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Lady Ciel - Tea time by BouSaitou1995
Beast Black Butler - flirt with danger by ChieHayashi
Ole! by CrazyNightmare
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive - cosplay by Raven-Misa
Ciel and Alois - Cosplay by Raven-Misa
Ciel and Alois - Cosplay by Raven-Misa
Ciel Phantomhive - cosplay by Raven-Misa
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis by LuddySnape
Black by LuddySnape
The Phoenix~ by LuddySnape
Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Michaelis cosplay by Akitozz6
Ciel and Sebastian
Black Butler by Lykusio
Black / Smile by LuddySnape
Sebastian and Ciel by LuddySnape
Black and Smile by LuddySnape
Phantomhive Household
Kuroshitsuji - Lacrimosa by Rurounichan
Meyrin Kuroshitsuji Book Of Murder by HaruLeleXMichiARy
flowers need some love? Mey Rin needs, too... by timacosplay
Mey Rin wonders... by timacosplay
Phantomhive Relations
Elizabeth Midford- Cosplay by Raven-Misa
Elizabeth Midford- Cosplay by Raven-Misa
Elizabeth Midford- Cosplay by Raven-Misa
Innocence by AsyllaCosplay
Grell and Madam Red
Kuroshitsuji: Madam Red and Grell Cosplay 2 by undercreed-genesis
Kuroshitsuji: Madam Red and Grell Cosplay by undercreed-genesis
Tango by ChieHayashi
My Red Love by famous-and-fabulous
Grell Sutcliff
Black butler: Grell cosplay by Nko-ennekappao
Grell Sutcliff photoshoot 1 by Purantan
Grell Sutcliff by LuddySnape
Kuroshitsuji Cosplay: The day of the Dead by Sakura23165
Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker cosplay by Nko-ennekappao
Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker cosplay by Nko-ennekappao
Undertaker Bowling in the Cemetery by Ink-and-Chopsticks
Undertaker, or just another hat tipper by Ink-and-Chopsticks
Grim Reaper Dispatch Association
Protect me Will by ChieHayashi
Black Butler: William T. Spears by icecreammachinebroke
Black Butler: William T. Spears 2 by icecreammachinebroke
Grell Sutcliff / William T. Spears by LuddySnape
Trancy Household
''Shhh, they'll hear us''. by JaiMizuki
Noah's Ark Circus
Noah's Ark Circus by LuddySnape
Friends From Afar
Kuroshitsuji: Ran Mao by Marusera-Yumeart
Miscellaneous Characters
Angela Blanc : Fallen Angel by MiariSama
Other Pairings or Duos
Ciel and Alois- cosplay by Raven-Misa
Mixed Groups
Sebastian's Bitches~ by LuddySnape
Original Characters
My, how nice of you to come on such short notice~ by SpunketPunk



Mature Content

Cosplay BB-Chan Swimsuit by riribonni

Mature Content

Cosplay Nakano Miku, Riribonni by riribonni
Ran Mao- Kuroshitsuji by ShizukaCosplayeArt
kiss my hand by AceandJet
Crossovers and Conventions
Kuroshitsuji group by graceuchiha
Kuroshitsuji group shooting by graceuchiha
It's a Sebas-chan!~ by LuddySnape
GIFs and Videos
The Pipe - Present for Stickiebun13 by Phoenix-of-Starlight
Kuroshituji - Just Another Cup of Tea by mangalphantom
Grell-Sebastian: kind of date by Odango-datte
Props, Costume WIPs, Tutorials, and More
Alois Dress- Front by LadyAlice227
Kuroshitsuji Black Butler Sebastian Cosplay W.I.P. by HinataFox790
Kuroshitsuji Test Maylene*Nike by AkumaHarmony
Photography and Modeling Advice
My Sound - Quicksilver Cosplay by xxDeiChAnXDD
CosplayPhotography Tutorial IV by Andy-K
CosplayPhotographyTutorial III by Andy-K
CosplayPhotography Tutorial II by Andy-K
Black Butler Art and More

Mature Content

After Hours by orellanam
Leave The Apron On by orellanam
My name is Oscar [Snake] by KatsuNoJutsu95


We will Affiliate with any Black Butler groups or general cosplay groups.

Important Group Information and Rules. (Please Read)

Welcome to OneHellofaCosplay. We are a group dedicated to quality Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler cosplays! Whether you are a cosplayer, photographer, or simply a fan, we hope you will consider joining our group.

This group doesn't believe that there is such a thing as a "bad" cosplay/cosplayer. Our quality standards are for the photograph itself, not the cosplayer(s) in them. You are all wonderful cosplayers!


General Rules and Information:

:bulletblack:Be kind and respectful.
:bulletblack:Anyone can join, you'll be auto-accepted!
:bulletblack:All photos submitted to our Gallery must meet our quality standards (See below). Any photo that does not is free to be submitted to our group Favorites!
:bulletblack:Keep in mind DA's rules.
:bulletblack:Mature content must have filters on.
:bulletblack:All submissions must be Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler.
:bulletblack:OCs are allowed.
:bulletblack:Original outfits and variations of canon characters are allowed.
:bulletblack:Please don't get upset if your submission is denied. If we denied it and it is Kuro/BB, then we did so because it better fits in one of our Favorites folders rather than the main gallery folders, and we have moved it there. It's nothing against you or your cosplay, it is simply the way this group is organized.

Group Gallery:

:bulletblack:Non-members may no longer submit anything due to too much spamming of cosplays not related to Black Butler.
:bulletblack:Members may submit up to five a week.
:bulletblack:All submissions must be voted on by an admin to ensure the quality standard is met.
:bulletblack:Please state clearly in your OC cosplay submission that it is a Kuro/BB OC.
:bulletblack:These standards are to ensure people show off their best.
:bulletblack: Good and/or creative lighting, please
:bulletblack:No low quality cell phone or webcam or otherwise pixilated photos.
:bulletblack:No obvious convention hallway photos, selfies, or WIPs.
:bulletblack:Photo setting must lend to the overall feel of the cosplay, not distract from it.
:bulletblack:No blurry photos.
:bulletblack:No photos so heavily photoshopped they don't look high quality anymore. (Some special effects and editing are accepted.)
:bulletblack: Denied Kuro cosplays will be put in the favorites gallery instead.

Group Favorites:

:bulletblack:Unlimited submissions per week for everyone. Even non-members. Feel free to go crazy!
:bulletblack:Auto accepted. Please do not abuse this by submitting things not related to the group focus (IE, Cosplays for other fandoms or drawings).
:bulletblack:No quality control rules.
:bulletblack:Submit to the correct folders
:bulletblack:Crossovers and convention pics are allowed!
:bulletblack:Submit your own or other people's cosplays.
:bulletblack:The rest of your photoshoot pics that you didn't submit to the main gallery to avoid flooding may also be submitted here.
:bulletblack:Anything that may or may not fit in our main gallery is accepted here.


:bulletred:Why has my Gallery submission been denied?
Your submission has been denied because the admin(s) found your submission did not meet our quality standard (See above). Instead, it has been submitted to the group favorites. Please don't take it personally, Our admins are only enforcing group rules.

Please note that this may be updated/changed at any time
Yeah, I just don't get on DA much anymore and my interest in Black Butler is a lot lower than it used to be, so I'm putting up this group for adoption. Please contact me if you wish to take over the group or just be an admin.
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