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Ever since I came into this site I've always been a follower/watcher or whatever you think is similar to it until a few years ago I had an idea. This idea have something to do with my OCS, and hopefully I would try show this idea or at least non-relate ideas that I could post into my gallery this year (2017). Until that day comes I been buying commissions from Artists to show my OCS.

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Today I turn 25, and a lot of emotional feelings are overflowing to me.  Don't worry I'm fine, I'm just amaze how far I gotten into life so far.  I'm looking forward what's the future holds for me, since I'm slowly developing my cast either from Protocol: Preserve or other projects that I'm working on.  I'm trying my best to make each of my cast members to be different from each other, and I hope that you guys will like them as much as I do.  

But enough with that, just yesterday I saw Deadpool 2 with my best friend and I enjoyed watching the film.  It's a good squeal for what it is however I don't believe it's good enough to be compare like Aliens or Toy Story 2 for example.  From that being said I believe DP2 gives me hope what the third movie is going to be like if this one turns out well in the box office.  Along with the new cast members now joining side with Deadpool cause in this movie they sure did leave impact on me.

I finally I got myself a twitter account if you guys want to follow me here is the link

That is about it you guys until then take care.


Mature Content

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Ara made even more illusionary clones of herself in an attempt to further distract the Pheromosa, making sure that all she’s hitting are clones Ara placed in her mind instead of her, knowing full well that at the breakneck speeds Keo was attacking with, a kick would instantly knock her out, or at least render her unable to fight.
“Hold still!” Ara said while trying to concentrate.
She once again opened a miniature black hole to keep the Pheromosa steady. This allowed Ara to dish out some good telekinetic punches to the bug.
In Keo’s perspective, an Ara clone was dealing blow after blow on her face as she ran in place to avoid being pulled into the gravity well of the black hole.
As the wormhole disappeared, Keo struck her attacker, only to phase right through her.
“Enough mind games! If you want to fight me for his love, do it face-to-face!”
“He loves ME! You’re the one I should be saying that to.”
“But I’m destined for him! He’s MINE!”
Keo went into overdrive and started running up to every clone, one by one giving one a quick kick before moving on to the next.
Ara tried to read Keo’s mind to predict where she was going next, but Keo was thinking too fast for Ara to properly read. By the time Ara had one thought read, Keo was already done executing it and was moving on to the next.
Ara’s concentration was broken when Keo suddenly delivered a flying kick to her gut, sending the Gardevoir crashing into the wall of her own home with enough force to leave a crater.
With her psychic concentration broken, all the double team clones of her disappeared just as Ara fell face-first on the ground. Keo landed feet away before standing up with a smirk.
“See? I am his one true love. You fought well, but just give up.”
Ara slowly rose up with a light blue aura around her, her eyes glowing in the same color.
“I… Will not GIVE UP!”
Ara pushed Keo back several feet by using a massive telekinetic pulse that even made the nearby trees bend and sway in response.
“Now you made me REALLY mad. Big mistake, little bug!”
“Okay… Round two then!”

Meanwhile, back on Ula-Ula Island, Kaho was still waiting for his new extra-dimensional “Soulmate”.
“Hmm… So… If a Soulmate is like a girlfriend… Does that mean I have two girlfriends?” Kaho pondered to himself. “If that’s the case… Will I be able to have time for both of them?”
Kaho didn’t know that having more than one girlfriend was unusual. He had been so out-of-touch and sheltered on the subject of romantic relationships that he had no idea that having more than one girlfriend wasn’t a normal thing.
As the Mimikyu just sat there, thinking about his current situation, he soon grew weary and restless.
“Hmmm… Maybe I can make a quick check for those Apicots. Just so that I can tell Keo if we’re gonna pick or not by the time she does get back. I don’t wanna waste her time, after all.”
Kaho stood back up and walked off, leaving his baskets on the tree he sat by. But in his little quest, Kaho didn’t notice a large stone slate with seemingly abstract shapes on it. Unbeknownst to him, those shapes meant something to someone.
High above Ula-Ula, near the mountain peak, was a ruined stone castle. Its walls and ceiling had a few large holes from the generations of snowstorms and erosion, allowing the snow to fall inside. Any grandiose that it may have had was no more, all that was left in the interior were grey stone walls, rusty chandeliers, and torn silk banners. The only source of light in the castle were the rays of sunlight that creeped in though the holes in the walls and ceiling, and fires lit in fireplaces by the one sole resident that still called this decrepit place home: A massive Alolan Ninetales that was fifteen meters in height with cool lilac-colored fur was drawing on the walls of her room with a charcoal pencil in its maw. The stone walls of her room had many drawings across its surface, most of them being those same abstract shapes on the rock slate down where Kaho was. However, those shapes weren’t just random abstract shapes; they seemed to be plans and strategies of some sort. As for what the Ninetales was currently drawing on her wall, it was none other than a portrait of the Kaho himself! Just as the canid finished her drawing, she felt a small presence entering her mountain territory...
“Hmmm? Could it be?” She questioned to herself as she put down her pencil.
“I cannot ignore it. If there is even the slightest possibility of it being him, I must take it.”
She stood up on all four legs and opened the large wooden door that seemed to be accommodating of her unusual size.
“And if it is him… He will be mine…”
She sprinted out of her room, running past the once grand castle halls, and burst through the wooden gates into the freezing outside to begin her short decent down the snowy mountainside.

While that happened, the battle between Ara and Keo still raged on, now with both parties trying their absolute best to win.
The Pheromosa jumped high into the air to execute a high drop kick on the Gardevoir, but as she was pulled back down to the ground by gravity, she was suddenly stopped midair just inches away from hitting the psychic. And at that very moment, when Ara’s glowing eyes looked at Keo with a smirk plastered on her face, she realized that she made a huge mistake. With her telekinesis, she started smacking the Pheromosa on the ground multiple times, occasionally pausing for three seconds to give her opponent a breather before resuming the beatdown. After smacking her enough times to dig up a large hole in the dirt that was about two inches deep, Ara threw her adversary against a nearby tree. Not even the Keo could withstand a beating of that magnitude, so she lie on the ground, bruised up and holding her side in pain.
“Okay… That… Not gonna lie… That was a critical hit…” Keo sputtered out.
“So, are you ready to stop and tell me the real reason you’re here?!” Ara said as she floated towards her and loomed angrily above him.
“N-No… I can’t lose! I love him too much to los- AGH!”
Keo stood up and tried to punch Ara with her free hand, but the pain in her side was just too much for her to bare.
“P-Please… You can’t take him away from me! I looked for so long for him… I-I can’t lose him! I Just got him…”
Keo dropped down to her knees and fell face-first.
Ara sighed, feeling pity for the strange insect as she begged at her feet.
“Okay, Drama Queen… Let’s get you to a center and THEN you can explain what the hell is going on.”
The glow in Ara’s eyes faded and she lifted up Keo with her telekinesis once again, but this time, started flying into town with the Pheromosa in tow.

