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By oneNK
Well, as I promised, I submit my final AVS LP

It contains 40 (!) presets + Intro as 000.

There is 8 (!) sides of this LP, here they are:

A side - my exclusive remixes of recycled/lost presets
B side - my re-thinks of my presets, was done specially for this LP
C side - my old versions of some presets
D side - my re-thinks of my presets, wasn't done for this LP
E side - my remixes of other's presets, wasn't done for this LP
F side - my old remixes of other's presets, best of all the time (IMHO)
G side - my refreaks of other's remixes of my presets

Plus special H side. There are 3 blank presets.
There will be 3 your remixes of my any presets.

And then, when you'll be done with your remixes, send it to me and I will compile the 2nd installment
© 2011 - 2021 oneNK
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1. did you get my remix?
2. when will you release the rest?
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yes, i've got your remix.
i dunno when i release the rest, cuz i haven't finished even a half. :(
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btw, no offence taken if you prefer not to include that mix - not my best work
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we know the pack is big but is very simple ,
but every preset has its particularity, that touch that makes it nice

40 is too much so,

A02 is better than 01 ( I remixed the 02 ( I liked it ( a lot ) ) )
B01 don't worked for me
I like the candy style in B03 but this color scheme doesn't fit very well
Man, the B05 is awesome! but 13.8 fps when the usual is >20... ( it's really necessary 4 conv. filters? )
B07 is cool, I liked the moves and the colors here.
B08 is nice, but have some hidden potential so, I remixed it.
nothing special in A03
mariana - like a girl I knew :D
C06 - nice colors
D03 - I love this style
D07 - like B03 but now you chose the right colors, I liked this one
hum, E02 is very pretty
yeah! E03,E05 and F01 are fnckin awesome - clean and nice remixes

I think is this,
CoOL Pack
any bad preset, so you can put in random and enjoy very much
hum, last LP, too bad
but more avs will come? I hope that
I'll send to you my remixes.
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thanks Gui, for fav and for comment (= when remixes will be?
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no problem
I sent the remixes to "onenk[at]hu2[dot]ru" in 13/april title: "H side"
oneNK's avatar
yeah i've seen the remixes, nicely done! your "unnamed" screenshot is like your remix of my ssmp =) i was surprised! thanks
GuiTwo's avatar
haha it's from there :D
InCUbuS-94's avatar
I'm amazed! I just love how you combine colors and shadows, I liked almost every single preset, and my remix, it's very cool! I'll fave this :)
oneNK's avatar
hooray! thanx a lot for comment and fav!
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quite a collection.. by the way, the image for C05 is missing from the installer.

The pack is too big to comment on every preset, but I think this will give a good description: :+fav:
I hope I can come up with something good for the H side
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yeah, i know, my bad. but if you delete the fx list with the Picture II in it, you'll still have a nice preset
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Please ignore my other comment, they're still there.
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Oh, it seems you've removed your previous installers from your mercenary2008 account and they're not on this account either. Where can I get your older stuff?
GuiTwo's avatar
really, not 20?
[ guitwo exploded ]
next week I comment
And i'll try to remix something :p
when are you thinking in release the 2nd installment?
oneNK's avatar
uh the 2nd installment will be up when i will be absolutely sure that every single preset is AWESOME (= this shouldn't be rushed
GuiTwo's avatar
course, course. expecting for it
InCUbuS-94's avatar
Gonna see this...

Ps. I like the new icon of our group :)
oneNK's avatar
glad you liked the icon
dynamicability's avatar
oneNK's avatar
heey thank you and thanks 4 fav (=
Grandchild's avatar
ooh let's see...
oneNK's avatar
aaaah looking forward for your comment :D
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