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Commission Work

I am open for commissions.

Check out my folder. It's fledgling now but there are a few pics in there. '

Obviously my forte is in the female wrestling world but as you can see, if you look around, it's not entrenched there. I'm happy to listen to what you may need. Send me a note and lets have a chat.

1 character - $10
2 characters - $15
3 characters - $20

I'm open for PayPal only



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Allison and Carla Chat
Allison was very excited.  For the second time in this battle her team had come back to tie.  All the girls, win or lose, were really in there giving it their best.    She was thrilled for them and if she was honest, herself.   She had purposefully front loaded her best fighters and it had mostly paid off.   In fact had it not been for Janie’s deceit against Cynthia she could argue that the plan had been a huge success.   She’d likely have her 4 wins and could just forfeit these last two to save some unwanted punishment.   Not that she was sure that was how it would go, she had faith in both of her remaining fighters, but they weren’t going to have the experience Katie’s fighters would have.  

She looked down at Carla as the two fight.  She looked ready and loose and confident.   She also had a look in her eye that said ‘Its my time now…. I owe someone one for nearly putting me on the shelf for a long time’.  No way she’d accept a forfeit.

“You look great” was all Allison could muster though

That brought a nice smile from Carla.  

“You mean the outfit or you looking for a date?”  always seemingly ready with a witticism.

“Just focus on the match.  You’ve worked hard to get here and you’ve proven yourself.  Don’t get too anxious to get your revenge though.   Let her come to you.  Use your speed and skills.  I’ve a lot of faith you can get this done.” Then added “you’ve had a good trainer, and your opponent isn’t nearly as good as her.”

“Oohhh…. Don’t you just have a high opinion of yourself??”

Allison laughed.

“Ready?” she said at the suddenly awkward silence.  The jokes had eased the tension.  They had that kind of rapport but it was time for seriousness 

Carla understood. 
“Im ready Ally.  She was part of the crew that injured me and Im pissed about that.  Lets see how fucking good she is when she isn’t taking cheap shots at me from behind.”
This was a side of her that Allison rarely saw.   She was ready and she was angry.  

“Good.  Harness that fury.  Lets go get you a meaningful win for us both!!”
Katie Sets The Tone
In the other locker room Katie had gathered her last two fighters for a little side session.   This, though, wasn’t just any two fighters.   These were her two most trusted cohorts.  Abagail Scott and Valerie Easley.   When Katie had attacked Allison, she had brought them knowing whatever went down they’d be there for her.  On the wrestling circuit they were nearly always together.  A trio that brought a lot of respect and fear to the rest of the roster.  They weren’t above doing what was necessary to secure wins for each other.  

“Alright, ladies.  I had hoped to have this thing wrapped up by now, but I admit some of Allison’s girls have some spunk.  But that time is done.   She’s played all of her best fighters. You two are mine.  It’s time to send a message.  I want this thing wrapped up before I fight my…” Katie took a moment to make sure the disdain was clear

“… sister.”

“Do what you have to do.  Punish her last two girls, but I want wins.  Decisive and demoralizing wins.   You two are wins number 4 and 5 for me.   That’s all I need.  When my match with her comes I want no distractions.   I want to make her pay for both her mother’s disloyalty to my father and, quite frankly, because I want her broken.  I want to bend the rules.  I want to beat her down.  I want to administer pain.  I can do all of those things if I need a victory, but it will be so much more enjoyable if I don’t.  She’ll have nothing to fight for.  She’ll be easy pickings.   Im going to make her suffer either way, but to have free reign?  Well you’ve seen me when I have that.”

“With pleasure.” Valerie said.  She knew she wasn’t up next but was ready to go now.  She was a vicious bruiser.  The sort to prolong a match just to dish out more pain.  

“You bet… I look forward to this.” Added Abby.  “It’s going to be awesome delivering a victory for you.”

They looked at each other and all three mouths twisted into a knowing and wicked smile.

