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One Million Pages is a collaborative project between avid (and not-so-avid) readers around the world who want to inspire others with their passion for reading. We believe that literature changes lives, and the root of that is a good book and a love for reading. Besides being fantastic food for thought, reading is hugely beneficial to many other facets of life: people who read are more likely to succeed in class, do well on entrance exams (especially those with essay portions), contribute to the community, exercise and ultimately become healthier, happier people. Every month, we each try to read at least ten pages a day. At the end of the mon
Here is a list of the current artists who are either supporting or taking part in One Million Pages. If you'd like to be one of them, simply note us saying so, and watch the club. # A B C Chaldemone ( D E F G H I HugQueen ( J K L M Mattiello ( N O P poshlost ( Q R S T U V W wonderfulrachel ( X Y Z
Staff poshlost ( wonderfulrachel ( Wanted -Manager of onemillionpages ( Stuff To Do - news article - spiel for writers-slam - watch-fest - alert lit GMs Stuff to go in journal - poshlost's introductory journal entry - section on community organisers - link to website - updated pagecount - counter for pagecount? - endorsement from GM's, seniors, etc Stuff to think about - some sort of favourites system - certain works are favourited? - book club - each month, a certain book is read and then reviews written / thoughts shared. encourages community reading. - above could be a contest - review contest? believe there wa


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