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ARTIFICIAL intelligence


E S craneos

over the clouds stock 3

created in ps7 and corel x7
thanx to all great stocks used
happy new year everyone
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Jan 28, 2015, 10:02:16 PM
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Gripping. Frightening. Telling. The color enhances and evokes the feeing of the piece.
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Artificial Intelligence we already have. It's the kind our Masters use instead of real intelligence. Synthetic intelligence is the real thing. A termite mound has synthetic intelligence as the result of being a cellular automaton with a functional rule set from which the 'intelligent' behaviour emerges. The resulting intelligence is real and builds air conditioned cities with indoor farms, but no individual termite 'has' this intelligence or knows anything about it. We may be close to emulating this kind of intelligence.

Thenthere is real, synthetic human intelligence, as apparently constructed, build, grown, programmed or deployed in The Mind Games The Mind GamesI was having a nightmare. I remember going to bed in London after resigning my position as a cog in the Wheel but can't even remember waking up again before finding myself here, in this picturesque little Italianate square with its well trimmed box parterres and a tinkling fountain, surrounded by quaint little shops with candy striped awnings. On the skyline there was a more imposing building capped by a verdigris coloured copper dome like a renaissance observatory.
"Where am I?"
"In The Village", said a voice I'd never heard before, speaking through the tannoys of some distributed public address system which made the voice seem to echo as if it came from everywhere and nowhere.
"Who are you?"
"The new Number two."
"Who is Number One?"
"YOU are #4,367,824,000,006... we'll call you 006, for short!"
"I am not a number. I'm a human being with free will..." After a brief interlude of sarcastically derisive laughter from the speakers I got in another question."Whose side are you on?"
. The unreliable narrator/anti-hero of the Mind Games is a man trapped in a nightmare... or is he?
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time my friend is the key to answers
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I need more time to finish Part 40, after which the book may start flowing again. As for the real, 'Hard Question' of consciousness, we might have most of the answer and still not know. That is What 'The Mind Games' is about.
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okay firstly wills say i not any a nostrodamus . honestly that art was inspired and i made it on a coment made by proffessor hawkins.
i basically took what he said and in visioned a piece of art to match . its a theory  to him for reasons that i aint anywhere a level of his intelligence . but i will admit that it depends a lot on how things work to evolve to the next unknown dimension . eg . cyber attacks its got to a stage that it can happen that only way of having a perrsonal identification may be to be tagged just like we see in those science fiction movies . next our planet who knows whats in storage for the future . the complexity of what may be neeeded to contrrol issues that only a machine can control .if so then who knows what may happen if  lets say a  virus or even human intention to create a disaster . so i kind of believe it but at same time do not have any more knowledge of why such a statement from a genius even if is wrongor right its still a statement .
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"Did you think that we would build a machine we could not fight?" ['Morphingus' speaking to the unreliable narrator of Mind Games Part Number TWO 'OUCH!' Mind Games Number TWO 'OUCH!'"!The Mind Games  2                      Ouch!
I could sense the damage almost at once and the pain followed a split second later. It was much more intense than I expected but duller, as if I'd hit myself with a tack hammer. I withdrew the pencil and glimpsed some bluish grey strands of something before my 'skin' closed up around the wound, leaving a puncture that leaked a slightly viscous translucent pink fluid. I was shocked and horrified, as well as bewildered. Without thinking I jabbed the pencil into the hand that Morphingus was even then bringing up in front of his face. He pivoted on his right foot and struck me with a low left jab that caught me just under the sternum.
Vagal inhibition kicked in at once and I bent forward and leaned on the desk, unable to draw breath. My left hand hurt like hell. I looked upwards at Morphingus as he retreated behind the computer desk and addressed the webcam above the flat screen.
. We're going to have to go carefully. At the moment we are 'trusting' mere scripted AI's to diagnose abdominal pain. Their score is 70% correct on average; about as good as a human diagnostician. Neural net type AIs can and will guide autonomous machines of many kinds. One of these is an insect sized flying machine with a neural net based on the honey bee visual system!
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again we cant tell the future my friend . are u saying that no machine ever built by a human has not destroyed another human or even responsible for loss of many .
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Not many truly autonomous machines have ever been unleashed in human space. Robot surgery by 'telepresence' is already a reality and so, alas, are killer drones; both guided in real time by real human beings. Cruise missiles, autonomous when fired but programmed by human agency, have been deployed and have killed people, as have 'smart' bombs and Exocet missiles. Some time ago I had a machine which some wag had emblazoned with an embossed plastic strip that read "THIS MACHINE KILLS". It was a typewriter. Using a machine not unlike this, Adolf Eichman arranged the deaths of millions of people and was tried and executed for it in Israel.