At the Pokémon Care Center, an Audino nurse was reading an article on a Delcatty that was supposedly in a relationship with a Wailord at the reception table when suddenly Ara came through the sliding doors with Keo in her telekinetic grasp.
“I need healing! But for her.” Ara announced.
“Oh my! What happened to h- wait a minute… what is she?” The nurse replied whist getting a gurney for Ara to place Keo on.
“What do you mean? She’s from here, isn’t she?” The Gardevoir asked as she placed the now unconscious Pheromosa on the gurney.
“I have never, ever seen a Pokémon like her before.” She said whist securing Keo to the gurney. “And I've worked at Centers in MANY Regions. Even the Ferrum and Orre Regions don't have Pokémon remotely like her. She’s definitely not from Alola, I can tell you that.”
“Well… That explains the super speed… Kinda.”
“Okay then… I’ll have to take note of that. But Regardless! She seems to be a Bug type, so I’ll take her to the exoskeleton assessment room. How did this happen?”
“She just came to my home and attacked me! I had to defend myself.”
“Explains the little bruise on your belly… Nurse Hap?” She called out.
Soon a tiny Ribombee flew out from a doorway to the Audino nurse.
“Yes, Nurse Joy?” She replied while hovering just above the Audino.
“Please apply a standard medical potion on her visible injuries, then conduct a full checkup to make sure she isn’t going to have complications while I’m assessing this one.”
“Yes Ma’am!” She said with a salute before turning her attention to Ara. “Follow me, patient.”
The Ribombee guided Ara away as Nurse Joy took Keo to another room.

While the two Pokémon were being cared for, the enormous lilac and white-furred Ninetales was running down the mountain with both haste and grace. On occasion, she would fire a beam of cryonic energy from her maw to make a platform or slide made of ice for her to keep her momentum going. She was utterly determined to catch Kaho, and nothing was going to stop her from getting what she wants. It didn’t take her long before she was finally at the mountain’s foot.
“Alright, just like I planned…”
She stopped just before reaching the area where the woods and mountain foot met.
“Seal exits…”
She walked towards the tree line and fired an icy beam at the trees before walking around the perimeter, intending to fence her target in, giving Kaho no chance to escape.
The Mimikyu was completely oblivious to the Ninetales’ activities as he searched for his rare berry trees, however he did feel as if the air around him was gradually cooling down.
“Oh… Oh no… The ice monster! It’s close by…” Kaho thought as the temperature around him started dropping. “I need to get back to where I said I’d wait for Keo.”
He started backtracking from where he whence he came, temperature around him cooling faster this time. For Kaho, the day went from pleasantly warm to air conditioned cool in just a few moments. He knew that this was a telltale sign of the monster getting dangerously close.
The Mimikyu had always managed to evade capture from the ice monster that he almost always ran into when entering the woods by the mountain’s foot, but there was a slight uneasiness in this occasion. Mostly because nothing had yet to be frozen around him, yet for some reason, the temperature was still plunging.
But upon nearing the tree line, the clearing was blocked by a gigantic wall of blue ice that had trees and other foliage frozen inside.
But before he could think of a way around, an ice beam flash froze the tree beside him!
Kaho started running alongside the wall, hoping to Arceus that he would be able to see where it would end or some way to get around it.
“Come On! Come On! Come On! Come On!”
He kept running just ahead of the beam as it continuously froze everything behind him.

Keo suddenly snapped awake, still in slight pain but definitely better than she was prior to being taken to the Care Center.
“Ugh… Damn… I haven’t been beaten that badly since… Ever… The one person I strove to protect and I can’t…” she said before folding her petite legs and burying her face into her knees.
“Well maybe you shouldn’t have underestimated the person HE chose to be his GIRLFRIEND then!” Ara telepathically yelled in her mind.
Keo sighed. “Here to gloat?”
“No. Well… Maybe a little. But my point is, I wanna ask a few questions.”
“I suppose there’s no other answer but ‘Yes’, so… Go ahead…”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Keonaona… I’m what your people call an ‘Ultra Beast’; A Pokémon from a different dimension.”
“I have never heard of the term ‘Ultra Beast’. But thanks for explaining it, I guess.”
“I just heard it from a group going around the island, okay? Anyway… My kind, specifically, emit pheromones to draw folk to us and use them for things. But when we come of age, we emit a constant scent that’s undetectable to anyone… except… our lifelong partners. I have searched dimension after dimension for my soulmate for so long… and Kaho was the only one to have ever detected it. That’s why I was so… defensive…”
“More like offensive…”
“Admittedly, yes. However, you have bested me in combat and even took me here to be healed… Some real salt in the wound…”
“And that is why you don’t mess with a Near-Master Psychokinetic Telepath like me.”
“Well… At least I know Kaho will be well-defended with you as his betrothed.”
“Whoa! Whoa there, little bug! We-we Just became a confirmed thing yesterday! We’re not engaged or anything! Y-Yet… But regardless, that isn’t how things work here when it comes to relationships. If anything, it’s Kaho that decides who he wants to be with! Not you, and not me. It’s HIS decision.”
“I suppose…”
“Speaking of… Where is Kaho?”
“I dropped him on Ula-Ula. Said he wanted to check out if the Apicot berries were grown and ripe yet.”
“Alright, good. You wanna get outta here and check in on him… WITH ME?”
“Uuuuuuhhhhh…” Keo was deeply unsettled by the last part of what Ara projected in her brain. “S-Sure… Maybe then we can ask him some question- Hoooooo! Whoa!” Keo suddenly felt a chill shoot up her spine, something too cold to be the air-conditioning of the center.
“You okay, bug? I can feel a sudden spike of activity in your head there.”
“I’m fine! But… Something’s wrong… With Kaho!”
“I can feel it! He’s afraid… And VERY… Cold… No time to explain! No time to hurt! We gotta move!”
Keo got out of the hospital bed and walked to the lobby, ignoring the pain in her midsection and thighs before seeing Ara face-to-face once again as she entered the next room.
“Look. I haven’t done anything to warrant you to trust me. But…If you love Kaho, then you need to come with me! I’m not in the best shape.” She said hesitantly to Ara.
Ara floated up off the chair and into a standing position before getting extremely close to Keo.
“Fine, but if you try anything stupid, don’t expect me to bring you to this center again.”
“Let’s go then! Kaho needs us.”
The two head towards the door, but just as they looked at each other and nodded, Nurse Joy called out behind them.
“Um… I understand that this is a moment between you two, but she still needs treatment.” The Audino said as she pointed at Keo.
“Sorry Doc, there’s no time. She’s coming back for treatment later though.” Ara replied.
“Well if you’re gonna go on a mission, at least take these.”
She walked up and gave the two one healing potion each.
“Thanks Doc. I’ll pay later!” said Ara in a hurry.
With that, the new duo exited the Care Center to find their lover.

