen Route is just a railroad that runs across the surface and goes far to the south. It is also called the Greed Route, during this route you can find many T-crystals frozen into the ice, some greedy exalted with the help of vehicles tried to pull these orange crystals out of the ice, but sometimes thin ice cracked and they sank in ice water. So be careful. 

This location is not remarkable, except for ice caves and snow fields there is nothing here.

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I actually feel cold looking at this. Great work! 
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This is the sort of location that I could see being used in the story for some manner of scene were the characters could have boarded the trains as well (or infiltrated the vehicles, hidden amidst the cargo) in order to get to the other side of these railroads. Because you said there really isn't much other than the crystals in this place, it seems like the perfect location for the characters to discuss matters from within the train as they march towards their destination.
Also since the location in itself has no special features of its own, I can see some incident happening within the trains to surprise people when they least expect it, like stuff blowing up!  VinceWhyS by AchtIconoclast  
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Despite the fact that this is in itself a quiet place, the trains are well guarded, as the train can be attacked by the Ark Expeditionary Corps. Therefore, this is not the place where characters can easily hide, tell jokes to each other, drink beer and so on.
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It looks like the railroad was built before the ice covered the place, or am I mistaken?
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The road is relatively new. If people had been here before everything around was covered with ice, then they would surely manage to steal all the glowing crystals.Meow :3 
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But i can't help wondering if those trains only go one way and whenever they need to send a train they have to build a new one from scratch.
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I don't understand why build new trains from scratch
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because both tracks seems to be used to bring stuff out.
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I still do not understand.:D (Big Grin)  

From any train at the terminal station, you can disconnect the railway carriage and turn the train in opposite direction. This is not a secret scifi technology, there would be a traffic collapse if humanity could not turn back its trains.
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Perhaps i do not understand... Usually when there are 2 tracks one is reserved for direction-ward and the other is reserved for counter-direction-ward, all the trains going from A to B go on one of the tracks, all the trains going from B to A use the remaining track.
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Wow I really love it, I really love your landscapes, I really liked the texture of the rocks, it looks like real ice, incredible! :love:
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The most boring location came out the most successful.Meow :3 
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I really enjoy that dreamy glow that you add in all your work.

Very well done! :]
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Using the glow is easy to create beautiful drawings. This is a cheap trick.:D (Big Grin)  
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Hmm... This place does have a christmas vibe for some reason = v =
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If you add red to blue, you will get Christmas. Although the drawing has nothing to do with Christmas.
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This compels me to draw more stuff!!
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Inspiration is contagious.:) (Smile) 
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Mind blown!
It's true!!
Meme (Mind Blown) [V1] 
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Absolutely beautiful, it looks like an scene from a dream
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