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I praise Silent hill for giving me artistic inspiration. And for once, I spent more time on the background then on the actual characters.
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well lets go to see mother, uff escena de oro

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I love this scene!
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I remember this scene. Little Walter should have run the moment some creepy guy showed up.
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great job! it's intense
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:heart: :heart: :heart:
I love Walter Sullivan..!!!
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Walter is the best misunderstood psycho ever >w<

Great picture, the colours look very Silent Hill-ish and the way the older Walter is looking down at his younger self is really nicely done, his eyes are pretty *3*

I should play this game again while I'm on the artist block. After seeing this, it reminds me how much I've missed it...and Walter, I've really missed Walter D>
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Love Walter...he's creepy as hell. :nod: Among all the KH fanart, I didn't expect to stumble upon SH work in your gallery, but I love this! You really captured him... *spoiler* ...and his child counterpart. ^_^ Silent Hill definitely inspires, and for good reason. Nice work. :+fav:
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Oh man I got everything scattered around my gallery and scraps >_>;
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Great! Walter and his small self, I liked this scene in the game :)
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ahh just beat the walter meets young walter....very azsome pic straight down fave and maybe useing as my desk backround :3
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Sugoi, this is a very atmospheric piece, amazing job. I admire your drawing & background skills.
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Aw~ (kay can't really say aw xD) but I lurbed Walter so much xD The first time I saw him~ I wanted to cram him into a Wal*Mart plastic bag and duct tape him to my wall u.u *strokes* He's so cool. But of course ~_~ Henry was such a pie. (Yes pie O.o; because...why not :D)
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OMFG! INSTANT FAVE! That, is the best piece of Silent Hill fanart I have seen yet!
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Amazing work! Instant :+fav: ...The only thing I would like more (Seeing as I really love your picture already) would be a darker beard. Yeah. Looks like Walther's facial hair is pretty light in your picture. Nonetheless, great!
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oh my god. This is -so- gorgeous. The angle...the mood...the textures...the shading, its all so beautifully done ;;
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Shexy Walter... -Hums.- I like the angle of this one--you're looking up at him, so in essence Walter is hovering over the viewer like some sort of malevolent Jesus. He has this extremely vapid expression in his eyes... it makes you sympathize for him and sends a chill up your spine simultaneously.

Great job!
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Thanks a bunch. And it's hard to say when Walter -isn't- looking like Jesus.
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Very, very true. But Walter is just so cool that it ends up working for him as opposed to being silly. :heart:
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I adore the grunginess of the shading on Big Walt's coat, and for some reason Little Walt's hair really creeps me out o_o The piece sort of has an angry feeling to couple with its despair that runs rank in the whole game.
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i love your style. and suddenly, walter looks very... appealing. :XD: and again, :+fav:
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I think Konami did a better job in making him look sexier then I did. But his laugh needs to stop. ::Labels old man laugh on him::
swooky's avatar
haha... i know, i HATE that laugh!!! sounds like some corny clown, lol :lmao:
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wow, that looks like a portrait! =D The entire piece seems to have that awesome noise imagery like in the SH games. Walter looks exactly like his original Konami counterpart and the back of the kid's head is great. :XD: Awesome use of lighting and shading, too. Wow, I can only find positive things to say 'bout this pic. Great job! ^______^
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Oooh, very nice.. you captured Walter's creepiness very well *shudder* For the record, I found Henry much more attractive ;) Anyway, nice job, the bg radiates that eerie Silent Hill feeling. Great job! (I probably would've commented sooner, but I just finished the game a few days ago, so I thought I'd hold off ^^; hehe)
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