Back in the now frozen forest, Kaho was completely cornered. No way to go but up the mountain as the ice walls seemed to be getting taller and thicker each time he runs past a section. All he could do now was hide himself in a hollowed out tree and hope the monster he feared would not find him.
As the outside world was filled with sounds of ice beams freezing the surrounding area, all Kaho could think about was how the monster was acting so differently compared to the other close encounters he’s had. The monster would usually chase him and only on occasion blast an ice beam to his side. He always wondered why the beam would never hit him, but the Mimikyu could not fathom the thoughts of a giant monster that was taller than most trees.
“It’s much more organized now… What does it want with me?”
But then, Kaho felt the tree he was in getting pushed, he could hear the wood creaking as his world was suddenly jarred.
“Please don’t see me! Please don’t see me! Please don’t see me!”
But little did Kaho realize, the giant Ninetales was fully aware he was in the tree, and was very adamant to get her prize from inside.
She made the tree lean at an angle by simply placing her right forepaw on it and applying some pressure, thinking that it would not be long for her little treat to come out.
“It’s finally time! Come out now so I can get a good look at you. No use in hiding little one, I know you’re in there.” The Ninetales commanded from high above.
“P-Please! Please stop!” Kaho managed to squeal.
Upon the Mimikyu’s plea, she removed her paw from the tree, allowing him to come crawling out and bear witness to the “monster” that he had run from many times before. Unexpectedly however, all Kaho saw was a giant lilac fox smiling at him while lying flat on the ground.
“Miss?! You need to leave here! There’s a monster in these woods!” Kaho said, oblivious to the fact that the Ninetales is the monster he was afraid of.
“Oh really? Well if you haven’t noticed, I’m quite large. So I’m sure I can defend myself.”
“But what if you get frozen?!”
“Oh, I can’t be frozen. I’m an Ice Type myself, you know, you little cutie pie.” She said playfully.
“Well… Uh… Would it be too much to ask for you to look out for the both of us?”
“If it’s protection you want, I have the perfect place! Would you like me to take you back to my castle?”
“You own a castle?”
“I’m a descendent of the original owners. So yes, I own it. Now crawl up on my head. I’ll keep you warm while I make the ascent up the mountain, away from this dreadful place.”
As Kaho climbed up her face, the Ninetales thought about just how well her plan was going.
“Finally! He’s mine, all mine, him and all his cute charm and obliviousness! I can’t wait to take him back home!” She joyously thought to herself as Kaho tucked himself in the fur on the top of her head.
“Ready, cutie pie?”
“I guess I am.”
“Hold tight, because I can run up this mountain just as fast uphill as I can slide downhill.”
“I’ll be sure to hold on. It’s really soft here.”
“I’m glad you like my fur. But without further ado…”
The Ninetales then leaped high into the air and towards the mountain, landing gracefully at the edge where snow starts to begin before striding up the mountain with her precious passenger.
“I forgot to ask.” Said Kaho, as he was lightly jostled and bounced around by each of her massive strides across the snowy land. “What’s your name?”
“My name is Nuikī. But you can refer to me as simply Nui if you wish.”
“It’s very nice to meet you, Nui! I’m Kaho.”
“Oh, the pleasure is all mine! I assure you...”

Almost fifteen minutes after Nuikī’s ascent began, Ara, and her new companion Keo, Arrived on Ula-Ula after having flown over from Mele-Mele, and started running to where Kaho was last. Keo couldn’t run as a result of her injuries still healing over, so Ara had to carry her over to the island. However, as they pass through Ula-Ula’s main city area, more and more of the island’s residences and tourists were looking as the two.
“Come on! He’s this way.” Keo stated as she lead Ara, whom was levitating behind her.
“A ‘Thank You’ for flying you here would have been nice…” Ara thought to herself as she followed the bug.
But the two were abruptly stopped by a crowd of various Pokémon, some of which approached them and started asking questions whist the others gawked and stared.
“Why hello tall, pale, and beautiful.” A Scyther said while bowing in front of Keo.
“Excuse me, I don’t really have the time.” Keo replied, but as she tried moving aside, the Scyther blocked her with one of his arms.

“Hey! I know you!” A Leavanny said to Ara. “Didn’t you used to be some kinda model? I’d love to know more about fashion.”
“Uuuuh… I think you’re mistaken, I’ve never been a model!” Ara said while backing away.

“I have half a mind to kick you across the road!” Keo threatened the Scyther blocking her way.
“Feisty! I like ‘em with a little bit of fire… Girl, I have never seen anyone like you before and hoo-boy you are a fine one to look at.” He said while getting extremely close to Keo, trying to put the moves on her.

“I own quite a few old magazines, and I’ve been to a few contests myself. I’m pretty sure you’re who I think you are! Though, you gained a little bit of weight…” The Leavanny insisted while curiously poking Ara's tummy.
“Hey! I didn’t gain that much weight!”  Ara blurted out.
“So you are her! I knew it!”
“No! I-I Mean! Ugh…”

“Back away or I will be forced to strike you.” Keo threatened as she pushed the Scyther away.
“Heheheheheh, you know what? Gimme your best shot! I been in competitive brawlin’ for years now, I doubt you can even scratch m-”
Keo then promptly performed a backflip kick, hitting the Scyther in the jaw with her outstretched foot and set him flying into the air. The crowd around them all simultaneously winced as they watched him fly from the powerful kick.
“KEO!” Ara shouted.
“What? He asked for it…” She replied flatly.
The Scyther flew up and started plummeting to the ground, but quickly recovered and caught himself with his wings just before hitting the ground.
“Oooookay… That… That hurt…” He said before setting himself back on the ground.
“I think he’s coming back for more…” Keo said as she spotted the Scyther dashing towards them.
“I can’t fight like how I could earlier. Ara, can you help me out here?” Keo asked as she turned to the Gardevoir.
“Why did you hit him in the first place?!” Ara spouted as she stepped forward and pointed a finger at the approaching Scyther, immediately all movements from the reptile-like mantis ceased, much to the astonishment of the crowd.
“He asked for it…”
“And you obliged him? Keo, you can’t just attack people that annoy you! No matter how good it may seem to take a swing at them sometimes…”
Ara then pulled the frozen, but still conscious Scyther, towards Keo. He eyes were still rapidly looking around as that was the only thing he could do.
“Apologize so we can move on!”
“Why? He was being rude and pushy.”
“Just apologize!”
“Alright!” Keo looked at the Scyther and showed off a fake grin. “Sorry, but you’re just not my type. I already have a boyfriend, which I am currently trying to rescue. So if you would kindly stay out of my way, I will not deliver another kick to your person.” She then looked to Ara with her previous flat expression. “There, you happy now?”
Ara then turned the unruly Scyther towards her. “And if you even THINK about attacking or following us when I release you from this Psychic Lock, I’ll reduce your thought capacity to that of a potato! And as for you…” Ara pointed to the Leavanny amongst the crowd.
“Oh, uh… N-no need to bother with me!” She said, now fearful of what Ara may do to her.
However, the Gardevoir established a link to her mind and gave the Leavanny a mental list of her personal favorite fashion creators.
“Just make sure you don’t mention this to anyone else, okay?” She telepathically said to her.
“O-Okay. Thanks.” She said dumbfounded by the whole situation.
“Okay, now back to you… I’m going to release you and I’m walking away with my not-friend and none of you follow.”
She released him and the Scyther collapsed onto the ground.
“Come on Keo!” Ara said while stretching her right hand to the Pheromosa.
The pale roach took her hand and was lifted up into the air as Ara levitated upwards and onwards.