“Great, then we understand one another.” Then Katie pointed a finger at the British fighter “Abby, you first.  Go bring some pain and get me a win.  Any means necessary.”

Abagail spun on her heal and left the locker room, message absolutely received.  
Again, see earlier post.

Im not a fan of these but the person that sent me this thinks enough of me (and I of him!) to include me so Im answering the questions.  I am finding it sort of fun to think about these questions so it wasn't a sharp stick in the eye like I thought it was going to be.  I wont tag anyone but I might eventually round up some questions for the general public.

#1: If you were going to Wrestle Somebody for a Charity Event, who would it be and why?
The why is easy… its for charity.  A chance to raise a little money for a worthy cause is always worth it.  The who?  Yikes I have no idea.  Can I just say Trish Stratus (for obvious reasons) or is that a cop out?  I’d be the worst worker of all time for sure.  Was always a huge fan of Sting back in the day so I’ll go with him

#2: Favorite Catchphrase (can be from Anything) and why?
Im not sure I have one, but if something were to pop into my head and be used Im certain there would be cursing involved.

#3: Favorite Thing of all Time?

This is a pretty broad statement so Im going with a different answer than you’d expect.   Im an organ donor so everything else sort of pales in comparison for me.

#4: If there was anybody you could go back in time to meet who would it be and why?
I’ve thought about this one a lot.  I always come back to Thomas Jefferson. (though to cheat a little I’d take that whole cast of characters from the original colonies.  Great men!) Much of what early America was can be attributed to his vision.  

#5: Favorite Musical Genre if you have one?
I’ll toss out a certain British Progressive Rock group and their early musical compositions that to me is some of the best music ever written and I’ll give the tried and true ‘Classic Rock’ as an answer.

#6: If you could commission a Written Piece of your Character taking somebody on in a match/Fight who would it be?
I have many characters and I cant think who any of them would want to match up with.  As some point in time though Liz and Vikki are going to have to cross paths.  There are some feelings there for sure.  Liz is going to look great with blue hair when all is said and done!!

#7: Weirdiest T.v. show, video game, book, movie that made you think 'Fuck this shit I'm out'?
Im not sure I have anything I’d call ‘weird’ but I do have some head scratchers.   Why on earth would anyone watch just about any reality TV show, but Im going to single out ‘Big Brother’.   I’ve never watched a second of it but commercials tell me it has to be the dumbest thing Ive ever seen.  Mix that in with the Rhodes Scholars they find to put in that house and it’s pretty much ‘Fuck It… Im out’.  

#8: If you were to see an extinct creature like a Megalodon for example what would your reaction be?

I assume you mean extinct like dinosaur and not like the white rhino that is about to die off because of poaching.   I think if I saw something like that I would hope it would be reported on the news first.  “Megalodon spotted in Indian Ocean”.  My reaction would be simply, “I guess Im not going to the Indian Ocean”.

#9: Mud Wrestling, Nude Wrestling, Oil Wrestling, Apartment Wrestling or Pro Wrestling? (running out of ideas)
Apartment wrestling is ok, but Pro Wrestling.   I don’t like what today’s ‘Entertainment’ is so I don’t watch it but  in the past it was well worth following.  

#10: Favorite Actor/Actress? (They don't have to be currently Alive)

Hmmm… good one. Im more into a movie than a particular actor/actress.   Clint Eastwood is fantastic, and I’ve always thought if Brad Pitt or Leonardo showed up in a movie it was worth watching.  Actress I don’t know why but every time I see the late Grace Kelly in a movie I can not get over how stunning she was.   I always stop if I see a movie with her in it.  

#11: Hugger or not a Hugger? (like I said running out of ideas)
As I’ve gotten older… hugger for sure.  

#12: Ultimate Vacation Destination?
I was recently talking about this one.  Australia for sure.  Cant explain it, I’ve always wanted to go.  Until they invent foolproof teleportation though I cant see me ever getting there!

Thanks LenStormcrow1988 for including me.  These were fun questions to think about and certainly there were one or two that I had to circle back around to.  Nice job!


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