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Is this how it shall be
When words refuse to burst forth
when they neglect to spark 
When they fail to inspire
When thoughts halt their simple progress
When they lose the shine of the stars
When they crumble and are blown away
How shall I protect your fragility 
Your pride
when my greed overlaps and overtakes you
my inwardness clashing with your need for society
When we burn for the other but barely speak
When fingers brush but never grasp
Is this how it shall be 
When we pass 
When our failings push us farther apart
When our words refuse to climb the wall 
When our words neglect to leave our lips


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Brianna Arnott
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hallo and wilkomen to my little corner of chaos. My name is Bunny but most refer to me as Greed Denizen of Shadow mwahahahaha and I shall be your hostess for the evening, but no in all seriousness feel free to call me anything you like.

Not much to say about me I'm just a musician/poet/novelist whose best friend got her hooked on writing fanfiction. I've never posted any of my work because I tend to be rather shy and possessive about what I write due to where I live (not the most understanding bunch of people), but I hope that this community will allow me a chance to blossom as a writer.

And now a few simple questions so you may have the chance to at least try to unravel my chaos induced being

What is your favorite color?

Oh well that's simple, I love teal and not a bright annoying something more dusky and muted but intense and cooling at the same time.

Do you enjoy sports?

No unless it involves a horse or swords.

How old are you?

I'm as old as the stars and as vast as the night sky.

Do you have a favorite anime/manga/fanfiction?

Oh goodness no. Why limit yourself when there are hundreds upon thousands to lose yourself in.

Which to you prefer, tea or soda?

Tea please but I'm also an avid lover of RockStar energy's a slight addiction

What kind of MTG deck do you run on Friday nights?

I prefer to use my zombies or my allies, though my sliver deck has started to become rather useful lately.

What's your least favorite aspect of D&D v.4 ?

The alliances are stupid...I just want my Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Ranger back.

Last question but do you wish you had more than one life??

Ah my dear I have chosen to live more lives than I wish to count because I have decided to turn the pages of many a book before I die.

There now you know more about me, I hope you enjoyed your tour and please come visit again by clicking follow and favorite and the end of the story (soon there shall be many from me I hope)

p.s. I love adding OCs to my stories and I'd love to include some of yours as well so here is an informal outline of what I need to add you, Thanks!!!


Magic (if applicable to story)

physical appearance (please include any scars or malformations)

personality (again I want good juicy quirks or little traits that would generally go unnoticed)


companions (animals or whatnot)


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