But while the two frenemies were making up for wasted time, Nui had arrived at her castle with Kaho.
“Woooooooow… I’ve never been in a castle before…” The bewildered Mimikyu said as he looked around the interior of the huge stone structure.
“It’s… not as grand as it once was I’m afraid, apologies.”
“It’s okay. I never knew there was ever a castle here on the mountain though…”
“Well it has been a long time since I’ve had visitors. It’s been like… What? A hundred years or so? I lost count.”
“A hundred years?!”
“Yes, us Ninetales are known to live extensive lives! And so I have kept watch of this castle for as long as I remember…”
“Where are your parents?”
“I… I don’t know. They left me to keep watch of our homestead. They last informed me that they’d return as soon as they have taken care of some issue on another island. But…They never came back…”
“Oh… I’m so sorry.”
“Oh, it’s quite alright. I have had the entire castle to myself and have educated myself thoroughly using the amassed knowledge at my personal library.”
“That’s… Nice?”
“Yes, quite. Now, would you like anything, little cutie?”
“Um… Just some warmth. I already ate breakfast.”
“I’ll have a flame kindled immediately. While I do so, would you like to be set back down? I’ll allow you to explore my home, though I ask that you don’t wander too far from me, please.”
“Okay, and yes please.”
Nui lowered her head, allowing the Mimikyu to slide down her snout off her and onto the cold stone floors.
“Thank you for being such an understanding guest, Kaho. Now just wander about as you please, just keep within reasonable distance to me.” Nui stated.
“Okay, thank you!”
As Kaho ran off, Nui walked over to the grand hall’s fireplace. And after placing sufficient tinder for the flame, she used her ice beam and Psychic powers to then make a lens made of ice with a handle for her to bite on.
Using the rays of the sun that seeped in though the holes in the ceiling of her castle, she focused the light to a single point and managed to get a fire going.
After setting the fireplace alight, she took a step away from the fireplace and lay down on the floor.
Near-instantly, Kaho ran up to her snout and looked at the huge Ninetales.
“Yes Kaho? I thought you wanted to look around.”
“Well I wanted to ask you a few more questions. If that’s alright with you, of course.”
“Of course it’s alright! I want you to know me as much as I want to know about you.”
“Well, if it’s okay with you. What happened to your family?”
“Well… Ever since I was young, I was left here to watch over the castle from time to time. One day, they told me that there was a disturbance that they needed to look into on the next island over. So they left me. But… They never came back. And so, I have lived here and awaited their return.”
“Oh… I’m so sorry.”
“It’s alright. I do wonder where they could be… I tried looking for them decades ago, but… Nothing. So there’s nothing but the castle now for me.”
“I’m sorry to hear that…” Kaho said, regretting that he even asked her such a painful question.
“Well, regardless. I found ways to keep myself busy while up here on the mountain most of my life. Like the aforementioned library. And well… You… When I first laid eyes on you.”
“Hmmm? Have we met before?”
“Well, I wouldn’t say that we have met before. But certainly we’ve encountered one another a few times prior. I have to tell you the truth, that I am the so-called ‘Ice Monster’ you so feared.” She said with slight regret in her voice.
“What? But… You seem so nice! Why would you blast me if you were the monster then?”
“I do truly and whole-heartedly apologize for my transgressions against you… But… Well… I don’t know how to interact with people.”
“This empty castle is proof enough of that. I am quite alone in life, and due to my family’s disappearance… They never taught me how to interact with people. Not to mention that when I did go down to try and investigate why my family disappeared, the people were… Acting so strange around me. They worshipped me as if I was some kind of deity. I figured that that’s how the rest of my family was treated, but I personally don’t like being surrounded by Pokémon that wish to touch my fur for good luck. It was… Quite overwhelming.”
“Still, why did you just start blasting me?”
“I wanted you to stop. I wanted to get a good look at you, but… I didn’t have the confidence to muster the words then. So I just shot beside you, making sure never to hit you, hoping that you’d stop and maybe we could converse. But this time, I made a plan and I have the heart to speak to you. So here we are.”
“Well… What now then?”
“Now? Well… Ever since I first saw you, I’ve been meaning to ask… What are your thoughts on alternate costumes?” Nui said in an attempt to brighten the subject matter.
“Alternate costumes?”
“I realize that you are a Mimikyu. And from what I have read, you wear a costume to imitate the outward appearance of the Pikachu species. Now what if you had many costumes that look different?”
“Well… I made this one myself… But I guess I can be open to change costumes sometimes. This thing is getting pretty old.”
“I have many ideas for designs in my room! Would you like me to show you?”
“Um… Sure.”
Nui’s eyes lit up, and she smiled widely.
“Alright! Let’s head to my room where I can show you all the wonderful drawings I made! I’m sure you’ll love them! Climb on!”
Kaho once again climbed onto her head. After he was on, Nui stood back up on all four legs and walked briskly towards her room. The both of them unaware of whom were about to come crashing in soon.
A Mimikyu's Charm Chapter 6
New Enemies are fighting for their rights to claim Kaho as their new lover, Kaho is being hunting down.  Who is this being who wants with Kaho and how does she knows him? Will the girls figure out that their love is in danger?

