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one million pages
United Kingdom
One Million Pages is a collaborative project between avid (and not-so-avid) readers around the world who want to inspire others with their passion for reading. We believe that literature changes lives, and the root of that is a good book and a love for reading. Besides being fantastic food for thought, reading is hugely beneficial to many other facets of life: people who read are more likely to succeed in class, do well on entrance exams (especially those with essay portions), contribute to the community, exercise and ultimately become healthier, happier people.

Every month, we each try to read at least ten pages a day. At the end of the month, we count up the number of pages we've read for the month and add them together to figure out how much we've read collectively. In this way, we form a close network of readers who can recommend engaging books and push each other to read more. Our goal is to reach one million pages in less than a year, inspiring more people to read with us along the way.

In a highly developed world where even the poorest citizens have access to public libraries, there is no excuse for turning down the opportunity to broaden your perspective and find a book or books that change your life. We encourage you to try reading with us. Start by setting a goal of ten or more pages a day. If you're not sure what to read first, we have an extensive list of good books in our suggested literature (onemillionpages.artistoftomorr…). Let us know what you think--you are always free to contact us with any questions or suggestions, and remember to visit our main page (onemillionpages.artistoftomorr…) at the beginning of each month to enter your page count for that month.

To recap:

1. Read at least ten pages a day.

2. Keep track of how many pages you read each month. (An easy way to do this is by adding up the number of pages in the books you've read for
the month, i.e., turn to the last page, write down the page number and add these numbers for your total page count.)

3. At the beginning of each month, go to our main page (onemillionpages.artistoftomorr…) and enter the number of pages you read during the previous month.

4. That's all there is to it.

* One Million Pages is sponsored by Artist of Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and providing resources for artists and to broadening public understanding through art.


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