What the old science fictioneers did was plot trends, extrapolating from the known to theunknow. Suppose autnomous machines replaced the police when it came to violent crime, what would that be like? Robert Sheckley was telling his readers that in the 1950s The Watchbirds Were A Bad Mistake by aegiandyad , and Prof. Hawking is only just worrying about it NOW?
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it seems u have a better knowledge of this matter than me by your words as yu say . it seems u no like the picture and somehow have cause a bad vibe maybe or simplya debate maybe of wich u trying to educate me in what i dont know . like  i said it was inspired by his words . he not nostradamus . his reasons i cant even remember but he sees perhaps more than me . so i agree to a point tho cause no one knows . as for the machine police story written in 1950 that is not what i think he is meanng about this matter . its something else i cant dictate his reasons. if i offended yu with my art like i seem to have to a few people espcially on the religiious issue s. hey its a free world for one has the right to depict a point and portray it . if one disagrees and gets angry then learn to put things one no likes on the side of ones plate .rememver that movie 1984 george orwell me i dont read much i prefer visiual knowledge . somebrains learn with words others with images ,. we cant tell the future . 2025 a group of volunteeers off to mars to start a what ever . great humans are clever but also kind of stupid . the reasons prof hawkins has or forsees perhaps u know more than me . why i am debating and takin his side i cant actually explain cause i cant see what others see but i have a feeling if one can put it in simpleton way and that feeling inspired me to do that piece of art . so thats it game over you win buddy keep it to that .
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S.Hawkins may be right...:)
And your picture is very beautiful!
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Thumbs Up
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We were all so paralysed in the 80´s and 90´s. All doors were closed, a few wanted it like that. The world was ruled with fear. Modern industrial slavery. What next? A overloaded digitalism, which makes the powers just mad? Waaaah! 
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Whatever ever happen to Alvin Toffler's 'Future Shock'… ? Did everyone forget? I didn't.

Whatever happened to all those agent 'K's? [Korzybski*, Koestler^, Koffka, Kohler, Kafka, Kierkegaard, who told us so much? You don't remember? I do.



[the others are two 'Gestalt' psychologists and an existentialist philosopher.]

The 21st century grew directly out of the 20th, but the alleged 'progress' of mankind is gathering apace and.... the over whelming majority of actual men and women risk trailing a long way behind, in evolutionary and intellectual terms.
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there i agree with yur statement yes thats true yet to be finally seen i doubt inour time my friend
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I didn't mean to discourage or upset you in other comments. My contention is that a real AI would have to be so like a human mind that it would be dangerous NOT to give it a moral sensibility of a high order. It would be all to easy to built a clever machine that could go its own way and do a lot of damage. An autonomous cruise missile would already be possible. We need to know what it is that makes us human so that we can make our intelligent machines 'better' than human, not worse. We could go either way, is it to be SkyNet.... or The Culture?
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Damn right ...everything work and in darkness.
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If I may be honest, I think the top half of the image is extremely strong, and the bottom half is a disaster. It doesn't feel like a cohesive piece. I am curious what this would look like if it was cropped into a square from the top.
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okay i darkened the lower part i guess the shadow not enough
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