:iconthepunkdective: - Writer, Co-Creator, Co-Conceptualist
:icononeitvan: - Co-Creator, Co-Conceptualist
:iconwolverine959: - Main Editor, Co-Conceptualist

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“What in the Hell?! What’s this… Feeling?!” Keo said as she shot awake in her cache, her heart beating faster than usual and her face blushing.
“Oh no… No no no! He’s found another! I need to go to him no-“
But before Keo could act, she heard the deafening sound of thunder boom outside, and the rain still pouring.
“Damn! As soon as this storm passes, no more excuses! I’ll just confront him, introduce myself, and he’ll be mine!”
She was now extremely tense and concerned, knowing that Kaho might have just found another woman to love. This made Keo reflect on her years in Ultra Space. The early years in her home dimension had hardened her young heart, as she thought to herself that she may never find her soulmate. Plenty of Buzzwole had tried to impress and betroth her in the past, but she knew that if none of them could smell her “Soul Scent”, then none of them were truly meant for her. During those times, Keo believed there was something wrong with her, and these thoughts escalated further upon seeing her friends and family find their soulmates. However, it all changed upon encountering the strange phenomena known as Ultra Wormholes.
That day started her dimension-jumping adventures, which allowed her to loosen up, gain some confidence, and hone her fighting skills. However, a part of Keo still wondered if she would ever find the soulmate destined for her. She spent many nights on numerous alien worlds thinking about whether she’d ever find her soul mate. She always tried taking her mind off of that topic by adventuring, fighting, investigating mysteries, and even pulling pranks on the locals of a given place. But the thought was always at the back of her mind. However, upon arrival to Alola, something about the land struck her. Something unexplainable, but powerful and instinctual, so she decided to stay in Alola. And after encountering Kaho, the first being in years to finally pick up on her soul scent, she finally felt like everything that she had been through was worth it.
“I hope it’s not too late…” She thought to herself as she listened to the storm rage on.

Meanwhile, hours went by as both Ara and Kaho enjoyed each other’s company, eating merrily and talking about any topic their minds could think of. Ara had completely forgotten she was even wearing a swimsuit thanks to Kaho being so accepting.
“So Kaho… Have you been writing for very long?” She asked him as she got closer.
“I’ve been writing in diaries since I was a kid. But I only got around to writing letters to people recently.”
“I can see to whom you send it. By the way, I’m gonna have to charge you for the letters, they didn’t have the proper stamps.” Ara said in a matter-of-fact tone.
“Wh-What?! I-I didn’t-“
However Kaho was cut off by Ara laughing suddenly out of nowhere.
“It’s a joke, silly! I didn’t mean it. Just wanted to make a joke about letters in the mail since I am the mailwoman here.” Ara said after her initial fit of laughter.
“You like telling jokes?”
“Of course I do! Though, Mia doesn’t much appreciate it and started mocking me because of it, so I try not joking around her.”
“Really? Can you tell me a few?”
“Ohhhhh… I dunno… I usually just use jokes with a lot of bad puns…”
“Can’t be that bad, go on! I wanna hear you tell a few to me. Please?”
“Hmmmmm” Ara took one look at Kaho’s puppy dog eyes looking up at her. “Oh, okay! Just for you!”
“Okay… A Tentacruel swims up to one of their old friends, and after seeing each other, the friend says ‘Man, I hardly know you anymore! You used to be Cool! Now you’re just Cruel.’ eh?” Ara smiled awkwardly, waiting for a response.
“Hahahahaha! Another!”
“Really?! That wasn’t even- Okay then… Uh… I admit that my pun game isn’t that good. But at least I can make you Shuckle.”
“Heh… You really like it! Well, I’m rusty when it comes to puns, so some may be a bit Unfezant. And I may need to Axew for some.”
“But hey, you asked Furret, this was very Onix-pected after all!”
“I’m glad someone has such great taste in puns. Thank you very much!” Ara said, smiling at the laughing Mimikyu beside her.
“I like puns! I used to watch punny comedy shows when I was a kid.”
“Me too! And my babysitter was a huge pun guy! When he wasn’t eating of course.”
“Oh? Who was your babysitter?”
“A Snorlax named Dave. It was really long time ago, but he took care of we since I was a Ralts!”
“A Ralts?” Kaho asked while tilting his costume’s head.
“My basic form, or should I say, the basic form of all Gardevoirs, like myself! I’m pretty sure I was no taller than you back when I was a Ralts. Ah, how times and folk change.”
“Oh, I see. I just really don’t know much about Pokémon from other regions, since I’ve lived here all my life.”
“You have a LOT to learn then. But don’t worry! I can always teach you. In fact, tonight’s good! We can just call Kahiau and tell him you’ll sleep here for tonight. How’s that sound?”
“I’m okay with it as long as if Kahiau is.”
Ara summoned her phone towards her with her telekinesis, asked for Kahiau’s number, and called him up to inform him that Kaho will be spending the night with Ara.
“Hello, Kahiau?”
“Oh! Ara? How’d you get this number?”
“From Kaho. He’s here with me. And well, I wanted to ask if he can stay here for tonight.”
“Huh? Uh… No offense, but can you put him on the phone?”
“Yeah, sure!” She said before handing the device to Kaho.
“Kahiau?” Kaho said.
“Buddy? Uh, mind explaining why you’re with Ara?”
“She’s… She’s my girlfriend now. At least that’s what she said. She’s the one I send letters to every night.”
“Oh. For a moment there, I thought that you just got into a relationship with some person you never met.”
“Nope. She’s the one I been going to, honest and true.”
“Well did you lock the house? Shut everything down?”
“Yes and Yes.”
“Alright then, you stay with Ara for tonight. Storm might blow you away if you leave now, so best not to go out anymore tonight. But if the storm stops in the morning, check the house, okay?”
“Okay, will do Kahiau!”
“Alright then. Thanks. And Kaho, I’m proud of you, man. Ara’s a really nice girl. I think you two are gonna be great together!”
“Thanks Kahiau… See you soon!”
“Bye buddy.”
Kaho handed over the phone back to Ara as soon as Kahiau hung up.
“So, I take it he said yes?”
“Yep! I’ll be staying here tonight!”
Ara squealed in joy and hugged her “boyfriend” tightly against her chest.
“Still can’t breathe well in here…”
“A few more seconds please?”
Soon enough, after enjoying each other’s company and spending the night sleeping beside each other, morning came.
Kaho woke up earlier but curiously found himself on a softer, yet more firm surface. He moved a bit and saw that he was lying down on Ara’s huge butt and thick thighs.
“Huh? I wasn’t here when I fell asleep.”
Getting off Ara, Kaho sees her blushing hot pink with an open-mouth smile on her face, making a small puddle of drool on her pillow.
“She must be having a nice dream. I don’t wanna wake her from it.”
He got down off the bed and made his way to the window. It was pretty wet outside, but the rain seemed to have stopped.
“Should head home, and pick some berries now that the rain is gone.”
He took his purple handkerchief and wrote Ara a little note before heading out.
Making sure to shut and lock the door to Ara’s home behind him as he began his trek home.

Keo shot awake and near-instantly burst out of her contained cache, looking up at the sky. It was gloomy, but calm.
“Alright, time to go.”
She dug the strongbox up and brushed off most of the dirt before running off.
She hustled, running extremely fast, so fast that she stripped dew from leaves and grass by merely running a few feet away from them. Soon enough, she approached the seaside of this island, but didn’t slow down. Charging head-on into the water, she started running on the thin membrane of the liquid’s surface. Each step felt pretty solid to Keo as she ran, but the impact of her foot on the water made huge splashes appear just milliseconds after taking her foot off. The only witness to this event was a Corphish just walking along the sandy beach on the other island. But even then, all he saw was a white blur and the water just behind it “exploding” before it whizzed past by him at such high speed that the poor Corphish fell over belly-up, with its head buried in sand just under the eyes.
“Oh, Bother…” It said while trying to get back on its feet.
Keo continued to run until she was back in the woods Kaho frequented.
“Aright… Lure him by the pond with a spread of Mago Berries, and appear behind him… with… Big boobs, or ass cheeks and hips? Hmmm… Both! Yeah, best have all bases covered.”
She rushed over to the pond and placed the strongbox just beside it before running to Kaho’s home.

Kaho had just returned home when he heard a knock on the back door.
“Kahiau? Is that yo- Whoa!”
The sweet scent Kaho has been chasing for days seeped in though the back door, as he approached it, the scent immediately hitting him. Opening the door, he saw nothing, but the smell still permeated for Kaho, so he exited the house, closing the door behind him first before venturing out, determined to find the source of this scent.
Keo, on the other hand, was delighted that Kaho took the “bait” as she once again traversed the treetops to lead the Mimikyu towards the pond. As the smaller being neared the water’s edge, the Pheromosa ran ahead to open the strongbox and spread the Mago Berries in a nice formation before hiding once again.
The costumed Pokémon made his way to the edge of the pond and approached the pile of sweet berries.
“What? Again? But where’s the-“
But as he picked one up, he heard some rustling from the trees above. Turning his attention up at the tree leaves, he then saw a pale figure land on the ground in front of him.
Keo stood with one hand on her enlarged hips and one hand to her side, emulating a model’s pose. Her breasts were gigantic, her cleavage looked like she could stuff Kaho entirely down her top. Her hips looked wide enough to make Ara jealous, with thighs to match.
“Hello, little one. It is I!” She said in a seductive fashion.
“Um… Hello? Um…” Kaho fumbled.
“Go on cutie pie, speak up!”
“Do you know where the smell is from?”
Keo’s jaw would have dropped if she wasn’t trying to attract Kaho.
“Excuse me, what?”
“Oh, um… you know. The sweet smell. Do you not smell it?”
Kaho looked to her right, then to the left, trying to check if the source was behind Keo.
“I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you… I’m just really trying to find that scent.”
He said as he walked to her right, then turned left, and left again, following his nose, and unknowingly circling around Keo’s feet.
“This is my soulmate?” Keo thought to herself as she dropped her pose.
She shook her head side to side before stopping Kaho, whom was on his third lap around her feet, by blocking his path with her foot.
“Um… Is it not obvious?” Keo asked after stopping Kaho in front of her.
“What’s not obvious?” Kaho said as he looked up at Keo’s face, most of his view obscured by her pale breast flesh.
“It’s me.”
“You are you.”
“No, it’s me.”
“I know, you are you and I am me.”
“No, I mean that it is me!”
“I know you’re you, I just don’t know who you are or where the scent is from.”
“No! Ugh, the scent! It comes from ME!”
“Yes! I’m the one that’s been luring you on chases. Unintentionally at first, but for the past few days, I have been doing it to… You know… Watch you and get to know what you’re about.”
“Wh-Why? I-I’m not special.”
“No, no.” Keo said as she picked Kaho up. “You are the MOST special little ‘Mon I’ve ever met! Because you can sense what others can’t. I’ve been looking for so long across the cosmos for someone like you. You, Kaho, are my soulmate.”
“I know this is a lot to take in, but I assure you that we can work this out together! I love you, little Kaho!”
Keo then proceeded to hug the Mimikyu tight against her chest, smothering him against her warm flesh.
“Um… I have several questions.” He said, his voice muffled by her chest.
“Ask away, my heart!”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Keonaona in your language. But just call me Keo! It makes our names match MUCH better, and it’s so much less of a mouthful.” She answers enthusiastically.
“What’s with the scent? Y-You said it’s from you?”
“It is the scent of my very being! It’s called the ‘Soul Scent’ by my people. And only those destined for one can smell it. And you are the one!” Keo happily stated as she hugged him once more.
“I-I’m so lost right now.” Kaho said while being smothered deeper in her cleavage.
“I know, but we can sort this ALL out! In fact, I can take you to anywhere you like! Spend some much-needed us time together!”
“A-Anywhere? I don’t have any money on m-”
“Not to worry! I can run us there, just let me fu- TUCK you against my belly so you can take the G’s…”
“W-Wait! I-I don’t wanna go anywhere yet! I just wanna know you first. Y-You’re going awfully fast. I just came here to work.”
“Allow me to help! And I’ll answer more questions while I do so. Sound good?”
“Um… Okay…”
“So which spot today, soulmate?”
“Uh… Just the one close by.”
“The one that’s up on the cliff?”
“I haven’t been there for a while… I’m sure the berries have regrown there by now.”
“That’s where we’re going then! Just let me… Streamline myself…”
Keo then started shrinking her “assets” in order for her to run more efficiently. Though she didn’t want to as Kaho was finally in her grasp. She was still confused as to why her feminine wiles didn’t work on him. But nonetheless, Keo returned to a more slim and sleek state while hugging Kaho in crossed arms against her body.
“Ready, my sweet?”
“Sh-Shouldn’t we collect those Mago Berries over there?” He said while pointing to the berry spread on the ground.
“Oh Yeah! Ooops!”
She placed Kaho back down on the ground and started placing the Mago Berries back into her strongbox. As she was doing that, Kaho was backing away slowly, taking one tiny backward step at a time in an attempt to perhaps call for help.
But Keo was just too fast, for after she packed up the berries, and ran back behind Kaho to scoop him back off the ground up with one arm.
“Okay! We’re all set! Let’s go!”
“But what about the baskets?” He blurted out in an effort to initiate another distraction attempt.
“You’re absolutely right! I’ll drop these off at your house and get your baskets.”
Before Kaho could even ask how she knew where he lived, she had already run off.
Kaho used the opportunity presented to hide in the greenery, knowing there was no possible way he could run away from her. Mire moments later, Keo returned to the spot with his berry baskets while Kaho watched from the bushes.
“My love? Where are you?”
Kaho didn’t answer and tried being as quiet as he could.
“M-My heart?”
Keo sensed something. A chill crawled up her back as if she as feeling nervous about something.
“A-Are you… Afraid of me? Please, don’t! I-I know I’m a bit fast-paced, but I’m just excited! Please… Uh… Um…” Keo looked around frantically, looking for the Mimikyu.
Kaho didn’t move an inch and watched this stranger search for him.
“P-Please! I-I’ll slow down! Just come back to me! I-I… I...”
Keo stopped looking and fell to her knees.
“That’s it… I blew it…”
She curled up into the fetal position, her knees pressing against her chest while tears started welling in her eyes.
“I… So long… Why couldn’t I wait?”
This didn’t sit well with Kaho, knowing that he was making this stranger suffer. Having been picked on himself, he understood how bad it felt to be both bullied and ignored. But more importantly, he understood that people need friends at times like this.
He slowly stepped out the bushes and approached the sobbing Ultra Beast.
“Um… Uh…” He fumbled with his words, unsure of what to say.
Keo flopped onto her other side and saw Kaho.
She immediately stood back up and wiped her teary eyes to make herself look more presentable.
“M-My L- um… Kaho. You’ve returned, I… I was just… uh…”
“Keo? Um… I’m sorry.”
“What for? You done no wrong!”
“Well… I hid from you… I… I’m just not used to being with people and you… you said so many things that made me so confused! It was a crazy day for me yesterday, and I’m still trying to absorb it all. But… if you really wanna spend time with me… I’ll let you.”
Keo grabbed the Mimikyu and hugged him tightly.
“Thank you! I promise to not blow this! I’ll slow down and help you pick berries, okay?”
“Thank you. That’s all I’m asking for right now. And do you mind explaining what you said before in better detail?”
“Of Course! I’m sorry if I was too fast. Forgive me.”
“It’s okay, but um… Explanation?”
“Well, I’m not from here. I am what you folk call an ‘Ultra Beast’ from what I overheard when I eavesdropped on some researchers patrolling the islands. I lost them on Akala Island though, so don’t worry about them disturbing us.”
“What’s an Ultra Beast?”
“I’m a Pokémon from another dimension! I’m from a Parallel World, in basic terms.”
“Y-You’re… an alien?!”
“Hmmmm… Yeah! I’m technically an Alien! Just not extra-terrestrial, more extra-dimensional.”
“I knew it! Aliens DO exist!” Kaho said with stars in his eyes, finally confirming a lifelong speculation he had.
“So Aliens don’t visit this world, I take it?”
“I know they do! But… Everyone thinks aliens don’t really exist...”
“Well the proof is hugging you right now. So I can say that your hypothesis is correct! Congratulations.”
“So… What brings you here then?”
“As I said before, my kind emit a scent when they come of age. Only one truly destined to be my soulmate can detect it. And you… You can smell it! Right?”
“It’s like nothing I ever smelled before! It’s so sweet, but not overpowering. Relaxing, but also motivating.”
“Heeheehee! I’m so glad you like it. Now, do hold please. I’m going to run to the location.”
Kaho was held tight against Keo’s body as she got into starting position.
“Oh, and make sure to hold your breath. You may not be able to inhale properly at high speeds, and I don’t want you getting winded.”
“Okay.” He said before taking a big breath.
With that, Keo rushed off in a western direction, making slight turns north in order not to jostle her precious cargo.
Moments later, they arrived at Kaho’s berry picking spot. She put him down on the ground so he can regain his footing and breathe.
“Are you alright?”
“W-Whoa… That was so fast!”
“That’s what us Pheromosa are known for! Now, I take it you’re alright? Last time I ran with someone, I winded them pretty badly.”
“I’m alright, but… Wow! Just wow. You ran so fast!”
“My kind are known for their strong legs. So I can run faster than most, and kick harder! And I can defend myself pretty well to boot.”
“Can you fly?”
“Noooo… In fact… your kind have a Typing System for attributes some folk have, right?”
“Yes, I’m a Fairy-Ghost with some traces of Dark.”
“Well based on your system I’m more a Bug-Fighting.”
“Huh, that’s really cool!”
“Nice of you to say…” Keo said with a hug “Now, shall we get to picking?”
She put Kaho down on the ground and gave him a basket.
“So what kind of berry are we picking here?”
“Oran Berries. They’re big, blue, and round.”
Keo walked along and slowly climbed up a tree to look for the requested berries. Usually, when Keo would pick her favorite Mago Berries in the other islands, she would pick them quickly using her incredible speed. But right now, she wanted to savor each second she was knowingly in Kaho’s presence.

As the two new soulmates started their berry picking, Ara was in her bed. Starting to gently kiss and hug her pillow with a pink blush on her cheeks while rubbing her thighs together.
“Mmmmm… let mama Ara kiss you…” She telepathically sent out in her sleep.
Fortunately, no one was within range to receive her telepathic blurts.
However, upon licking her pillow when trying to “Add Tongue”, she opened her eyes due to her sensing the off taste and texture.
She shot awake from her dream-fueled sleep and slowly got up, yawning once in a sitting position.
“Kaho? What do you wanna eat for breakfast?” She asked, partially sleep-drunk and allowing her stomach to speak for her.
However, upon not getting a response, she opened her eyes wider and looked around for her Mimikyu boyfriend.
“Kaho? Uh…”
She levitated out of bed and started looking and calling out for him in her room, however, all she found was a familiar note.
“Hmmm… It says he’s gonna go to work… Huh… Okay then. Least I know he didn’t ditch me. Or that my time with him was just a dream… I love you, Kaho!” She said as she hugged the note.
She then went down and started making herself a hearty and heavy breakfast of hash browns, mash potatoes with gravy, berry-infused pancakes with ice cream scoops on top, and a whole carton of berry juice.

“So you live with your friend? Fascinating.” Keo said, pretending to be surprised, as what Kaho just told her was information she already knew.
“Yeah, he’s really nice! He tells me that in other regions, his kind are accused for a lot of crimes. But I know my best friend. He’d never hurt anyone or steal anything.”
“Hmmm… So he’s only a Dark Type because of the way his kind acts in other regions?”
“Yes. But he’s actually lost a lot of his Dark typing. Since he chooses not to exercise his Dark powers.”
“But you? You practice your Dark powers?”
“Uh… Only because it helps me Meld with Shadows and Hide better… I’m not evil!” He said, trying to explain his Dark traits.
“Kaho, I understand! Just because someone is Dark or has traits of Dark, doesn’t mean that they’re evil. You just tap into powers from a dark place.”
“Yeah! That’s it.”
“I must say, your Typing system for Pokémon categorizing is… Quite strange, and not as straightforward as I first thought.”
“It is pretty weird. But I don’t really know how Alakazam and Metagross Professors think.”
“Okay. Well in other news, my basket is full.” She said before lowering her basket on the ground with her antennae and climbing down the tree soon after.
“Nice! I’m just about done too.”
“I feel like we can pick more while we’re out here. You did save a lot of time traveling, thanks to me. So after we drop these off at your home, where next?” Keo said, enthusiastic and ready to spend more time with her soulmate.
“Well… Hmmm… Oh! It’s Apicot Season. I should probably check Ula-Ula island to see if they’ve grown by now. Kahiau would make quite a bit of money from those.”
“Good thing you got me!”
“But, Ula-Ula is a long ways away. You need a ferry ride to get there if you can’t fly.”
“Well… I, brace yourself, can run on water! So I can get you there quick!”
“R-Really? Perfect! I can get back and spend time with Ara a lot earlier!”
“Uuuhhh… Who’s Ara?” Keo asked curiously.
“Well, she called herself my girlfriend so… I guess she’s my girlfriend.”
Keo’s eyes widened with one twitching involuntarily and her smile became stiff due to the shock at what Kaho just said to her.
“Yeah, I confessed to her yesterday. She’s an amazing person, I’m sure you’d love to meet her!” He told her, oblivious to what Keo was feeling.
“Uh… Oh! Actually…” Keo said with a hint of deviousness. “Yes, I would like to meet her. Where does she live?”
“She lives at the old lighthouse. She renovated it to live in!”
“Oooooh… I know the location! I’m interested in meeting her then…” She said with an evil smile. “Okay Kaho, let’s go to your home, then I’ll take you to Ula-Ula.”
“Okay!” Kaho exclaimed as he hopped into Keo’s arms, completely oblivious on what she had planned.
With Kaho and the berries in tow, she quickly ran back to Kaho’s home to drop off the baskets of Oran Berries. Keo allowed the Mimikyu to open the door and lock it after dropping off the baskets, but hastily took him in her arms to run once more. Only one thing was on Keo’s mind at that moment: Get rid of competition for Kaho’s affection. She planned to visit this “Ara” at her home and convince her to stop seeing Kaho. If things got rough, she would convince her using a couple of powerful kicks.
Mere minutes later, they arrived near the foot of the mountain at Ula-Ula island.
With her soulmate sufficiently far enough, she puts him on the ground and thinks up an excuse.
“Oh! Kaho, is it okay if I leave you for a minute?”
“What’s the matter?”
“I forgot something. Can you stay here for a little and wait for me?”
“Alright! Don’t take too long now, and take care.”
“Oh, don’t you worry. I’ll be back before you know it…”
Almost immediately, she ran back to Mele-Mele, but not without rushing past the still overturned Corphish still stuck upside-down in the sand with a few Sandyghast converging around him, trying to help him get unstuck. But this time, Keo’s hustling got him back on his legs, albeit with him experiencing some dizziness as he was thrown back a few feet due to the rush of air Keo generated from her running.

A hearty, but feminine burp reverbed in Ara’s kitchen as she finished eating her breakfast, she washed it down by guzzling down the last of her juice.
“Ah… Now that’s satisfying.” She said while rubbing her full belly.
But as she telekinetically loaded all the used dishes into the washer, she heard a knock on her door. Using her telepathy, she sensed it was the mind of someone that she wasn’t familiar with, but she could sense there was malice in her mind.
Cautious, she established a link with whoever was at her door first from the relative safety of her kitchen.
“Who are you?” Ara telepathically asked to the visitor.
“I am the one and true soulmate of Kaho. I ask that you leave him alone and never contact him again!” Keo said firmly from the other side of the closed door.
“Wait, ‘One and true soulmate’? He confessed that he loves me! Who are you to come to my home and proclaim that you’re his?!”
“My name is Keonaona! I AM Kaho’s soulmate! You should stay away from him or face the consequences.”
Ara scoffed at her statements and telekinetically chuckled at this stranger.
“You wouldn’t be laughing if you were face-to-face with me! But I guess you’re too much of a coward anyway.”
“Oh so THAT’S how you wanna play? Fine.”
The door flew open in front of Keo to reveal Ara’s portly form looking down angrily at the bug.
“Whoa… You are a lot bigger than I expected.” Keo remarked upon seeing Ara’s size.
“Ready to give up and run along now, little bug?” Ara stated confidently as she smirked and crossed her arms under her chest
“You kidding? I beat three girls WAY bigger than you. Last chance, stay away from Kaho and no one has to get hurt.”
“Yeah… I don’t think so.”
Keo tried to execute a sweep kick, but to her surprise Ara’s feet were floating just above the ground.
“Nice try, my turn.”
Ara flew out of her house then, using her telepathy, she made Keo see multiple copies of herself circling around her.
“Which one of me is the real me? Choose wisely…” All the copies said simultaneously.
“Ooooh, you just some moves in you. Glad you’re more than just a pretty face. Shame I have to mess it up.”
“Right, as if.”
Keo ran and started kicking copies one by one at incredible speeds, Ara was left dumfounded by just how fast the Ultra Beast was. Knowing that she would eventually find her, Ara tore a hole in the fabric of reality to make a small black hole. This started to suck Keo in and forced her to run in place just not to get pulled into the wormhole. Ara then started gathering lunar energy into a pink energy sphere and just as the black hole dissipated, she threw the sphere at Keo and hit her!
She stumbled a few feet back from the moonblast’s impact before quickly getting back up on her feet.
“Okay… You are gonna be more of a challenge I see...” Keo stated while standing back up. “I gotta say, thought you were gonna be easy. But now? Looks like we’re gonna have some FUN!”
A Mimikyu's Charm Chapter 5
    With Ara and Kaho have finally become a couple, they can't wait to see what their future will be like together. However someone off the island disagrees with their union and will do anything to take down their budding relationship.

:iconthepunkdective: - Writer, Co-Creator, Co-Conceptualist
:icononeitvan: - Co-Creator, Co-Conceptualist
:iconwolverine959: - Main Editor, Co-Conceptualist

All character species base on are copyrighted by Pokémon Company and Nintendo 


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Love your stuff here! :D I know the art isn't yours, but I love your characters! :dummy: They're adorable, and also... Sexy... :meow:
Nudelove69 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017
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Hi! Hello there! Just stopping by to say hello! :D (Big Grin)
I hope your June has been swell! :) (Smile)
Have a wonderful day~! La la la la
PS: I found you via the 'random deviant button' !!
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Thanks for dropping by. So far June have been great to me, I hope yours is great as well! Also nice artworks you have in your gallery. :D
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